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Welcome to the official Friends Schools League (FSL) website. Founded in 1981, the FSL is a united group of nine Philadelphia area independent schools that share a similar philosophy for interscholastic athletics. The nine institutions that form the FSL are drawn together by the common Quaker belief of the value of healthy competition in athletics in the context of strong community and shared values.  Our schools strive for excellence in each sport, and above all else we view athletics as a powerful setting for student-athletes’ learning, growth, and development. We encourage you to explore online all that the FSL has to offer for student-athletes and their families, and to continue your journey by connecting with any of our nine great schools.



Fri Nov 18WTN76Redemption Academy67H6:00
Sat Nov 19WTN75Hill School60H2:00
Tue Nov 29SHP68Pine Forge Academy45A 5:30
Tue Nov 29GFS35Penn Charter45H4:00
Tue Nov 29AFS33Episcopal Academy61H4:00
Wed Nov 30WTN71Mont Clare52H5:30
Wed Nov 30FCS56Malvern Prep83H4:00
Wed Nov 30ANC42St Benedicts Prep82A7:00
Thu Dec 01SHP69 (OT)Phelps55H 5:30
Thu Dec 01GFS48SCHA37A6:00
Fri Dec 02FCS55Perkiomen School67H4:00
Fri Dec 02ANC56Penn Charter50A5:15
Fri Dec 02GEO50Pennington71A6:00
Sat Dec 03WTN80Hun64H7:30
Sat Dec 03FCS31Episcopal Academy50H2:00
Sat Dec 03GEO54Solebury Tournament59A6:00
Sat Dec 03SHP78Hill86A5:45
Sat Dec 03GFS49Peddie School79A4:00
Sun Dec 04WTN66St. James (MD) @ Hill45A3:00
Tue Dec 06WTN66Coastal Academy57H6:00
Tue Dec 06FCS62Mercy Vocational34A3:45
Tue Dec 06SHP56Haverford School69A 4:00
Tue Dec 06GFS54Princeton Day School62H4:30
Tue Dec 06AFS37Penn Charter49H4:00
Wed Dec 07ANC58Perkiomen65H5:15
Thu Dec 08AFS56Princeton Day School64A4:15
Fri Dec 09FSS49MaST Charter School66H3:30
Fri Dec 09FCS68Pennington School51A4:15
Fri Dec 09ANC46Haverford School54ATBA
Fri Dec 09SHP60WTN64 5:30
Fri Dec 09GFS65Bodine High School31H8:00
Sat Dec 10FSS37Mercy Vocational44HTBD
Sat Dec 10WTN47Putnam Science76TBDTBD
Sat Dec 10ANC57Prep Charter46ATBA
Sat Dec 10GEO51PDS68H5:15
Sat Dec 10SHP57Lower Merion59H 2:45
Sat Dec 10GFS61 (OT)Paul Robeson67HTBD
Sat Dec 10AFS57Esperanza Academy45H2:30
Sun Dec 11WTN53Rock Creek Christian64TBDTBD
Mon Dec 12ANC44Conwell Egan 46A7:00
Tue Dec 13GEO34GFS375:15
Tue Dec 13AFS55FSS205:15
Wed Dec 14WTN67Rock Top Academy58H6:00
Wed Dec 14ANC48FCS525:30
Thu Dec 15GEO57Stem Civic32H5:15
Fri Dec 16FSS25Cristo Rey34A6:00
Fri Dec 16FCS56Princeton Day School61ATBD
Fri Dec 16MFS41Doane70H5:30
Fri Dec 16GFS57International Christian32H4:00
Fri Dec 16AFS57Edison HS51H3:45
Sat Dec 17SHP57Hun56ATBD
Sat Dec 17FCS65Solebury School54ATBD
Sat Dec 17GFS61Eastern University Academy Charter43H1:00
Sat Dec 17AFS27Mastery Charter - North70H
Sun Dec 18WTN53Hillcrest @ City of Palms42A5:30
Sun Dec 18FCS63SCH45ATBD
Mon Dec 19MFS65Camden Academy40A4:30
Tue Dec 20WTN55Putnam Science Academy52ATBD
Tue Dec 20SHP70Penn Charter50ATBD
Tue Dec 20GFS55FSS345:15
Wed Dec 21MFS52Haddon Twp.69A5:30
Wed Dec 21AFS56Overbrook HS62H4:00
Thu Dec 22WTN80Life Center 40ATBD
Thu Dec 22FCS58Haverford School65H2:30
Fri Dec 23WTN67Atlantic City43ATBD
Fri Dec 23FCS42Coatesville HS57A5:30
Wed Dec 28WTN70Gray Collegiate (SC)68A9:00
Wed Dec 28FCS71Overbrook HS54ATBD
Wed Dec 28MFS54Gloucester City36A11:00
Wed Dec 28SHP51Bonner/Prendergast57A3:30
Wed Dec 28AFS57GAMP 26H7:30
Thu Dec 29WTN71Our Savior New American39A6:00
Thu Dec 29MFS58Holy Cross47A2:00
Thu Dec 29SHP72Oxford Area HS31ATBA
Thu Dec 29GFS50Wilmington Charter26ATBD
Thu Dec 29AFS65Palumbo61H
Fri Dec 30FCS28Penn Charter58A1:00
Fri Dec 30ANC57Bartram56A4:30
Tue Jan 03FCS73Solebury School50A4:15
Tue Jan 03SHP55Episcopal Academy52H 5:30
Tue Jan 03GFS56Cristo Rey33H5:00
Tue Jan 03AFS60MFS545:30
Wed Jan 04FSS38Morrisville43H4:00
Wed Jan 04WTN80Peddie61H5:30
Wed Jan 04FCScanceledGeorge Washington HSA3:45
Wed Jan 04ANC42Hun School59A5:30
Thu Jan 05GEO43Plumstead Christian54A7:00
Fri Jan 06FSS38MFS535:15
Fri Jan 06WTN63GFS377:00
Fri Jan 06FCS64GEO594:00
Fri Jan 06SHP61ANC37 5:30
Fri Jan 06AFS40Masterman HS62H4:00
Sat Jan 07WTN73Phelps47H7:30
Sat Jan 07FCS61Motivation Charter65H1:00
Sat Jan 07AFS73SLA Beeber38H1:00
Mon Jan 09ANC65FSS465:15
Tue Jan 10MFS49SHP795:30
Tue Jan 10GEO25AFS465:30
Tue Jan 10GFS53FCS623:45
Wed Jan 11FSS29SHP705:15
Wed Jan 11ANC71Cheltenham HS78A7:00
Thu Jan 12GEO40Pennington School52H5:30
Fri Jan 13MFS43FCS795:30
Fri Jan 13ANC40AFS285:15
Fri Jan 13GFS70Franklin Towne Charter38H4:00
Sat Jan 14FSS40 (OT)Science Leadership Academy36H11:00
Sat Jan 14WTN66Hillcrest (AZ)54A6:00
Sat Jan 14FCS42Germantown Academy79A7:00
Sat Jan 14MFS40Gloucester Catholic62A1:00
Sat Jan 14SHP76Conestoga48H 2:30
Sat Jan 14GFS63GAMP37H2:00
Sat Jan 14AFS35Cristo Rey HS36H2:30
Mon Jan 16ANC56Mathematics Civics & Sciences Charter78A2:00
Tue Jan 17FCS59WTN823:45
Tue Jan 17MFS65Baptist52A5:30
Tue Jan 17SHP63GEO48 5:30
Tue Jan 17GFS59ANC465:15
Thu Jan 19FSS52Community Academy Of Phila.34A4:30
Thu Jan 19GEO35WTN625:15
Fri Jan 20WTN65AFS517:00
Fri Jan 20FCS45SHP808:00
Fri Jan 20ANC70MFS425:30
Fri Jan 20GFS55Academy at Palumbo46H7:00
Sat Jan 21FSS65GAMP56H2:00
Sat Jan 21GEO48Morrisville32A3:30
Sat Jan 21GFS67Science Leadership Academy48H1:00
Sat Jan 21AFS62HS of the Future49H1:30
Mon Jan 23FSS66CHAD33H5:30
Mon Jan 23ANC63Phelps School80H5:30
Mon Jan 23SHP82Eastern University Academy Charter62H 4:15
Tue Jan 24FCS36Phelps School78A4:00
Tue Jan 24GFS61MFS395:30
Tue Jan 24AFS47SHP565:15
Wed Jan 25WTN84ANC565:15
Wed Jan 25GEO51FSS365:15
Thu Jan 26MFS65GEO585:30
Thu Jan 26ANC63Solebury School59H5:30
Fri Jan 27WTN71FSS367:00
Fri Jan 27FCS48AFS448:00
Fri Jan 27MFS49Florence50A5:30
Fri Jan 27SHP72GFS50 8:00
Sat Jan 28WTN75Timbercreek HS (NJ)57ATBD
Sat Jan 28ANC58Eastern University Academy Charter47H5:00
Sat Jan 28GEO57Lower Moreland51H2:30
Sat Jan 28SHP73Cristo Rey33A 2:30
Sun Jan 29WTN57Bishop McNamara (MD)40A1:40
Mon Jan 30SHP62Barrack39A 5:15
Tue Jan 31FSS56FCS643:45
Tue Jan 31MFS51WTN785:30
Tue Jan 31ANC63GEO365:30
Tue Jan 31AFS50GFS585:15
Wed Feb 01MFS54Holy Cross49H5:30
Wed Feb 01SHP87Malvern Prep67A 5:30
Thu Feb 02FSS29Girard College76H4:00
Thu Feb 02GEO53Solebury71A5:30
Fri Feb 03FCS60Cristo Rey55H7:30
Fri Feb 03MFS62Lindenwold70A4:30
Fri Feb 03GFS39ANC (FSL Playoffs 1st round)435:00
Sat Feb 04SHP58Camden HS55A 2:30
Tue Feb 07WTN68ANC (FSL Semifinal)554:00
Tue Feb 07SHP65FCS (FSL Semifinal)515:45
Tue Feb 07AFS39FSS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)355:30
Tue Feb 07MFS59GEO (Quaker Cup Semifinal)584:00
Wed Feb 08MFS54Pennington58H5:30
Fri Feb 10WTN96SHP (FSL Championship)728:30
Fri Feb 10AFS59MFS (Quaker Cup Championship)344:00
Sat Feb 11FSS29Christian Academy44H11:00
Mon Feb 13MFS50Riverside60A5:15
Tue Feb 14MFS63Palmyra56A5:15
Wed Feb 15WTN77Barrack (PAISAA 1st Round)36H4:00
Wed Feb 15SHP54Penn Charter (PAISAA 1st Round)66H6:00
Wed Feb 15ANC49Germantown Academy (PAISAA 1st Round)66A5:30
Wed Feb 15FCS46Perkiomen (PAISAA 1st Round)71A4:00
Wed Feb 15GFS43Episcopal (PAISAA 1st Round)58A4:00
Thu Feb 16MFS39Delran68A5:15
Sat Feb 18WTN78Phelps (PAISAA 2nd Round)44H4:00
Wed Feb 22MFSBurlington Twp.H5:30
Fri Feb 24MFSMoorestownH5:30
Sat Feb 25PAISAA ChampionshipTBDTBA
Tue Nov 15WTN27Life Center Academy70A6:00
Tue Nov 29WTNscrimmageBaldwinA4:00
Tue Nov 29FCS27Penn Charter48H4:00
Tue Nov 29SHPscrimmageCaravel AcademyA 4:00
Wed Nov 30GFS20Hun School37H4:00
Thu Dec 01ANC43Villa Victoria Academy37H4:00
Thu Dec 01WTN49St. Hubert's42H4:00
Fri Dec 02FCS54Hun School46A4:00
Fri Dec 02GEO29ANC234:00
Fri Dec 02SHP60Baldwin25H 4:30
Fri Dec 02AFS57 (2 OT)Episcopal56A
Sat Dec 03WTN31Mercersburg 34A2:30
Sat Dec 03ANC27Solebury12ATBA
Sat Dec 03GEO24Stuart Country Day41H4:30
Sat Dec 03SHP41Episcopal Academy54H 1:30
Sat Dec 03AFS57Baldwin43A
Tue Dec 06WTN56GEO255:30
Tue Dec 06GFS24Stuart Country Day School46A4:30
Tue Dec 06AFS41Penn Charter37A4:00
Wed Dec 07WTN31Hill51A4:00
Wed Dec 07ANC27Barrack19H3:45
Fri Dec 09FSS57MaST Charter School46H5:00
Fri Dec 09WTN44SHP657:00
Fri Dec 09ANCcanceledWest Mont ChristianH4:00
Fri Dec 09GFS43Girard College7H6:30
Fri Dec 09AFS48Notre Dame47A3:00
Fri Dec 09FCS43Agnes Irwin23A3:00
Sat Dec 10FSS41Franklin Towne Charter39HTBD
Sat Dec 10GEO26PDS42A4:00
Sat Dec 10SHP69Capitol Christian36TBD12:10
Sat Dec 10GFS35Bodine25HTBD
Sat Dec 10AFS43Abington HS 55A
Sun Dec 11SHP59 (OT)Staten Island Academy65TBD 2:00
Mon Dec 12WTN65Perkiomen 21A4:00
Tue Dec 13GFS28GEO314:30
Tue Dec 13AFS59FSS303:45
Wed Dec 14ANC20FCS574:00
Wed Dec 14AFS59SCHA48A3:45
Thu Dec 15FSS38New Foundations Charter43H4:00
Thu Dec 15ANCscrimmageDelaware Valley FriendsA3:45
Thu Dec 15GEO51Stem Civic21H4:00
Fri Dec 16FSS46Cristo Rey36A4:30
Fri Dec 16WTN55Agnes Irwin31HTBD
Fri Dec 16SHP57Hun42HTBD
Fri Dec 16FCS34Springside Chestnut Hill52A3:45
Fri Dec 16MFS49Doane22H4:00
Fri Dec 16GEO23Stuart Country Day49A4:00
Sat Dec 17WTN44SHP55HTBD
Sat Dec 17GFS33 (OT)Baldwin 39A12:00
Sat Dec 17AFS63Mastery Charter - North46H
Mon Dec 19MFS52Cherry Hill West19A3:45
Mon Dec 19SHPcanceledAgnes IrwinH 1:00
Tue Dec 20FSS24GFS354:00
Tue Dec 20GEO46Cristo Rey30H5:30
Tue Dec 20SHP57West Catholic51H 4:00
Wed Dec 21MFS45Haddon Twp.34A4:00
Wed Dec 21GFS20Jenkintown HS52A7:00
Tue Dec 27MFS49Palmyra18A1:00
Tue Dec 27SHP27Conestoga45A 6:00
Wed Dec 28MFS43Pitman 21ATBD
Wed Dec 28SHP68Prep Charter38ATBA
Wed Dec 28AFS60Olney Charter29H6:00
Thu Dec 29FCS31Central Bucks East 49A3:30
Thu Dec 29SHP51Bishop McDevitt37ATBA
Thu Dec 29GFS29West Chester East44ATBD
Thu Dec 29AFS61Lower Moreland45H
Fri Dec 30FCS51Newark Academy (NJ)26A9:15
Fri Dec 30GFS22Bodine28ATBD
Tue Jan 03MFS35AFS475:30
Tue Jan 03SHP44SCHA38H 4:00
Wed Jan 04WTN47Peddie48H4:00
Wed Jan 04AFS47Central HS38H4:00
Wed Jan 04GFS63International Christian17H4:00
Thu Jan 05FSS29MFS615:15
Fri Jan 06ANC30SHP545:15
Fri Jan 06GEO25FCS545:30
Fri Jan 06GFS31WTN555:15
Sat Jan 07FSS28Morrisville HS50H12:00
Sat Jan 07FCS55Delaware County Christian School30A1:00
Sat Jan 07GEOcanceledCalvary ChristianH5:30
Sun Jan 08FCS53Audenreid HS56ATBD
Mon Jan 09FSS39ANC263:45
Tue Jan 10FCS50GFS244:00
Tue Jan 10SHP42MFS40 5:30
Tue Jan 10AFS45GEO254:00
Wed Jan 11FCS59Baldwin School30H4:00
Wed Jan 11MFS61Leap34H4:00
Wed Jan 11SHP65FSS31 5:15
Thu Jan 12AFS61Imhotep Charter School45H3:45
Fri Jan 13WTN50St. Andrews8H4:30
Fri Jan 13MFS42FCS314:00
Fri Jan 13ANC13AFS573:45
Fri Jan 13GFS41Perkiomen 22H5:30
Sat Jan 14FSS52Plumstead Christian34A12:00
Sat Jan 14WTN59Collegium44A1:00
Sun Jan 15SHP56Penn Wood31A7:00
Sun Jan 15AFS43Merion Mercy37A8:30
Tue Jan 17FSS51Community Academy Of Phila6A4:30
Tue Jan 17WTN38FCS555:30
Tue Jan 17MFS49Baptist20A4:00
Tue Jan 17GEO26SHP535:30
Tue Jan 17GFS32ANC133:45
Wed Jan 18MFS61Princeton Day26A6:00
Thu Jan 19FSS45Phil-Mont Christian44A4:30
Fri Jan 20FCS42SHP516:30
Fri Jan 20MFS43ANC105:30
Fri Jan 20GEO44Plumstead Christian30H4:00
Fri Jan 20GFS44Cristo Rey13H5:30
Fri Jan 20AFS53WTN356:00
Sat Jan 21FCS38Imhotep43H12:00
Sat Jan 21GEO33Morrisville43H3:30
Sat Jan 21AFS49Life Center60A11:30
Sat Jan 21WTN63Tatnall29A11:30
Mon Jan 23FSScanceledBristol HSH4:00
Tue Jan 24MFS46GFS124:00
Tue Jan 24ANC8WTN624:00
Tue Jan 24SHP40AFS47 5:30
Tue Jan 24FCS60KIPP Dubois12 5:30
Wed Jan 25FSS45 (OT)GEO494:00
Wed Jan 25FCS44Radnor HS48H5:30
Thu Jan 26GEO14MFS475:30
Fri Jan 27FSS39WTN644:00
Fri Jan 27MFS56Florence31H5:30
Fri Jan 27ANC20Plumstead Christian33H4:00
Fri Jan 27SHP40GFS26 6:30
Fri Jan 27FCS35AFS476:30
Sat Jan 28GFS24Simon Gratz HS33ATBD
Sat Jan 28GEO51Calvary Christian27ATBD
Sat Jan 28WTN67Delco Christian35ATBD
Sun Jan 29AFS28North Penn68A7:00
Tue Jan 31WTN49MFS415:30
Tue Jan 31FCS40FSS174:00
Tue Jan 31GEO34ANC235:15
Tue Jan 31SHP64Lawrenceville47H 5:30
Tue Jan 31AFS36GFS93:45
Wed Feb 01FCS68Cristo Rey31A6:00
Wed Feb 01AFS53Pennington School34H4:15
Thu Feb 02FSS54Girard College15A4:00
Thu Feb 02ANC39Doane Academy66A4:00
Thu Feb 02GEO48Solebury19H4:00
Fri Feb 03FCS45Pennington School34H5:00
Fri Feb 03MFScanceledLindenwoldA4:00
Fri Feb 03MFS42WTN (tie break game at ANC)484:00
Fri Feb 03SHP56Hill51A 5:00
Fri Feb 03AFS58Princeton Day26H 5:00
Tue Feb 07AFS69FCS (FSL Semifinal)424:00
Tue Feb 07SHP58WTN (FSL Semifinal)354:00
Tue Feb 07GEO41ANC (Quaker Cup Semifinal)294:00
Tue Feb 07GFS32FSS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)414:00
Wed Feb 08MFS56Burlington Twp.33A5:00
Wed Feb 08ANC39Kohelet Yeshiva25A5:00
Fri Feb 10GEO42FSS (Quaker Cup Championship)524:00
Fri Feb 10AFS47SHP (FSL Championship)417:00
Tue Feb 14FCS71SCHA (PAISAA 1st Round)51A4:00
Tue Feb 14MFS63Palmyra34H5:30
Tue Feb 14ANCcanceledPine Forge AcademyH4:00
Tue Feb 14WTN30Notre Dame (PAISAA 1st Round)64A4:00
Wed Feb 15MFScanceledOLMAA6:30
Thu Feb 16MFS51Riverside40A5:00
Fri Feb 17AFS42FCS (PAISAA 2nd Round)31H4:00
Fri Feb 17SHP51 (OT)Penn Charter (PAISAA 2nd Round)49H4:30
Sun Feb 19MFS47Haddon Hts.30A12:30
Thu Feb 23MFSPembertonH5:30
Fri Feb 24MFSMoorestownA5:30
Wed Mar 01MFSDoane (NJSIAA NonPublic B South 1st round)A5:30
Tue Dec 06AFS47Perkiomen School93A4:00
Tue Dec 06GEO90Hun80H4:00
Wed Dec 07FCS44Hill124A4:00
Thu Dec 08MFS46W. Deptford124A4:00
Thu Dec 08AFS67Barrack Academy96A4:00
Thu Dec 08SHP57GEO91 4:00
Tue Dec 13FSS64AFS614:00
Tue Dec 13MFSgirls only meetWoodbury @ YMCAA3:00
Wed Dec 14MFS54St. Benedict's79A4:30
Thu Dec 15FSS48FCS864:00
Fri Dec 16MFS68Ranney90A4:00
Mon Dec 19GEO74FSS494:00
Thu Jan 05SHP93SCHA294:00
Fri Jan 06WTN89AFS444:00
Tue Jan 10FSS43MFS1054:00
Tue Jan 10FCS88SHP644:00
Tue Jan 10GEO98AFS454:00
Fri Jan 13SHP82MFS20 4:00
Tue Jan 17FSS51Barrack110H4:00
Tue Jan 17WTN72SHP88 4:00
Fri Jan 20WTN62FCS 1044:00
Fri Jan 20GEO93MFS624:00
Tue Jan 24FSS53SHP904:00
Tue Jan 24WTN72GEO974:00
Tue Jan 24FCS75AFS394:00
Thu Jan 26WTN107FSS434:00
Fri Jan 27MFS23Hun School63A3:30
Fri Jan 27AFS32MFS @ Hun543:30
Fri Jan 27AFS30Hun56A3:30
Tue Jan 31WTN98MFS 494:00
Tue Jan 31FCS84GEO864:00
Tue Jan 31SHP98AFS28 6:00
Thu Feb 02FSS54Barrack105H4:00
Fri Feb 03FCS92MFS574:00
Sat Feb 11all teamsFCS - 78/ WTN - 75/ GEO - 67/ SHP - 36/ MFS - 29/ FSS - 14/ AFS - 9FSL Championship3:00
Tue Feb 14WTNcanceledSanfordH4:00
Fri Feb 24WTN/FCS/SHPEasternsATBD
Sat Feb 25WTN/FCS/SHPEasternsATBD
Tue Dec 06AFS56Perkiomen School102A4:00
Tue Dec 06GEO90Hun80H4:00
Wed Dec 07FCS76Hill94A4:00
Thu Dec 08MFS46W. Deptford124A4:00
Thu Dec 08SHP73GEO94 4:00
Thu Dec 08AFS86Barrack Academy58A4:00
Tue Dec 13FSS79AFS594:00
Tue Dec 13MFS61Woodbury95A3:00
Wed Dec 14MFSboys only meetSt. Benedict'sA4:30
Thu Dec 15FSS59FCS904:00
Fri Dec 16MFS58Ranney68A4:00
Mon Dec 19GEO66FSS584:00
Thu Jan 05SHP52SCHA1044:00
Fri Jan 06WTN106AFS484:00
Tue Jan 10FSS67MFS764:00
Tue Jan 10FCS88SHP734:00
Tue Jan 10GEO93AFS584:00
Fri Jan 13SHP87MFS71 4:00
Tue Jan 17FSS77Barrack57H4:00
Tue Jan 17WTN102SHP64 4:00
Fri Jan 20WTN47FCS 1204:00
Fri Jan 20GEO95MFS654:00
Tue Jan 24FSS71SHP864:00
Tue Jan 24WTN89GEO814:00
Tue Jan 24FCS75AFS424:00
Thu Jan 26WTN109FSS534:00
Fri Jan 27MFS23Hun School63A3:30
Fri Jan 27AFS54MFS @ Hun323:30
Fri Jan 27AFS30Hun56A3:30
Tue Jan 31WTN110MFS 444:00
Tue Jan 31FCS89GEO764:00
Tue Jan 31SHP102AFS33 6:00
Thu Feb 02FSS81Barrack53H4:00
Thu Feb 02FCS90MFS614:00
Sat Feb 11all teamsFCS - 112/ WTN - 65/ GEO - 64/ MFS - 26/ AFS - 16/ FSS - 14/ SHP - 11FSL Championship3:00
Tue Feb 14WTNcanceledSanfordH4:00
Fri Feb 24WTN/FCS/SHPEasternsATBD
Sat Feb 25WTN/FCS/SHPEasternsATBD
Sat Nov 26WTNno team scoreJohn Carroll TournamentATBD
Wed Nov 30ANC48SCHA30A4:00
Thu Dec 01WTN36Hill48A4:00
Sat Dec 03all teamsWTN - 3rd/ ANC - 8th/ GFS - 10th/ FCS - 11th/ AFS - 12th/ GEO - 14th of 14 teamsGermantown Academy TournamentATBD
Tue Dec 06WTN60West-Mont Christian12A4:00
Tue Dec 06FCS15Episcopal Academy54A3:45
Wed Dec 07ANC24Episcopal Academy51A3:45
Wed Dec 07GEO24SCHA45A4:00
Fri Dec 09AFSscrimmagePhilmont Christian AcademyH4:00
Sat Dec 10WTN/ANC/GEO/GFS/AFSWTN -1st/ ANC - 3rd/ GFS - 5th/ AFS - 6th/ GEO - 7th of 9 teamsSCHA TournamentATBD
Tue Dec 13FCS24SCHA38A4:00
Tue Dec 13AFS34 (won on criteria)GEO344:00
Wed Dec 14WTN63Church Farm12A4:00
Thu Dec 15FCS44Overbrook HS30H3:45
Thu Dec 15ANC42Lower Moreland30H3:45
Thu Dec 15AFS30New Foundations Charter40A4:00
Sat Dec 17FCS9th of 11 teamsRadnor High School TournamentA8:00
Sat Dec 17GFS36 (lost on criteria)Conwell Egan36A9:00
Sat Dec 17GFS39 (lost on criteria)Bristol39A9:00
Sat Dec 17GFS54Edison0A9:00
Tue Dec 20GEO36/36New Foundations/Westmont39/30H3:45
Tue Dec 20GFS24SCHA42H4:00
Tue Dec 20AFS24Conwell-Egan Catholic HS32H4:00
Fri Dec 30GFS6/18/24/12/30St. Benedict's/ Dematha/ Landon/ Cardinal Gibbons/ Bishop McNama78/49/54/54/3ATBD
Fri Dec 30AFS12/18/12/30/21Conwell-Egan/ George Washington/ FranklinTowne/ New Foundations/ Bristol45/40/63/41/33A
Fri Jan 06GFS30/39New Foundations/ Solebury39/33A3:45
Sat Jan 07WTN/GFS/AFSWTN - 1st/ GFS - 5th/ AFS 10th of 15 teamsChurch Farm School TournamentATBD
Sat Jan 07FCS/GEOFCS - 9th/ GEO - 15th of 16 teamsHill School InvitationalA8:00
Sat Jan 07ANC29/45/41/46/45Upper Dublin/ Penn Charter/ Cheltenham/ Bishop McDevitt/ Lower Moreland45/36/42/31/33H9:00
Tue Jan 10FCS41GEO244:00
Wed Jan 11GFS42AFS344:30
Sat Jan 14WTN/GFSWTN - 6th/ GFS 13th of 17 teams - Tunde Sogo (GFS) 5-0 at 285 lbs. - tournament most valuable wrestlerSpartan Clash TournanmentATBD
Sat Jan 14ANC39/49Germantown Academy/ Mercersbur30/25ATBA
Tue Jan 17WTN54GFS214:00
Tue Jan 17WTN36Episcopal45H4:00
Tue Jan 17ANC45FCS204:00
Tue Jan 17GFS15Episcopal @ WTN64A4:00
Wed Jan 18GEO27Solebury36A4:00
Thu Jan 19GFS35George Washington HS45A4:00
Fri Jan 20ANC27/39Lawrenceville/Hill48/42H4:00
Fri Jan 20AFS6Cheltenham HS46H4:00
Sat Jan 21FCS/GEOFCS - 4th/ GEO - 12th of 16 teamsDelco Christian TournamentA8:00
Tue Jan 24GEO48Delco Christian124:00
Tue Jan 24ANC69Delco Christian @ GEO64:00
Tue Jan 24GEO9ANC664:00
Tue Jan 24GFS27FCS344:00
Tue Jan 24AFS21WTN484:00
Thu Jan 26WTN40ANC244:00
Thu Jan 26GEO27New Foundations48A4:00
Thu Jan 26AFS34/39Solebury/WestMont Christian26/24A4:00
Sat Jan 28WTN42/34/66/42Mercersburg/SCHA/ New Foundations/ Conestoga39/32/0/33HTBD
Tue Jan 31FCS15WTN513:45
Tue Jan 31ANC65AFS93:45
Tue Jan 31GEO21GFS454:00
Tue Jan 31GEO45Solebury184:00
Tue Jan 31GFS51Solebury @ GEO94:00
Thu Feb 02WTN71GEO64:00
Thu Feb 02WTN66Phelps6H4:00
Thu Feb 02GEO54Phelps @ WTN12A4:00
Fri Feb 03FCS42AFS303:45
Fri Feb 03ANC48GFS234:00
Fri Feb 03ANC69WestMont Christian64:00
Fri Feb 03GFS52WestMont Christian @ ANC124:00
Sat Feb 04WTN48/39/24/9Daniel Boone/ Pocono Mountain/ Marple Newtown/ Wyomissing27/32/47/63A9:00
Tue Feb 07GFS57Edison6A4:00
Wed Feb 08GEO24Conwell Egan52A4:00
Fri Feb 10WTN45GFS (FSL Semifinal)244:00
Fri Feb 10ANC51FCS (FSL Semifinal)254:00
Fri Feb 10WTN30ANC (FSL Championship)364:00
Fri Feb 10FCS34GFS (FSL Consolation)274:00
Wed Feb 15GEOLawrenceville/PeddieA4:45
Fri Feb 17all teamsPAISAA TournamentA2:00
Sat Feb 18all teamsANC - 9th/ WTN - 10th/ FCS - 15th/ GFS - 16th/ AFS - 17th/ GEO - 20th of 20 teamsPAISAA TournamentTBDTBD
Fri Feb 24all teamsNationalsTBDTBD
Sat Feb 25all teamsNationalsTBDTBD