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Welcome to the official Friends Schools League (FSL) website. Founded in 1981, the FSL is a united group of nine Philadelphia area independent schools that share a similar philosophy for interscholastic athletics. The nine institutions that form the FSL are drawn together by the common Quaker belief of the value of healthy competition in athletics in the context of strong community and shared values.  Our schools strive for excellence in each sport, and above all else we view athletics as a powerful setting for student-athletes’ learning, growth, and development. We encourage you to explore online all that the FSL has to offer for student-athletes and their families, and to continue your journey by connecting with any of our nine great schools.



Sat Mar 11SHPcanceledGermantown Academy
Tue Mar 14FCScanceledHaverford SchoolA3:45
Wed Mar 15GFSscrimamgeScience LeadershipH4:00
Thu Mar 16FCScanceledPenn CharterH4:15
Fri Mar 17GFScanceledHaverford SchoolA4:00
Sat Mar 18SHPcanceledOld Forge
Mon Mar 20FCScanceledBarrack AcademyH4:00
Tue Mar 21ANCcanceledJenkintown HSH3:45
Tue Mar 21FCScanceledGermantown AcademyA3:45
Tue Mar 21SHPscrimmageRadnor HS
Thu Mar 23FCS3Episcopal Academy12H4:00
Thu Mar 23AFS0Perkiomen School12H3:45
Fri Mar 24ANC1Lower Moreland13H3:45
Fri Mar 24FSS12Academy Park1A3:45
Sat Mar 25SHP15Elizabeth Forward14A3:30
Sat Mar 25SHP4Shady Side Academy0A6:00
Sat Mar 25GFS5Springfield HS6A1:00
Sun Mar 26FCS4Uniontown Area HS2A3:00
Sun Mar 26SHP9 (8 innings)Shady Side Academy8A1:00
Mon Mar 27SHP5Georgetown Day School4A3:30
Mon Mar 27FCS5 (8 innings)Mariemont HS3A3:00
Mon Mar 27FSScanceledBarrackH3:35
Mon Mar 27GFS7Madison HS (OH)4A7:00
Tue Mar 28SHP5Montini Catholic13A10:30
Tue Mar 28FCS3Timothy Christian HS7A12:00
Wed Mar 29ANC14West Mont ChristianH4:00
Wed Mar 29GFS5Kings HS (PA)16A4:00
Wed Mar 29FCS3Padua Fransiscan4A12:00
Wed Mar 29SHP4Willoughby South HS3A10:30
Wed Mar 29FSS9Morrisville10A2:00
Wed Mar 29AFS8Esperanza Academy8H3:30
Wed Mar 29GEO10Solebury School0A4:00
Thu Mar 30ANC19Solebury School9A4:00
Thu Mar 30FCScanceledSouth ParkA1:30
Thu Mar 30GFS5Holy Family (MN)7A7:00
Thu Mar 30AFS4Barrack Academy7A3:45
Thu Mar 30WTN14Howard High School9H4:00
Thu Mar 30GEO1Perkiomen4H4:00
Fri Mar 31GFS6Loveland (OH)11A10:00
Sat Apr 01GFS15Saegertown (PA)5A10:00
Mon Apr 03FSS24Girard0A3:45
Mon Apr 03SHP16Central HS4H4:00
Tue Apr 04FCS9MFS14:00
Tue Apr 04GFS2GEO54:00
Tue Apr 04AFS1WTN54:00
Wed Apr 05ANC3FCS204:00
Wed Apr 05FSS9Bishop McDevitt0A3:45
Wed Apr 05WTN1SCHA11A4:00
Fri Apr 07FCS1 (8 innings)Bonner Prendergast0H4:00
Fri Apr 07GEOcanceledHill SchoolA4:30
Fri Apr 07MFS11AFS54:00
Fri Apr 07SHP3GFS64:00
Sat Apr 08GEO2Peddie School1H2:00
Sat Apr 08GFS11GAMP2H2:00
Sat Apr 08SHP0Princeton Day
Mon Apr 10WTN4St. Andrews11H4:00
Mon Apr 10GEO16Morrisville0H4:00
Tue Apr 11SHP1Haverford School
Tue Apr 11ANC11Church Farm School4A1:30
Wed Apr 12FCS18West Mont Christian2A4:00
Wed Apr 12GFS20ANC14:00
Wed Apr 12SHP14MFS04:00
Wed Apr 12FSS1AFS93:45
Wed Apr 12GEO2WTN14:00
Thu Apr 13FSS0SHP204:00
Thu Apr 13GEO6Germantown Ac.16A4:00
Thu Apr 13GFS5FCS94:00
Thu Apr 13WTN2MFS74:00
Sat Apr 15FCScanceledSCHAH11:00
Sat Apr 15SHP8Archbishop Ryan
Tue Apr 18ANC7SHP194:00
Tue Apr 18FSS2FCS123:45
Tue Apr 18MFS3GEO64:00
Tue Apr 18WTN2GFS104:00
Wed Apr 19FSS5Comm. Academy9H3:45
Wed Apr 19MFS1Leap8H4:00
Wed Apr 19AFS3 (8 innings)Central HS4A3:30
Thu Apr 20MFS2Westampton Tech.12A4:00
Thu Apr 20SHP2LaSalle College HS7A4:00
Fri Apr 21ANC7 (8 innings)WTN83:45
Fri Apr 21GEO4AFS34:00
Fri Apr 21GFS10FSS14:00
Fri Apr 21SHP1FCS34:00
Sat Apr 22MFS14ANC1110:00
Sat Apr 22AFS2GFS161:00
Sat Apr 22WTN0Germantown Academy15A12:00
Mon Apr 24SHP3St. Joseph's Prep7H4:00
Wed Apr 26GEO0SHP104:00
Wed Apr 26FCS10WTN03:45
Wed Apr 26FCScanceledPerkiomen SchoolH4:00
Thu Apr 27GEO3FSS44:00
Thu Apr 27MFS0GFS104:00
Thu Apr 27AFS2ANC14:00
Fri Apr 28ANC3GEO203:45
Fri Apr 28AFS0FCS34:00
Fri Apr 28WTN5SHP74:00
Fri Apr 28GFS7Devon Prep94:15
Sat Apr 29WTN2FSS14:00
Sat Apr 29GFS2Archbishop Ryan5H2:30
Sat Apr 29SHP10AFS0
Mon May 01FSS8MFS73:45
Mon May 01FSScanceledPhil-MontH3:45
Mon May 01MFScanceledDoane AcademyA3:45
Tue May 02GEO3GFS104:00
Tue May 02AFS2FSS04:00
Tue May 02WTN9ANC14:00
Wed May 03FCScanceledHill SchoolA4:30
Wed May 03FCS12GEO02:00
Wed May 03MFS4King's Christian8H4:00
Wed May 03SHP3Malvern Prep
Thu May 04FCS5Archbishop Ryan3A4:00
Thu May 04GEOcanceledPenningtonA4:15
Thu May 04WTN7Sanford1A4:00
Thu May 04GFS10 (9 innings)Central HS11A3:45
Thu May 04AFS7GAMP10H11:00
Sat May 06FCS11FSS12:00
Sat May 06WTN17Collegium16H11:00
Sat May 06GFScanceledKings ChristianA2:00
Mon May 08ANC2MFS63:45
Mon May 08GEO12Lower Moreland6H4:00
Mon May 08MFScanceledMaple ShadeH4:00
Tue May 09FCS9AFS03:45
Tue May 09FSS11ANC73:45
Tue May 09MFS2WTN84:00
Tue May 09SHP2GEO14:00
Wed May 10AFS3New Foundations Charter10H3:45
Wed May 10FSS12Solebury2H3:45
Wed May 10GFS3SHP43:00
Wed May 10GFScanceledPenn CharterA3:45
Wed May 10WTN0Haverford16H4:00
Thu May 11FSS5 (9 innings)ANC (Quaker Cup 1st Round 8v9)63:45
Thu May 11AFS10Bishop McDevitt4H4:00
Thu May 11GFS2Cardinal O'Hara7A4:15
Fri May 12SHP4Hill
Mon May 15WTN12ANC (Quaker Cup semifinal)24:00
Mon May 15MFS2AFS (Quaker Cup semifinal)64:00
Tue May 16FCS7GEO (FSL Semifinal)44:00
Tue May 16SHP9GFS (FSL Semifinal)14:00
Thu May 18WTN0AFS (Quaker Cup Final)64:00
Thu May 18MFS5Palmyra15A4:00
Thu May 18FCScanceledMalvern PrepA4:00
Fri May 19FCS3SHP (FSL Championship)94:00
Fri May 19GFS3Penn Charter15H4:00
Tue May 23GFS0Episcopal (PAISAA 1st Round)1A
Tue May 23WTN1SCHA (PAISAA 1st Round)11A
Tue May 23FCS4Hill (PAISAA 1st round)3H
Tue May 23SHP10 (9 innings)Perkiomen (PAISAA 1st round)3A
Wed May 24SHP1Haverford (PAISAA 2nd Round)2A
Fri May 26FCS1Malvern (PAISAA 2nd Round)12A
Tue Mar 21SHPscrimmageLower Merion
Tue Mar 21ANC2 (10 innings)Agnes Irwin School3A3:45
Wed Mar 22SHP13Baldwin8H4:15
Thu Mar 23FCScanceledAgnes Irwin SchoolA4:00
Fri Mar 24ANC15Lower Moreland5A3:45
Fri Mar 24FSS11Academy Park7H3:45
Sat Mar 25FSScanceledFaith ChristianA1:00
Mon Mar 27FSS16Plumstead Christian1H3:45
Tue Mar 28ANCcanceledPerkiomenA4:00
Tue Mar 28GEOcanceledMorrisville HSA4:00
Wed Mar 29FSS16Phil-Mont5A3:45
Wed Mar 29ANC12Germantown Academy2H3:45
Thu Mar 30ANC2Lawrenceville3A4:15
Mon Apr 03ANC16Plumstead Christian0H3:45
Tue Apr 04FCScanceledAFS4:00
Tue Apr 04WTN2ANC194:00
Wed Apr 05FCScanceledPenn CharterH4:00
Wed Apr 05GEO0SHP174:00
Wed Apr 05FSS6GFS53:45
Wed Apr 05GFScanceledSCHAH3:45
Wed Apr 05GEOcanceledPerkiomen SchoolA4:00
Thu Apr 06ANCcanceledEpiscopalA3:45
Fri Apr 07FCS4SHP174:00
Fri Apr 07GEOcanceledHun4:00
Tue Apr 11FSS2ANC83:45
Wed Apr 12ANC10GFS03:45
Wed Apr 12GEO13FCS34:00
Wed Apr 12SHPcanceledAFS4:00
Wed Apr 12FSS9Franklin Towne Charter8H3:45
Thu Apr 13SHP10Baldwin9H4:00
Thu Apr 13GFS9WTN84:00
Tue Apr 18ANC13GEO64:00
Tue Apr 18FCS2 (8 innings)GFS34:00
Tue Apr 18WTN0SHP64:00
Tue Apr 18AFScanceledFSS4:00
Wed Apr 19FSS16Girard1H3:45
Wed Apr 19FCS8Baldwin18A3:45
Thu Apr 20SHP1Hill10A3:45
Fri Apr 21ANC15FCS03:45
Fri Apr 21FSS16GEO64:00
Fri Apr 21WTNcanceledAFS4:00
Sat Apr 22ANC0Hun School11A12:00
Sat Apr 22GEO0Peddie10A1:30
Sat Apr 22WTN7FSS1910:00
Sat Apr 22WTNrained outFSS12:00
Mon Apr 24FCS0Bonner/Prendie22H4:00
Mon Apr 24FSS10String Theory20H3:45
Tue Apr 25AFScanceledGFS4:00
Wed Apr 26FCS6FSS44:00
Thu Apr 27WTN11FCS124:00
Fri Apr 28ANCcanceledAFS3:45
Fri Apr 28FSS6SHP54:00
Fri Apr 28GEO9GFS114:00
Fri Apr 28ANCcanceledAcademy of Notre DameA3:45
Sat Apr 29GFScanceledBaldwinA11:00
Mon May 01GEO18WTN94:00
Mon May 01FCS6Episcopal44:00
Mon May 01ANC7 (non-league)FSS23:45
Tue May 02ANC17 (non-league)WTN03:45
Tue May 02GFS7 (non-league)FSS123:45
Tue May 02SHP22 (non-league)GEO04:00
Tue May 02AFScanceledFCS4:00
Thu May 04GFS4SHP174:00
Fri May 05GEOcanceledAFS4:00
Sat May 06FCS5Little Flower14H2:00
Sat May 06GEOcanceledLower MorelandH1:00
Mon May 08WTN0Delco Christian104:00
Mon May 08SHP11 (non-league)FCS34:00
Tue May 09FCS5 (non-league)GEO34:00
Tue May 09GFS8 (non-league)ANC114:00
Tue May 09FSS15 (non-league)WTN24:00
Wed May 10AFScanceledSolebury SchoolH4:00
Wed May 10WTN6 (non-league)GFS93:45
Wed May 10FSS2Christian Academy12H3:45
Wed May 10GEO23Morrisville7A4:00
Thu May 11GFScanceledCalvary ChristianH3:45
Thu May 11SHP6 ANC14:00
Tue May 16SHP2GFS (FSL Semifinal)34:00
Tue May 16ANC5 (8 innings)FSS (FSL Semifinal)144:00
Thu May 18FSS8GFS (FSL Championship)74:00
Fri May 19SHP10Perkiomen (PAISAA 1st Round)0H
Fri May 19GFS1Episcopal (PAISAA 1st Round)11A
Fri May 19ANC1Notre Dame (PAISAA 2nd Round)11A4:00
Mon May 22SHP1Penn Charter (PAISAA 2nd Round)8
Fri May 26FSS7Christian Academy (PIAA Class A - District I playoff)11
Thu Mar 30WTN156Salesianum163A4:00
Wed Apr 05AFS200Solebury School214H3:45
Thu Apr 06WTNcanceledPerkiomen/TatnallH4:00
Fri Apr 07GEO198FCS2124:00
Wed Apr 12FCS199Hill School153H4:00
Wed Apr 12MFS202GEO2014:00
Wed Apr 12AFS217WTN1694:00
Thu Apr 13FCS186AFS2234:00
Thu Apr 13GEO173Princeton Day School166H4:00
Thu Apr 13WTN172SHP1884:00
Thu Apr 13SHP188MFS @ WTN1724:00
Thu Apr 13WTN172MFS1724:00
Mon Apr 17SHP172FCS2144:00
Tue Apr 18FCS221WTN1614:00
Tue Apr 18GEO192MFS1684:00
Tue Apr 18AFS196Perkiomen School214H3:45
Wed Apr 19FCS192MFS1964:00
Wed Apr 19SHP179GEO1994:00
Wed Apr 19WTN164Tower Hill146H4:00
Thu Apr 20AFS208SHP1814:00
Fri Apr 21FCS194Hill School172A4:00
Fri Apr 21GEO188SHP1804:00
Fri Apr 21WTN5.5Tatnall3.5A3:15
Fri Apr 21AFS212MFS1653:45
Mon Apr 24MFS177FCS2074:00
Mon Apr 24MFS177SHP1784:00
Wed Apr 26SHP173WTN1584:00
Thu Apr 27FCS190GEO2004:00
Thu Apr 27WTN159AFS2254:00
Mon May 01MFS181AFS2304:00
Mon May 01FCS175Solebury232A3:45
Mon May 01SHP218Princeton Day
Mon May 01WTN150Tatnall1884:00
Mon May 01WTN150GEOforfeit4:00
Tue May 02GEO203WTN1694:00
Tue May 02MFS187Paul VI169A3:45
Tue May 02SHP169AFS2054:00
Wed May 03WTN159FCS2164:00
Wed May 03WTN159AIM2154:00
Wed May 03FCS216AIM2154:00
Wed May 03GEO186Solebury226A3:45
Thu May 04AFS203FCS2033:45
Thu May 04MFS14th of 52 teamsCarl Arena Tournament12:00
Tue May 09AFS208GEO1804:00
Wed May 10FCS196SHP1794:00
Wed May 10GEO175AFS2213:45
Wed May 10MFS163W. Deptford1653:45
Thu May 11MFS173WTN1634:00
Mon May 15all teamsWTN - 321/ SHP - 367/ MFS - 379/ GEO - 403/ AFS - 445/ FCS - no team scoreFSL Championship @ Bala9:00
Sat Mar 18SHPcanceledPenn CharterH12:00
Mon Mar 20ANC9Olentangy HS7H4:15
Wed Mar 22ANC9 (OT)Penn Charter8HTBA
Thu Mar 23WTN6 Sidwell4A4:30
Sat Mar 25ANC12Upper Dublin6A1:00
Sat Mar 25SHP13Riverview HS15A3:30
Sat Mar 25WTN3 St. Andrew's Episcopal School8A1:00
Mon Mar 27SHP14Outdoor Academy
Tue Mar 28ANC16Downingtown West HS6H4:00
Tue Mar 28SHP14Canterbury HS11A6:00
Wed Mar 29GEO6Pennsbury21A4:00
Wed Mar 29WTN3 (scrimmage)Peddie1H4:15
Thu Mar 30ANC9Germantown Academy2A3:45
Thu Mar 30SHP17Palm Harbor6A6:30
Fri Mar 31WTN9Phoenixville1A6:00
Sat Apr 01ANCcanceledPrinceton DayH7:00
Sat Apr 01GEO0Peddie School13A2:00
Sat Apr 01WTN4Hill14A2:00
Mon Apr 03WTN16Barack Hebrew Academy4H4:00
Tue Apr 04ANC10Central Bucks East HS12H4:00
Tue Apr 04SHP15Barrack6H4:00
Wed Apr 05MFS11Haddon Twp.20A3:45
Thu Apr 06WTNcanceledConwell EganH4:00
Sat Apr 08GEO12Conwell Egan17A2:30
Sat Apr 08SHP18Roman Catholic4H1:00
Mon Apr 10GEO12Devon Prep20H4:00
Mon Apr 10WTN13Father Judge7H4:00
Tue Apr 11ANC6Manheim Township HS12H4:00
Tue Apr 11SHP10Penn Ridge HS14H4:00
Wed Apr 12MFS9Lower Cape May14A4:30
Wed Apr 12WTN15Devon Prep3H4:00
Thu Apr 13ANC4Hun School11A4:15
Thu Apr 13GEO16Perkiomen5H4:00
Thu Apr 13MFS5Holy Cross13H4:00
Thu Apr 13SHP14North Penn
Sat Apr 15SHP4SCHA17A2:00
Tue Apr 18SHP0Cape Henlopen9H3:45
Tue Apr 18MFS9Pennington16H4:00
Tue Apr 18WTN5Lansdale Catholic7H4:00
Wed Apr 19GEO6Neshaminy20A3:45
Wed Apr 19MFS3Rancocas Valley16A3:45
Thu Apr 20ANC19SHP74:15
Fri Apr 21GEO5WTN134:00
Sat Apr 22SHP9 (OT)Peddie8A2:00
Sat Apr 22WTN4SCHA11H10:00
Tue Apr 25ANC5Perkiomen Valley HS4HTBA
Tue Apr 25MFS17GEO144:00
Wed Apr 26SHP12WTN94:00
Thu Apr 27WTN16MFS44:00
Fri Apr 28GEO1ANC184:00
Sat Apr 29ANC8Hill School6A1:00
Sat Apr 29SHP18Lower Merion13T9:00
Sat Apr 29WTN11Roman Catholic1A12:00
Mon May 01GEO3Pennington17A4:15
Tue May 02GEO13New Hope Solebury10H4:15
Tue May 02SHP18MFS64:00
Tue May 02WTN7ANC134:00
Wed May 03MFS9Haddon Twp.13H4:00
Fri May 05GEO1SHP204:00
Fri May 05WTN7Downingtown West8A3:45
Sat May 06SHP6Harriton
Mon May 08MFS2ANC194:00
Tue May 09SHP12WTN (FSL Semifinal)74:00
Wed May 10MFS14Delran6H3:45
Thu May 11ANC12Archbishop John Carroll HS7H4:00
Fri May 12MFS10Middle Twp.8H4:00
Sat May 13ANC15SHP (FSL Championship)32:00
Sat May 13MFScanceledLower Cape MayA11:00
Mon May 15MFS8Cinnaminson12H4:00
Mon May 15ANC8SCHA (InterAc Invitational)104:00
Mon May 15SHP6Lawrenceville (InterAc Invitational)194:00
Wed Mar 15GFScanceledBaldwinA3:45
Thu Mar 16GFScanceledCentral HSH3:00
Wed Mar 22SHPscrimmageRadnor HS
Fri Mar 24ANC13Lower Moreland3H3:45
Mon Mar 27ANC20St. Hubert's9H3:45
Wed Mar 29GEO11Jenkintown HS10A4:00
Wed Mar 29ANC16Perkiomen10A4:00
Thu Mar 30ANC4Pennington15A4:15
Thu Mar 30WTN13Barack Hebrew Academy7A4:00
Sat Apr 01GEO19Lower Moreland1H1:00
Sat Apr 01WTNcanceledCollegiumH11:00
Mon Apr 03MFS7Pennsauken11A3:45
Mon Apr 03GFS7Notre Dame15A4:30
Tue Apr 04ANC19Solebury School3A4:00
Tue Apr 04GEO4FCS184:00
Tue Apr 04WTN9Perkiomen15H4:00
Tue Apr 04MFS10 (OT)Collingswood11A3:45
Wed Apr 05GFS14Jenkintown HS6A3:45
Fri Apr 07FCS12Hill School13H4:30
Fri Apr 07GEO12Conwell Egan3A3:30
Fri Apr 07SHP8SCHA16A4:15
Fri Apr 07WTNplayed as JVNorth London CollegiateH3:45
Fri Apr 07AFS14Solebury School3H4:15
Sat Apr 08GFS6Boyertown HS18A10:30
Sat Apr 08SHP10Hill16H10:30
Wed Apr 12ANC6FCS193:45
Wed Apr 12GFS16AFS43:45
Wed Apr 12MFS17WTN64:00
Wed Apr 12SHP11GEO104:00
Thu Apr 13FCS7SCHA6H4:00
Thu Apr 13GEO19Delco Christian School10H4:00
Thu Apr 13MFS4Delran9H3:45
Thu Apr 13SHP5Baldwin
Thu Apr 13WTN4Downingtown West17A3:45
Thu Apr 13AFSPlayed as JVWoodlyndeA3:45
Mon Apr 17AFS7GEO144:00
Tue Apr 18ANC10MFS204:00
Tue Apr 18FCS15WTN44:00
Tue Apr 18SHP8 (OT)GFS74:00
Wed Apr 19FCS6Lawrenceville School15H4:00
Wed Apr 19MFS7Pennington11A4:15
Wed Apr 19AFS11New Foundations3A4:15
Fri Apr 21GEO14ANC134:00
Fri Apr 21MFS4SHP124:00
Fri Apr 21WTN2GFS144:00
Fri Apr 21AFS0FCS174:00
Sat Apr 22GFS12SCHA10H11:00
Sat Apr 22WTN5St. Andrew's18A2:00
Mon Apr 24SHP0 Princeton Day
Tue Apr 25ANC18AFS13:45
Tue Apr 25GEO16Solebury2H4:15
Tue Apr 25GFS12MFS104:00
Wed Apr 26WTN5SHP114:00
Wed Apr 26GEO19St. Basils Academy10H3:45
Thu Apr 27FCS18MFS54:00
Fri Apr 28GFS16GEO84:00
Fri Apr 28WTN9ANC114:00
Fri Apr 28AFS5SHP144:00
Sat Apr 29FCS10Merion Mercy20A12:30
Sat Apr 29SHP4Upper Dublin17T4:00
Tue May 02FCS10GFS54:00
Tue May 02MFS16GEO124:00
Tue May 02SHP15ANC54:00
Tue May 02AFS4WTN164:00
Wed May 03MFS6Woodstown14H4:00
Wed May 03GEO16Perkiomen School4A4:00
Thu May 04GFS6Springfield HS9H4:00
Thu May 04ANCcanceledNortheast HSH3:45
Thu May 04AFS8Lower Moreland HS9A3:45
Fri May 05GEO20WTN84:00
Sat May 06FCS16Little Flower5H2:00
Mon May 08MFS17AFS24:00
Mon May 08GFS17ANC43:45
Tue May 09FCS15SHP84:00
Tue May 09GEO19Stuart Country Day7H4:00
Tue May 09MFS18Sterling10H4:00
Tue May 09ANC17New Foundations Charter1H3:45
Tue May 09SHPcanceledBayard RustinA
Wed May 10FCS16Bonner Prendergast6A6:00
Wed May 10GEO12New Hope Solebury School11A4:00
Wed May 10GFS5Hill School11H3:45
Wed May 10SHPcanceledPeddieH4:15
Wed May 10AFS9Perkiomen School22H4:00
Thu May 11MFS17Burlington City2A3:45
Fri May 12GEO15AFS (Quaker Cup semifinal)24:00
Fri May 12ANC10WTN (Quaker Cup semifinal)94:00
Fri May 12FCS17MFS (FSL semifinal)54:00
Fri May 12SHP4GFS (FSL semifinal)54:00
Mon May 15MFS15Holy Spirit (NJSIAA 1st Round)7H4:00
Tue May 16GEO14ANC (Quaker Cup final)124:00
Tue May 16FCS10GFS (FSL Championship)34:00
Thu May 18MFScanceledCinnaminsonH4:00
Thu May 18MFS7Middle Twp. (NJSIAA 2nd Round)23A4:00
Fri May 19GFS4Hill (PAISAA 1st Round)13A4:30
Fri May 19FCS6SCHA (PAISAA 1st Round)15
Fri Mar 17FCScanceledPenn CharterH3:45
Tue Mar 21FCScanceledHaverford SchoolA3:45
Thu Mar 23FCS0Episcopal Academy7H4:00
Thu Mar 23SHP5Devon Prep
Mon Mar 27GEO3Peddie School4H4:15
Wed Mar 29WTN5Perkiomen0H4:00
Thu Mar 30GEO5Council Rock South2H3:30
Tue Apr 04AFS0Barrack Academy5H3:45
Wed Apr 05WTN5Malvern0H4:00
Wed Apr 05FSS3Barrack2H3:45
Wed Apr 05GEO5Hun School0A4:00
Wed Apr 05AFS4Solebury School1A4:00
Fri Apr 07FCS3SCHA4H3:45
Fri Apr 07GEOcanceledPrinceton Day SchoolA4:15
Fri Apr 07GFScanceledMalvernA3:30
Fri Apr 07SHPcanceledGermantown AcademyA3:30
Mon Apr 10WTN2Hill3H4:30
Wed Apr 12FSS2FCS33:45
Wed Apr 12SHP3GEO24:00
Wed Apr 12WTN4MFS14:00
Wed Apr 12AFS0GFS54:00
Thu Apr 13FCS0Germantown Academy7A4:00
Thu Apr 13GFS4SCHA1H3:45
Thu Apr 13MFS5Rancocas Valley0H4:00
Thu Apr 13AFS1Perkiomen School4A4:00
Thu Apr 13FSS5Academy Park0H3:45
Sat Apr 15MFS3Vineland2A9:00
Sat Apr 15MFS0Moorestown HS5A9:00
Tue Apr 18FCS0WTN53:45
Tue Apr 18FSS2MFS33:45
Tue Apr 18GEO5AFS04:00
Tue Apr 18GFS5SHP04:00
Wed Apr 19FSS3Jenkintown2H3:45
Wed Apr 19MFS5Hun School0H4:00
Wed Apr 19AFS4Roman Catholic1H4:00
Wed Apr 19GFS3Penn Charter4H4:00
Thu Apr 20FCS6Malvern Prep1H4:00
Thu Apr 20GEO3Germantown Academy4H4:00
Thu Apr 20SHP2Hill
Thu Apr 20MFSpreliminary roundsBurlington County OpenATBD
Fri Apr 21FCS5AFS03:45
Fri Apr 21GEO5FSS04:00
Fri Apr 21MFS2nd of 12 teamsBurlington County OpenATBD
Fri Apr 21SHPcanceledSCHAH3:45
Fri Apr 21WTN2GFS34:00
Sat Apr 22all teamsrained outFSL Tennis Invitational @ GEO10:00
Mon Apr 24MFScanceledLenapeH4:00
Mon Apr 24AFS0Lower Moreland HS5H3:45
Wed Apr 26FCS1GEO44:00
Wed Apr 26FSS0GFS53:45
Thu Apr 27AFS1Jenkintown HS4A3:45
Thu Apr 27MFS5FCS04:00
Thu Apr 27SHP0WTN54:00
Thu Apr 27SHPcanceledBarrackA3:45
Fri Apr 28GEO3GFS24:00
Fri Apr 28SHP5AFS04:00
Fri Apr 28WTN5FSS04:00
Mon May 01MFS2GFS34:00
Mon May 01FCS3Barrack Academy2A3:45
Tue May 02MFS1GEO44:00
Tue May 02SHP4FSS14:00
Tue May 02AFS0WTN54:00
Wed May 03GFS5Barrack Hebrew0H4:00
Wed May 03AFS0FSS54:00
Wed May 03WTN0Tower Hill54:00
Wed May 03SHP2MFS34:00
Thu May 04FCS2Hill School5H4:00
Thu May 04MFScanceledDelranA3:45
Sat May 06FCS5Devon Prep0H2:00
Mon May 08MFS5AFS04:00
Mon May 08FSS4Roman Catholic1H3:45
Mon May 08SHP1Penn Charter4H3:45
Tue May 09GEO3Pennington School2A4:00
Tue May 09GFS5FCS03:45
Tue May 09MFS5Bishop Eustace0H4:00
Tue May 09WTN3St. Andrew's2H4:00
Tue May 09AFS5Woodlynde0H4:00
Wed May 10GEO2WTN34:00
Wed May 10FSS5Solebury0H3:45
Wed May 10GFS3Hill School2A4:00
Wed May 10MFScanceledPitmanA3:45
Wed May 10SHP5Malvern Prep
Thu May 11FCS0SHP54:00
Mon May 15MFS5Holy Spirit (NJSIAA 2nd Round)0H3:00
Tue May 16GFS3MFS (FSL Semifinal)24:00
Tue May 16WTN4GEO (FSL Semifinal)14:00
Wed May 17FSS3Church Farm2H3:45
Thu May 18GFS3WTN (FSL Championship)24:00
Thu May 18MFS5Wardlaw-Hartridge (NJSIAA 3rd Round)0TBDTBD
Tue May 23MFS5Rutgers Prep (NJSIAA Sectional Finals)0TBDTBD
Wed May 24MFS1Newark Academy )NJSIAA Non-Public B State Championship)4A1:00
Tue Mar 21FCSscrimmagePenn CharterH4:00
Sat Mar 25GFSdid not competeUpper Darby RelaysA10:00
Sat Mar 25GFSdid not competeDistance Project - PhoenixvilleA10:00
Sat Mar 25GEOno team scorePA Track Classic @ Plymouth WhitemarshA10:00
Tue Mar 28GEOcanceledPerkiomen/Stem Civic/StuartH4:00
Fri Mar 31GFSno team scoreColonial Relays (Williamsburg, VA)A9:00
Sat Apr 01WTNno team scoreHaverford InvitationalA10:00
Sat Apr 01FCSdid not competeChestnut Hill InvitationalA9:00
Sat Apr 01GEO19th of 21 teamsKiwanis Invite. @ Council Rock NorthA10:30
Tue Apr 04GEO30LowerMoreland/Calvary Christian/ANC97/31/8A3:45
Wed Apr 05GFS109AFS294:00
Sat Apr 08AFS6th of 6 teamsHill School RelaysA
Wed Apr 12GEO25GFS1204:00
Wed Apr 12FCS72WTN714:00
Sat Apr 15AFSno team scoreNeshaminy Track ClassicA10:00
Tue Apr 18GFS77FCS693:45
Tue Apr 18WTN87GEO634:00
Thu Apr 20WTN81AFS534:00
Fri Apr 21GFS/WTNno team scoreWarrior InvitationalA2:45
Sat Apr 22GEOno team scoreCentral Bucks Relays @ CBWestA9:30
Sat Apr 22GFSno team scoreU. Delaware ClassicA9:30
Sat Apr 22FCSno team scoreGreat Valley RelaysA9:30
Fri Apr 28all teams4x100 FCS - 42.96 (1st place in their heat)/ GFS - 45.14/ GEO - 46.99/ WTN - 47.65/ AFS - 48.41/
Championship of America DMR - GFS 3rd of 18 teams - 10:11.68
4 x 400 - GFS - 3:29.61/ FCS - 3:36.84/ WTN - 3:38.46/ AFS - 3:45.62/ GEO - 3:47.97
Pole Vault - Robbie Saligman (FCS) - 14th of 20 vaulters - 13' 5.25"
Penn RelaysAAll Day
Tue May 02GFS86WTN584:00
Wed May 03AFS46GEO @ FCS794:00
Wed May 03FCS78GEO614:00
Wed May 03FCS63AFS474:00
Thu May 04AFSdid not competePennridge Invitational
Sat May 06GFS/FCSno team scoreHenderson InvitationalA2:25
Sat May 06WTNno team scoreLower Merion Invite A1:00
Sat May 06GEOno team scoreNeshaminy Invite @ Neshaminy HSA1:00
Tue May 09GEO108/115/60Wilberforce/Lewis School/Perkiomen19/8/68H4:00
Tue May 16/ Wed May 17all teamsGFS - 159/ FCS - 85/ WTN - 74/ GEO - 35/ AFS - 20FSL Championship4:00
Sat May 20all teamsGFS - 7th/ FCS - 9th/ WTN - 10th/ ANC - 14th/ GEO - T15th/ AFS - T15th of 16 teamsPAISAA ChampionshipA9:00
Fri/Sat June 16-17GFS/FCSGFS - 7th of 37 teams - 4x800
Emerging Elite - 7:54.37
1st of 12 teams - DMR - 10:14.85
FCS - Robbie Saligman T21 of 41 entrants - Emerging Elite Pole Vault - 14' 3.5"
New Balance NationalsA
Tue Mar 21FCSscrimmagePenn CharterA4:00
Sat Mar 25GFSdid not competeUpper Darby RelaysA10:00
Sat Mar 25GFSdid not competeDistance Project - PhoenixvilleA10:00
Sat Mar 25GEOno team scorePA Track Classic @ Plymouth WhitemarshA10:00
Tue Mar 28GEOcanceledPerkiomen/Stem Civic/StuartH4:00
Fri Mar 31GFSno team scoreColonial Relays (Williamsburg, VA)A9:00
Sat Apr 01FCSno team scoreBrother Jerome RelaysA10:00
Sat Apr 01WTNno team scoreHaverford InvitationalA10:00
Tue Apr 04GEO36.67LowerMoreland/Calvary Christian102.83/32.5A3:45
Wed Apr 05GFS94AFS494:00
Sat Apr 08GEOno team scoreLady Skins @ Neshaminy HSA10:00
Sat Apr 08FCSno team scoreHurricane ClassicA10:00
Sat Apr 08AFS5th of 6 teamsHill School Relays
Wed Apr 12GEO72GFS764:00
Wed Apr 12FCS83.5WTN48.54:00
Sat Apr 15AFSno team scoreNeshaminy Track ClassicA10:00
Tue Apr 18GFS51FCS893:45
Tue Apr 18WTN77GEO654:00
Thu Apr 20WTN82AFS454:00
Fri Apr 21GFS/WTNno team scoreWarrior InvitationalA2:45
Sat Apr 22GEOno team scoreCentral Bucks Relays @ CBWestA9:30
Sat Apr 22GFSdid not competeU. Delaware ClassicA9:30
Thu Apr 27all teams4 x 100 GFS-51.45/ FCS - 51.86/ WTN- 53.03/ AFS-53.46
4x400 FCS-3:59.59 (1st place in their heat)/ AFS-4:26.92/ GFS-4:28.80/ WTN-4:30.48/ GEO-4:35.72
Penn RelaysAAll Day
Tue May 02GFS58WTN844:00
Wed May 03AFS45GEO @ FCS864:00
Wed May 03FCS75GEO654:00
Wed May 03FCS86AFS414:00
Thu May 04AFSdid not competePennridge Invitational
Sat May 06FCS/GFSno team scoreHenderson RelaysA4:00
Sat May 06GEOno team scoreLady Rocker @ Council Rock NorthA1:00
Sat May 06WTNno team scoreLower Merion InviteA1:00
Tue May 09GEO90/127/109Stuart/Lewis School/Perkiomen59/7/35H4:00
Tue May 16/ Wed May 17all teamsFCS - 165/ GEO - 78/ WTN - 67/ GFS - 57/ AFS - 4FSL Championship4:00
Sat May 20all teamsFCS - T 3rd/ GEO - 8th/ WTN - 11th/ GFS - 12th/ AFS - no score of 16 teamsPAISAA ChampionshipA9:00
Fri-Sun June 16-18FCSFCS - 4th of 26 teams - championship 4x800 - 9:05.86
Gabrielle Wilkinson 15th of 32 runners - championship 800m
37th of 42 teams - emerging elite 4x400 - 4:06.50
New Balance NationalsA9:00