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Welcome to the official Friends Schools League (FSL) website. Founded in 1981, the FSL is a united group of nine Philadelphia area independent schools that share a similar philosophy for interscholastic athletics. The nine institutions that form the FSL are drawn together by the common Quaker belief of the value of healthy competition in athletics in the context of strong community and shared values.  Our schools strive for excellence in each sport, and above all else we view athletics as a powerful setting for student-athletes’ learning, growth, and development. We encourage you to explore online all that the FSL has to offer for student-athletes and their families, and to continue your journey by connecting with any of our nine great schools.



Thu Mar 10FCSscrimmageGermantown AcademyA3:45
Tue Mar 15FCS1Haverford School11A3:45
Wed Mar 16GFS0Haverford School16A4:00
Fri Mar 18FCS2Penn Charter10A3:45
Fri Mar 18ANCscrimmageDoane AcademyA3:45
Tue Mar 22FCS17Barrack Academy0A3:45
Tue Mar 22SHPscrimmageBonnerH4:00
Wed Mar 23GFS0North Pocono HS14H3:30
Wed Mar 23FCS5 (8 inn.)Episcopal Academy6A4:00
Sat Mar 26SHP2 (9 inn.)Brooke4Disney, FL10:30
Sat Mar 26GEO1Germantown Academy2H1:00
Tue Mar 29FCS4Atlantic County Tech1A11:00
Tue Mar 29SHPrained outWestby AreaDisney, FL3:30
Tue Mar 29ANCcanceledVFMAA3:45
Tue Mar 29AFS14Barrack Academy19H3:30
Tue Mar 29GFS6Flintridge HS (California)0A
Tue Mar 29GEO0Perkiomen10A4:00
Wed Mar 30FSS5Morrisville0H4:15
Wed Mar 30FCS3Padua Franciscan5A9:00
Wed Mar 30GFS2San Marino HS (California)9A
Wed Mar 30SHP4Fenwick (IL)3Disney, FL8:00
Wed Mar 30SHP1Montini Catholic4Disney, FL10:30
Wed Mar 30AFS10 (9 inn.)Bishop McDevitt9H3:30
Wed Mar 30GEO21Solebury5A4:00
Wed Mar 30WTN9Howard HS of Technology6H4:00
Wed Mar 30ANC8Lower Moreland14A3:45
Thu Mar 31FCS11Harvey HS1A1:30
Thu Mar 31FSS13Solebury3A3:30
Fri Apr 01FCS14Carroll HS4A9:00
Fri Apr 01FSScanceledPlumstead ChristianH3:45
Fri Apr 01GFS12Rio Hondo Prep2A12:30
Sat Apr 02FCS3Mt. Tabor11A12:00
Sat Apr 02WTN3Sanford2H2:00
Sat Apr 02GFS2Alhambra HS (California)3A
Sat Apr 02GEOcanceledMorrisville HSH1:00
Mon Apr 04FSS10Jack M. Barrack Academy1A3:45
Tue Apr 05FCS6AFS34:00
Tue Apr 05GFS14GAMP4H3:45
Tue Apr 05MFS9WTN04:00
Tue Apr 05GEO15SHP174:00
Tue Apr 05ANC2FSS63:45
Wed Apr 06FCS13Bishop McDevitt3A3:45
Wed Apr 06WTN2SCHA20H4:00
Wed Apr 06GFS1Episcopal Academy3H4:00
Wed Apr 06AFS9Solebury School4H4:00
Fri Apr 08WTN6ANC53:45
Fri Apr 08SHP8GFS14:00
Fri Apr 08MFS0FCS124:00
Fri Apr 08GEO5Hill School1H4:00
Fri Apr 08AFS1FSS94:00
Mon Apr 11FSS4Academy Park HS1H3:45
Tue Apr 12FCS8SHP44:00
Wed Apr 13GEO5WTN44:00
Wed Apr 13MFS13AFS34:00
Thu Apr 14FSS5 (9 inn)GFS43:45
Fri Apr 15WTN0FCS113:45
Fri Apr 15GFS6ANC13:45
Fri Apr 15SHP2MFS124:00
Fri Apr 15AFS3GEO54:00
Sat Apr 16FCS4SCHA8A11:00
Sat Apr 16GFS7WTN63:00
Sat Apr 16GEO6MFS57:00
Sat Apr 16ANC6AFS41:00
Mon Apr 18MFS10King's Christian4H4:00
Tue Apr 19FCS12GEO54:00
Tue Apr 19WTN7FSS103:45
Tue Apr 19SHP5ANC14:00
Tue Apr 19AFS6GFS213:45
Wed Apr 20FCS4Pennington12A4:15
Wed Apr 20WTN3Germantown Academy15H4:00
Wed Apr 20MFS10Collingswood8A4:00
Wed Apr 20FSS2SHP94:00
Thu Apr 21SHP11Central HS8H4:00
Thu Apr 21ANC1GFS113:45
Thu Apr 21GEO10FCS24:00
Fri Apr 22ANC4Church Farm School11H4:00
Fri Apr 22GEO1Lower Moreland4A3:45
Sat Apr 23SHP6Prep Charter3H12:00
Sat Apr 23WTN6Haverford School13H12:00
Mon Apr 25MFS15King's Christian12A4:00
Tue Apr 26WTN4 (8 inn)AFS73:45
Tue Apr 26SHP6Hill3A4:30
Tue Apr 26ANC1MFS103:45
Tue Apr 26FSS2FCS123:45
Tue Apr 26GEO9GFS64:00
Wed Apr 27FCS1Perkiomen School4A4:00
Wed Apr 27GEO6Pennington18H4:15
Fri Apr 29FCS11ANC13:45
Fri Apr 29SHP5WTN04:00
Fri Apr 29GFS6Science Leadership Academy9H4:00
Fri Apr 29GEO2FSS64:00
Sat Apr 30SHP6Radnor8H11:00
Mon May 02MFS2GFS34:00
Mon May 02MFScanceledWestampton Tech.H4:00
Mon May 02SHP16Delaware County Christian1H4:00
Tue May 03WTN7Sanford6A4:15
Tue May 03GFS1FCS93:45
Tue May 03AFS5SHP64:00
Wed May 04ANCcanceledDoane AcademyH3:45
Wed May 04FSScanceledPhil-Mont ChristianH3:45
Thu May 05ANC2GEO93:45
Thu May 05GFS7FSS64:00
Thu May 05FCS4Hill School3H4:15
Fri May 06FSScanceledCommunity Academy H3:45
Fri May 06SHP2Archbishop Ryan7H3:45
Sat May 07FCScanceledDelaware County Christian H2:00
Sat May 07WTN5SHP611:00
Mon May 09MFScanceledMaple ShadeA4:00
Mon May 09FSScanceledGAMPH3:30
Mon May 09AFS2 (11 inn)WTN14:00
Mon May 09FSS3MFS133:45
Tue May 10FCS7MFS64:00
Tue May 10WTN11 (8 inn)Hill13H4:30
Tue May 10SHP8AFS54:00
Tue May 10GFS10Central HS9H3:45
Tue May 10FSS8ANC53:45
Wed May 11ANCcanceledSolebury SchoolH4:00
Thu May 12GFScanceledPrep CharterH4:30
Thu May 12FSS7Girard College4A3:30
Thu May 12WTN6ANC (FSL Quaker Cup 8v9 Game)34:00
Thu May 12MFS6GEO3 4:00
Thu May 12FCS4Haverford HS6A4:30
Fri May 13GEO3MFS (FSL Tie break game)42:00
Sat May 14GFS3FSS (FSL Tie break game)6@ Shipley12:00
Mon May 16MFScanceledOverbrookH4:00
Mon May 16AFS8Central HS15H4:00
Tue May 17FCS1MFS (FSL Semi-Final)8TBD2:00
Tue May 17SHP9FSS (FSL Semi-Final)6TBD2:00
Tue May 17GFS5AFS (Quaker Cup Semi-Final)4TBD2:00
Tue May 17GEO5WTN (Quaker Cup Semi-Final)0TBD2:00
Wed May 18WTN7St. Andrews9H4:00
Thu May 19FCS9Wissahickon5H4:00
Fri May 20SHP5MFS (FSL Championship)1TBD4:00
Fri May 20GEO6GFS (Quaker Cup Championship)3TBD4:00
Fri May 20FCScanceledCherokee HSH4:15
Tue May 24SHP0Episcopal (PAISAA)7ATBD
Tue May 24FCS1GA (PAISAA Tournament)8A3:45
Tue May 24WTN0Mercersburg (PAISAA Playoffs)6
Thu May 26MFS1Immaculata (NJSIAA 1st round)3H4:00
Tue Mar 22FCS0Notre Dame15H3:45
Wed Mar 30ANC22Perkiomen0A4:00
Fri Apr 01GEO25Perkiomen School11A4:00
Fri Apr 01ANCcanceledLower MorelandA3:45
Tue Apr 05GEO13GFS184:00
Tue Apr 05ANC23FCS64:00
Wed Apr 06FCS0Penn Charter18H4:00
Wed Apr 06ANC15Hill School5H3:45
Mon Apr 11ANC17Pennington2H4:15
Wed Apr 13FSS18GFS34:00
Fri Apr 15ANC21GFS63:45
Mon Apr 18ANC12AFS13:45
Tue Apr 19GEO19Perkiomen School9H4:00
Tue Apr 19FSS18FCS44:00
Wed Apr 20ANC23Christian Academy19A4:00
Wed Apr 20WTN15AFS13A4:00
Thu Apr 21GEO7FCS74:15
Tue Apr 26GFS7FCS64:00
Wed Apr 27ANCcanceledGEO4:00
Fri Apr 29FCS5Penn Charter8H3:45
Fri Apr 29FSS5ANC103:45
Sat Apr 30all teamsFSSFSL JV Tournament @ ANC10:00
Mon May 02ANCcanceledPenningtonH3:45
Tue May 03GFScanceledGEO4:00
Wed May 04FCScanceledANC4:00
Fri May 06GEOcanceledPennington SchoolH4:00
Tue May 10FCS13GEO124:00
Wed May 11ANC8Penn Charter18A4:00
Wed May 11GFS16AFS204:00
Fri May 13AFScanceledGFS4:00
Fri May 13GEOcanceledPenn CharterA4:00
Tue Mar 22FCS171Phelps School217H4:00
Mon Apr 04WTN165GEO1884:00
Tue Apr 05FCSpractice match - no scoreSolebury SchoolA4:00
Tue Apr 05WTN9Sanford0A2:45
Fri Apr 08WTN162Perkiomen179A3:00
Fri Apr 08AFS226GEO1824:00
Mon Apr 11WTN156Tatnall215H3:30
Mon Apr 11AFS225Perkiomen School172A3:00
Tue Apr 12FCS174WTN1704:00
Tue Apr 12SHP179MFS1934:00
Wed Apr 13MFS191GEO1924:00
Wed Apr 13MFS191AFS2224:00
Thu Apr 14GEO192SHP1784:00
Thu Apr 14AFS222FCS1744:00
Fri Apr 15AFS234WTN1593:45
Mon Apr 18FCS167MFS1814:00
Mon Apr 18SHP178AFS2324:00
Tue Apr 19GEO200MFS2064:00
Tue Apr 19SHP193WTN1724:00
Wed Apr 20FCS177Hill School164H4:00
Wed Apr 20WTN9Tatnall0A3:30
Thu Apr 21GEO191FCS1794:00
Thu Apr 21MFS197WTN1594:00
Thu Apr 21MFS197SHP1884:00
Mon Apr 25FCS176SHP1824:00
Mon Apr 25WTN172MFS1904:00
Tue Apr 26GEO169AFS2264:00
Tue Apr 26WTN2.5Tower Hill6.5A3:45
Wed Apr 27FCS157GEO1734:00
Thu Apr 28GEOcanceledPDSA3:45
Thu Apr 28WTN161Salesianum164H4:00
Thu Apr 28WTN161AFS2324:00
Thu Apr 28AFS232Salesianum @ WTN1643:45
Fri Apr 29FCS178AFS2194:00
Fri Apr 29SHP260Hill223A4:15
Mon May 02SHP177FCS1704:00
Mon May 02MFS176FCS1704:00
Tue May 03WTN164FCS1724:00
Tue May 03MFS182Overbrook265H4:00
Tue May 03SHP177GEO2034:00
Wed May 04WTN156SHP1884:00
Thu May 05GEO188WTN1694:00
Thu May 05AFS213MFS1863:45
Fri May 06FCScanceledSolebury SchoolH3:45
Tue May 10AFS213SHP1874:00
Tue May 10FCS146Phelps School153A4:00
Thu May 12all teamsWTN - 331/ FCS - 345/ MFS - 353/ SHP - 357/ GEO - 392/ AFS - 439FSL Championship @ Philmont CC9:00
Fri May 13FCScanceledHill SchoolA4:00
Thu Mar 17ANCscrimmageCentral Bucks HS-SouthH3:45
Thu Mar 24WTN4Sidwell10A2:00
Thu Mar 24ANC5Penn Charter6A4:00
Sat Mar 26SHP12Martin County11ATBD
Mon Mar 28SHPcanceledCardinal MooneyATBD
Tue Mar 29SHP9Tampa Jesuit8ATBD
Tue Mar 29GEO9Pennsbury8H4:00
Wed Mar 30SHP8Barron Collier12ATBD
Thu Mar 31WTN7Phoenixville4H4:00
Thu Mar 31GEO7Pennington10H4:15
Fri Apr 01ANC7Germantown Academy6H3:45
Sat Apr 02WTN7Bonner4A1:30
Sat Apr 02GEO3Peddie School4H1:30
Mon Apr 04WTN6Roman Catholic4H4:00
Mon Apr 04MFS3Holy Cross12A3:45
Tue Apr 05GEO12Conwell Egan7H4:00
Tue Apr 05ANC16Archmere Academy6A4:00
Wed Apr 06SHP14Peddie2H4:45
Fri Apr 08WTN11Perkiomen1H4:00
Fri Apr 08SHP8SCHA13H4:00
Fri Apr 08MFScanceledNew EgyptH3:45
Fri Apr 08GEO13Devon Prep9A4:00
Fri Apr 08ANC10Hill School7A4:15
Sat Apr 09SHPcanceledO'HaraH2:00
Sat Apr 09ANC18Corner Canyon (UT)6A12:00
Sat Apr 09GEO10 (OT)Father Judge11A12:00
Mon Apr 11ANC18Archbishop Ryan HS5A3:45
Tue Apr 12WTN1Hill12H5:15
Tue Apr 12SHP19Bonner5H4:00
Tue Apr 12MFS4Pennington18A4:15
Tue Apr 12GEO11Perkiomen1A4:00
Wed Apr 13MFS14Haddon Twp.6H3:45
Wed Apr 13ANC12Hopewell Valley Central HS0H4:15
Fri Apr 15WTN9Father Judge4A6:15
Fri Apr 15SHP6Princeton Day16A4:15
Fri Apr 15MFS8Delran17A3:45
Fri Apr 15GEO13VFMA3H4:00
Fri Apr 15ANC8Hun School12H4:00
Sat Apr 16WTN8 (OT)Conwell Egan9A12:00
Tue Apr 19WTN5SHP174:00
Tue Apr 19GEO13MFS54:00
Tue Apr 19ANC14Holy Ghost Prep2A4:00
Thu Apr 21MFS5N. Burlington11A3:45
Thu Apr 21GEO8Neshaminy10H4:00
Fri Apr 22WTN8Oxford HS3H4:00
Fri Apr 22ANC10Lansdale Catholic HS6H3:45
Sat Apr 23WTN11Devon Prep5A12:45
Sat Apr 23SHP13Germantown Academy15Radnor9:00
Sat Apr 23ANC11 (2 OT)Harriton10A9:00
Tue Apr 26MFS3WTN64:00
Tue Apr 26SHP17Perkiomen1H4:30
Tue Apr 26ANC18GEO43:45
Wed Apr 27ANC9Council Rock HS North3H3:45
Thu Apr 28MFS5SHP174:00
Fri Apr 29ANC15WTN23:45
Fri Apr 29GEO15New Hope Solebury2A4:00
Sat Apr 30WTN0SCHA11A11:00
Sat Apr 30SHP13Fordham Preparatory15H2:30
Mon May 02SHP8Archbishop Carroll10H4:15
Mon May 02ANC13Springfield Twp.4A3:30
Tue May 03WTNcanceledLansdale CatholicA3:45
Tue May 03SHP18GEO144:00
Tue May 03ANC20MFS54:00
Wed May 04MFS1Rancocas Valley10H4:00
Fri May 06MFScanceledMiddle Twp.H4:00
Mon May 09SHP10ANC124:00
Mon May 09WTN10GEO94:00
Tue May 10GEO10Lawrence HS6A4:00
Wed May 11SHP12WTN (FSL Semi-Final)64:00
Wed May 11MFS8Cinnaminson1H3:45
Thu May 12MFS8Lower Cape May7A4:00
Sat May 14ANC13SHP (FSL Championship)61:00
Mon May 16MFS9Williamstown2H4:00
Mon May 16ANC3Germantown Academy8H4:00
Mon May 16SHP8Hun14A4:00
Fri May 20MFS5Immaculata (NJSIAA 1st round)15A2:45
Thu Mar 10FCSscrimmageAgnes Irwin SchoolA3:45
Sat Mar 12GFSscrimmageHarriton TournamentA9:00
Tue Mar 15FCS6Penn Charter16A3:45
Wed Mar 16GFS10Baldwin School7H3:45
Thu Mar 17FCSscrimmageMerion MercyH3:45
Fri Mar 18GFS6Notre Dame Academy14H3:30
Fri Mar 18ANCscrimmageJenkintown HSA3:35
Tue Mar 22FCS3SCHA13A3:45
Tue Mar 22SHP9Baldwin7H4:00
Wed Mar 23SHPcanceledMarple NewtownH4:00
Sat Mar 26SHPscrimmageTBADisney, FL10:30
Sun Mar 27SHPscrimmageTBADisney, FL12:30
Tue Mar 29FCS14Menlo School (CA)15ATBD
Tue Mar 29GFScanceledLancaster Country DayA4:00
Wed Mar 30FCS10St John's School (Wash, DC)12ATBD
Wed Mar 30GEO17Lower Moreland HS7A4:00
Wed Mar 30ANC20Perkiomen8H3:45
Thu Mar 31FCS9St. Paul VI (VA)14ATBD
Thu Mar 31WTN0Hill11A4:45
Fri Apr 01GEO16Perkiomen School12H4:00
Fri Apr 01ANC3Pennington12H4:15
Mon Apr 04MFS9Cinnaminson12A3:45
Mon Apr 04ANC10St. Huberts'3A3:45
Tue Apr 05MFS10Hadden Twp.4H3:45
Tue Apr 05FCS15Baldwin School5A3:45
Tue Apr 05WTN23Perkiomen16A4:00
Tue Apr 05GFS14Jenkintown HS5H3:45
Tue Apr 05GEO14Delco Christian School10H4:00
Wed Apr 06SHP10Princeton Day18A4:00
Wed Apr 06AFS19Hallahan8A4:00
Wed Apr 06GFS12Walthamstow Hall9H4:00
Thu Apr 07FCScanceledLittle Flower HSH4:00
Thu Apr 07SHP13Upper Merion HS18H4:00
Thu Apr 07ANC9Springfield Twp.19A3:30
Fri Apr 08GEO8Conwell Egan3H4:00
Fri Apr 08ANC4Upper Moreland HS19H12:00
Fri Apr 08AFS16Solebury School5A4:00
Fri Apr 08WTN7St. Andrews21H1:00
Sat Apr 09GFS5Boyertown18A11:00
Mon Apr 11WTN3FCS173:45
Tue Apr 12GFS15 (OT)SHP144:00
Tue Apr 12MFS14ANC34:00
Tue Apr 12GEO11AFS 94:00
Wed Apr 13FCS8Lawrenceville 15A4:00
Wed Apr 13GFS4Downingtown West HS10A4:00
Wed Apr 13MFS14Collingswood13H4:00
Wed Apr 13ANC7Lansdale Catholic HS19H3:45
Thu Apr 14SHP8SCHA13H4:00
Fri Apr 15FCS16AFS33:45
Fri Apr 15GFS14WTN53:45
Fri Apr 15SHP20MFS74:00
Fri Apr 15ANC6GEO144:00
Sat Apr 16GEO9Jenkintown6H1:00
Tue Apr 19FCS16GEO14:00
Tue Apr 19SHP21WTN24:00
Tue Apr 19MFS6GFS124:00
Tue Apr 19AFS9ANC104:00
Wed Apr 20MFS1Lawrenceville18A3:45
Thu Apr 21FCS7 (OT)Hill School8A4:00
Thu Apr 21ANC12Conwell Egan Catholic HS10A3:45
Thu Apr 21GEO8New Hope - Solebury16A3:45
Fri Apr 22WTNcanceledSanfordA4:00
Sat Apr 23FCS10Haverford HS11A10:45
Sat Apr 23WTN12Delaware Country Christian16A11:00
Sat Apr 23SHP13Boyertown16Radnor10:45
Tue Apr 26SHP17AFS64:00
Tue Apr 26MFS5FCS184:00
Tue Apr 26GEO7GFS144:00
Wed Apr 27ANC19WTN103:45
Thu Apr 28WTN3Baldwin17A3:45
Thu Apr 28GEO6MFS124:00
Thu Apr 28AFS14Franklin Towne Charter5H3:45
Fri Apr 29GFS6FCS123:45
Fri Apr 29ANC6SHP154:00
Sat Apr 30SHP11 (OT)Hill10H2:30
Mon May 02MFS13Delran14A3:45
Mon May 02ANC9Lower Moreland5A7:00
Tue May 03WTN10GEO114:00
Tue May 03SHP9FCS123:45
Tue May 03AFS7MFS174:00
Wed May 04AFS16Perkiomen School15A4:00
Thu May 05FCS18ANC04:00
Thu May 05GEO14St. Basil's Academy8H4:00
Fri May 06GEO3SHP164:00
Fri May 06AFS6GFS204:00
Sat May 07FCScanceledPark SchoolH2:00
Sat May 07GFScanceledHill SchoolH5:00
Sat May 07MFS6Haddonfield18H3:00
Mon May 09MFS4Cherry Hill West14A3:45
Mon May 09ANC8GFS203:45
Mon May 09SHPWC Bayard RustinH2:00
Mon May 09AFS8WTN114:15
Tue May 10GFS6SCHA17A3:45
Tue May 10MFScanceledPenningtonH4:15
Tue May 10GEO8Stuart Country Day19A4:00
Tue May 10WTN7MFS184:00
Tue May 10ANCcanceledSolebury SchoolA4:00
Wed May 11GEO6Lansdale Catholic HS12H4:00
Wed May 11FCS15Marple Newtown6H4:00
Thu May 12SHPcanceledPeddieA4:30
Thu May 12AFS13Lower Moreland HS14H4:00
Fri May 13FCS16MFS (FSL Semi-Final)83:45
Fri May 13GFS9SHP (FSL Semi-Final)193:45
Mon May 16GEO9AFS (Quaker Cup Semi-Final)103:45
Mon May 16ANC12WTN (Quaker Cup Semi-Final)113:45
Tue May 17FCS8SHP (FSL Championship)64:00
Tue May 17ANC14AFS (Quaker Cup Final)114:00
Thu May 19MFS10Bishop Eustace (NJSIAA 1st round)12TBDTBD
Fri May 20GFS11GA (PAISAA)18H4:00
Sat May 21FCS11Penn Charter (PAISAA Quarter Finals)16ATBD
Tue Mar 15FCScanceledEpiscopal AcademyA3:45
Wed Mar 16SHPrained outMalvern PrepA4:00
Thu Mar 17SHP4Barrack Hebrew Academy1A4:00
Thu Mar 17GFS6Devon Prep1A4:00
Fri Mar 18FCS3Central HS2A3:30
Fri Mar 18SHP3SCHA2A4:00
Tue Mar 22FSS4Roman Catholic1H4:00
Tue Mar 22SHP3Devon Prep2A4:00
Tue Mar 22FCS1Episcopal Academy6A4:00
Wed Mar 23FCS0Haverford School7H3:45
Thu Mar 24SHP5Phelps0A4:00
Wed Mar 30GEO6Hill School2H4:00
Fri Apr 01WTN3Perkiomen2H4:00
Mon Apr 04GEOcanceledHoly Ghost PrepH4:00
Tue Apr 05FCS5Malvern Prep2A4:00
Tue Apr 05GFS4Barrack Hebrew1A4:00
Tue Apr 05AFS0Germantown Academy7H4:00
Wed Apr 06GEO4Hun School1H4:00
Wed Apr 06WTN2Hill3A4:00
Wed Apr 06GFS6SCHA1A3:45
Thu Apr 07FSScanceledAcademy Park HSA3:45
Fri Apr 08GEO4Upper Dublin HS3A3:45
Fri Apr 08FCS4SCHA2A3:45
Fri Apr 08SHP1Germantown Academy4H4:00
Fri Apr 08GFScanceledJenkintown HSH3:45
Fri Apr 08FSS5Solebury0A3:45
Fri Apr 08AFS0Lower Moreland HS7A3:45
Sun Apr 10MFS3Cumberland2A9:00
Sun Apr 10MFS0Shawnee5ATBD
Tue Apr 12AFS0GEO54:00
Tue Apr 12WTN3FCS23:45
Tue Apr 12SHP2GFS34:00
Tue Apr 12MFS5FSS04:00
Wed Apr 13WTN5AFS04:00
Thu Apr 14GEO3MFS24:00
Thu Apr 14FCS5Barrack Academy0A3:45
Fri Apr 15GFS1WTN43:45
Fri Apr 15MFS3SHP24:00
Fri Apr 15AFS0FCS54:00
Sat Apr 16all teamsno team scoreFSL Tennis Invitational 10:00
Mon Apr 18MFS4Cherry Hill East1A3:45
Tue Apr 19GEO3FCS23:45
Tue Apr 19SHP0WTN54:00
Tue Apr 19GFS0MFS53:45
Tue Apr 19FSS3AFS23:45
Wed Apr 20GFS5Phelps School0A4:00
Wed Apr 20FSS3Jack M. Barrack Academy2H3:45
Wed Apr 20AFS4Solebury School1H4:00
Thu Apr 21FCS5Germantown Academy2H3:45
Thu Apr 21FSS0GEO54:00
Thu Apr 21GFS2Penn Charter54:00
Thu Apr 21WTN3Malvern Prep2H3:45
Fri Apr 22GEOcanceledLower MorelandA3:45
Tue Apr 26AFS0SHP54:00
Wed Apr 27GFS0GEO54:00
Wed Apr 27FCS1Penn Charter44:00
Thu Apr 28GEOcanceledPennington SchoolA4:00
Thu Apr 28SHPcanceledPenn CharterH4:00
Thu Apr 28MFScanceledHun SchoolA4:00
Mon May 02MFS3Lenape2A3:45
Wed May 04AFS0MFS54:00
Wed May 04WTN4Tower Hill1H4:00
Wed May 04GFScanceledMalvern PrepA
Wed May 04FCS4GFS13:45
Thu May 05GEO5Germantown Academy2H4:00
Thu May 05FSS2SHP34:00
Thu May 05MFS5Rancocas Valley04:00
Sat May 07FCScanceledPerkiomen SchoolH2:00
Mon May 09SHP1FCS44:00
Mon May 09MFS5Bishop Eustace0H4:00
Mon May 09WTN1GEO44:00
Mon May 09AFS0Barrack54:00
Tue May 10GEOcanceledPrinceton Day SchoolH4:15
Tue May 10GFS4FSS13:45
Tue May 10GEO5SHP04:00
Tue May 10FCScanceledDevon PrepH3:45
Tue May 10FCS3MFS14:00
Tue May 10FSScanceledJenkintown HSA3:45
Wed May 11FSS0WTN53:45
Wed May 11MFS4Pitman1H4:00
Wed May 11GFS1Hill4H4:00
Thu May 12MFS2WTN34:00
Thu May 12GEO5Jenkintown HS0H4:00
Thu May 12FCScanceledHill SchoolH3:45
Thu May 12FCS5FSS03:45
Thu May 12GFS3Germantown Academy2H3:45
Sat May 14GEO3MFS (FSL Semi-Final)211:00
Sat May 14WTN4FCS (FSL Semi-Final)111:00
Wed May 18GFS5AFS03:45
Wed May 18MFS4Rutgers Prep (NJSIAA 1st Round)13:45
Wed May 18GEO3WTN (FSL Championship)24:00
Thu May 19MFS3Wardlaw-Hartridge (NJSIAA 2nd Round)23:45
Mon May 23MFS0Pingry (NJSIAA Sectional Finals)5A3:30
Tue Mar 15FCSscrimmagePenn CharterA3:45
Thu Mar 24GFSno team scoreRustin InviteA
Sat Mar 26GEOno team scorePA Track Clasic A10:00
Thu Mar 31GEO96/106Solebury/Pennington50/39H4:15
Fri Apr 01GFSno team scoreColonial Relays (VA)A
Sat Apr 02FCSno team scoreSpringside Chestnut Hill RelaysA9:00
Sat Apr 02GFSno team scoreUpper Darby RelaysA
Sat Apr 02GEOno team scoreKiwanis Invitational @ Council Rock NorthA10:30
Fri Apr 08WTN97.5AFS18.54:00
Sat Apr 09FCScanceledCoatesville InvitationalA10:00
Sat Apr 09GFScanceledTFCA of GP Spring InviteA
Tue Apr 12FCS107AFS @ GEO114:00
Tue Apr 12WTN56GFS943:45
Tue Apr 12GEO61FCS824:00
Tue Apr 12GEO115AFS184:00
Sat Apr 16AFS/GEO
no team scoreNeshaminy ClassicA10:00
Tue Apr 19FCS66GFS883:45
Tue Apr 19GEO84WTN654:00
Wed Apr 20AFS7/11HIll/Peddie137/1204:00
Fri Apr 22WTN/GFSno team scoreWarrior InvitationalA9:00
Sat Apr 23FCSno team scoreKellerman InvitationalA9:00
Sat Apr 23GEOno team scoreCentral Bucks Relays @ CBWestA9:30
Tue Apr 26WTNcanceledPerkiomenH4:00
Tue Apr 26GEOcanceledLower Moreland HS/Philmont ChristianA3:45
Fri Apr 29all teams4x100 Small Schools
GFS - 44.57 - 72nd
FCS - 44.78 - 86th
WTN - 46.54 - 220th
GEO - 46.37 DQ
of 317 teams

4x800 - Small Schools
GFS - 7:55.65 6th of 30 teams

Mile Run - Nick Dahl (GFS) 4:16.72 - 8th of 17 runners
Penn RelaysAAll Day
Sat Apr 30all teams4x400 - Ennis Cosby Prep School heat
GFS - 3:29.47 - 6th
FCS - 3:31.07 - 7th
GEO - 3:40.25 - 13th
WTN - 3:44.78 17th
AFS - 3:50.32 18th
of 18 teams
Penn RelaysAAll Day
Tue May 03GFS111GEO384:00
Wed May 04WTN50FCS963:45
Fri May 06FCS/GFSno team scoreHenderson RelaysA2:00
Sat May 07GEOno team scoreNeshaminy Invitational @ Neshaminy HSA1:00
Tue May 10GFS133AFS63:45
Tue May 10GEO138Perkiomen School/Lewes98/11H4:00
Wed May 18all teamsFCS - 4th/ GFS - 5th/ WTN - 12th/ GEO - 13th of 14 teamsPAISAA State Championships at Hill SchoolA1:30
Sat May 21all teamsGFS - 148/ FCS - 93/ GEO - 67/ WTN - 63/ AFS - 4FSL Championships @ WTNA9:00
Tue Mar 15FCSscrimmagePenn CharterH3:45
Fri Apr 01GFSno team scoreColonial Relays -- (VA)A
Sat Apr 02GFSno team scoreUpper Darby RelaysA
Sat Apr 02GEOno team scoreKiwanis Invitational @ Council Rock NorthA10:30
Sat Apr 23GEOno team scoreCentral Bucks Relays @ CBWestA9:30
Sat Apr 23FCSno team scoreGreat Valley RelaysA9:30
Fri Apr 22WTN/GFSno team scoreWarrior InvitationalA9:30
Sat Mar 26GEOno team scorePA Track Clasic @ Plmouth WhitemarshA10:00
Thu Mar 24GFSno team scoreRustin InviteA
Sat Apr 16AFS/GEOno team scoreNeshaminy ClassicA
Sat Apr 09GEOcanceledLady Skins @ NeshaminyA10:00
Tue Apr 26GEOcanceledLower Moreland HS/Philmont ChristianA3:45
Tue Apr 26WTNcanceledPerkiomenH4:00
Tue Apr 12GEO134AFS153:45
Tue Apr 12FCS119AFS @ GEO174:00
Thu Mar 31GEO110/120/71Solebury/Pennington/Stuart Country Day33/24/77H4:15
Fri Apr 08WTN102AFS184:00
Tue Apr 19FCS89GFS543:45
Tue Apr 19GEO86WTN634:00
Tue Apr 12GEO57FCS934:00
Tue Apr 12WTN55GFS903:45
Wed Apr 20AFS17/12Hill/Peddie117/1184:00
Thu Apr 28all teams4x100 small schools GFS - 50.29 - 35th/ GEO - 51.98 - 112th/ FCS - 52.37 - 146th/ AFS - 55.03 - 298th of 370 teams
4x400 - Philadelphia Academic heat
GFS - 6th - 4:17.97
GEO - 9th - 4:20.17
FCS - 13th - 4:25.78
WTN - 15th - 4:29.56
AFS - 19th - 4:41.61
of 19 teams
Penn RelaysAAll Day
Tue May 03GFS93GEO534:00
Wed May 04WTN65FCS713:45
Fri May 06FCS/GFSno team scoreHenderson RelaysA2:00
Sat May 07GEOno team scoreLady Rocker @ Council Rock NorthA1:00
Tue May 10GFS116AFS143:45
Tue May 10GEO189.5Perkiomen School/ Lewes/ Wilberforce49.5/11/3H4:00
Wed May 18all teamsFCS - 5th/ GFS - 7th/ WTN - 10th/ GEO - 11th/ AFS 16th of 16 teamsPAISAA ChampionshipA2:00
Sat May 21all teamsFCS - 120/ GFS - 100/ GEO - 95/ WTN - 54/ AFS - 6FSL Championships @ WTNA9:00