The Friends Schools League is a diverse community of Independent Schools drawn together by a common Quaker vision of the value of healthy competition in athletics, in the context of strong community and shared values, as a powerful setting for growth and learning. The League values the growth and development of students as athletes and people. We view athletics primarily as an opportunity to teach excellence in character and skills in ways that convey the intrinsic value of each individual student. 
The schools in the league- educators, students and families together strive to create an environment of unreserved respect for all individuals and support of athletes at every level of development. This respect and concern for others is intended to characterize all interactions on and off the field.
The Friends Schools League promotes community as a central value. Community is strengthened by making decisions and addressing concerns by seeking shared understanding and resolution in the manner of Friends. Consistent with Friends principles, we promote the idea of shared responsibility for the success of all endeavors.