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Welcome to the official Friends Schools League (FSL) website. Founded in 1981, the FSL is a united group of nine Philadelphia area independent schools that share a similar philosophy for interscholastic athletics. The nine institutions that form the FSL are drawn together by the common Quaker belief of the value of healthy competition in athletics in the context of strong community and shared values.  Our schools strive for excellence in each sport, and above all else we view athletics as a powerful setting for student-athletes’ learning, growth, and development. We encourage you to explore online all that the FSL has to offer for student-athletes and their families, and to continue your journey by connecting with any of our nine great schools.



Thu Aug 31FCS41Frank McAlpin Cross Country Invitational22A4:15
Fri Sep 01FSS29Phil-Mont Christian26A
Fri Sep 01AFS41FSS @ PMCA19A10:30
Fri Sep 01AFS35Phil-Mont Christian20A10:30
Wed Sep 06GEOcanceledLower MorelandH4:00
Wed Sep 06GFScanceledLower Moreland @ GEOA4:00
Sat Sep 09MFS/GFSGFS - 18th/ MFS - 58th of 59 teamsCherokee ChallengeA9:00
Sat Sep 09GEO2nd of 6 teams (small schools) - Jeffrey Love - 1st place overall - 15:35.Mill Street RunA9:00
Sat Sep 09FCS/FSSFCS - 7th/ FSS - 18th of 40 teams4XCC InvitationalA10:10
Tue Sep 12WTN15Avon Grove Charter School50H4:00
Tue Sep 12FCS26GEO314:00
Tue Sep 12FCS40GFS214:00
Tue Sep 12GEO39GFS @ FCS224:00
Thu Sep 14MFS40Maple Shade16H4:00
Sat Sep 16GEO/WTN/FSS/AFS/FCS/GFSGFS - 1st/ WTN - 6th/ FCS - 8th/ GEO - 9th/ FSS - 17th/ SHP - 18th/ AFS - no team score of 19 scoring teams

FSL swept the top 5 individual places: Jeffrey Love - GEO 1st - 16:33.7 followed by Goldberg and Riley of GFS, O'Donnell of WTN and Peterson of GFS

JV race - GFS - 1st/ GEO - 5th/ SHP 9th of 9 scoring teams
George School Invitational9:00
Tue Sep 19WTN15SHP444:00
Tue Sep 19WTN35GFS234:00
Tue Sep 19SHP50GFS @ WTN15 4:00
Tue Sep 19MFS30GEO @ FSS274:00
Tue Sep 19FSS33MFS244:00
Tue Sep 19FSS42GEO194:00
Tue Sep 19FCS18AFS454:00
Sat Sep 23MFSno team scoreRancocas Valley ChallengeA9:00
Sat Sep 23GEOno team scoreCouncil Rock InviteATBD
Sat Sep 23AFSno team scoreChesapeake HS InvitationalA
Tue Sep 26SHP42FCS @ MFS15 4:00
Tue Sep 26MFS21SHP454:00
Tue Sep 26MFS36FCS214:00
Tue Sep 26GEO32WTN234:00
Tue Sep 26GEO15STEM Civic504:00
Tue Sep 26WTN15STEM Civic504:00
Tue Sep 26FSSppd. to ??GFS @ AFS4:00
Tue Sep 26AFS43GFS204:00
Tue Sep 26AFSppd. to ??FSS4:00
Fri Sep 29FCS/GEO/GFSGFS - 4th/ FCS - 28th of 41 teams - white race
GFS 36th of 45 teams - JV Race
Paul Short InvitationalA3:15
Sat Sep 30WTN/FSSVarsity - WTN 4th/ FSS 9th of 9 teams
JV - WTN 6th of 6 teams
Westtown Invitational
Tue Oct 03WTN20FSS353:45
Tue Oct 03WTN28FCS293:45
Tue Oct 03FSS49FCS @ WTN154:00
Tue Oct 03GFS16MFS464:00
Tue Oct 03GEO16AFS464:00
Tue Oct 03GEO30SHP254:00
Tue Oct 03AFS46SHP @ GEO154:00
Sat Oct 07WTN/GEOWTN - 16th/ FCS - 18th/ GEO - 21st of 24 teams
JV race - GEO 19th of 19 teams
William Tennent InvitationalATBD
Sat Oct 07MFS18th of 23 teams - G RaceShore Coaches InvitationalA9:00
Tue Oct 10FSS32SHP254:00
Tue Oct 10FSS23Chester Charter384:00
Tue Oct 10SHP19Chester Charter424:00
Tue Oct 10WTN15AFS434:00
Tue Oct 10AFS19MFS @ WTN384:00
Tue Oct 10WTN15MFS484:00
Fri Oct 13MFS13th of 13 teamsBurlington County OpenA3:45
Tue Oct 17all teamsGFS - 24/ WTN - 58/ FCS - 77/ GEO - 108/ MFS - 139/ SHP - 156/ AFS - 180/ FSS - 188
JV race - GFS - 15/ GEO -53/ SHP - 112/ FSS - 124/ WTN - 125/ MFS - 127/ AFS & FCS- no team score
FSL Championship @ Belmont2:30
Thu Oct 26MFS17/26Westampton Tech./Medford Tech.46/29H4:00
Fri Oct 27FSS6th of 10 teamsPIAA District 1 Meet (class A schools)A9:00
Sat Oct 28all PA teamsGFS - 1st/ FCS - 6th/ WTN - 8th/ GEO - 9th/ SHP - 12th/ AFS - 13th of 14 teams
JV race - GFS - 1st/ GEO - 7th/ WTN - 8th/ SHP - 9th of 9 scoring teams
PAISAA Championship MeetTBD
Sat Nov 11MFS14th of 17 teams - Non-public B raceNJSIAA Group ChampioinshipATBD
Wed Nov 15GFSno team scoreWarrior InviteA6:00
Sat Nov 25GFS12th of 43 teams - Open raceNXN RegionalA9:30
Fri Sep 01FSSno team scorePhil-Mont ChristianA10:30
Fri Sep 01AFSno team scorePhil-Mont ChristianA10:30
Wed Sep 06GEOcanceledLower MorelandH4:00
Wed Sep 06GFScanceledLower Moreland @ GEOA4:00
Sat Sep 09MFS/GFSGFS - 30th/ MFS - no team score of 41 teamsCherokee ChallengeA9:00
Sat Sep 09GEOno team scoreMill Street RunA9:00
Sat Sep 09FCS2nd4XCC InvitationalA10:00
Tue Sep 12WTN15Avon Grove Charter School49H4:00
Tue Sep 12GEO47GFS @ FCS164:00
Tue Sep 12FCS16GFS394:00
Tue Sep 12FCS15GEO504:00
Thu Sep 14MFScanceledMaple ShadeH4:00
Sat Sep 16GEO/FCS/FSS/AFS/WTN/GFSFCS - 12th/ GFS - 15th/ GEO 20th/ SHP 21st/ WTN, AFS & FSS no team scores out of 21 scoring teams.

Rebecca Wusinich - FCS 1st place 18:54.7

JV race - WTN 12th/ SHP 13th of 13 scoring teams
George School InvitationalA9:00
Tue Sep 19WTN17SHP444:00
Tue Sep 19WTN42GFS154:00
Tue Sep 19SHP48GFS @ WTN15 4:00
Tue Sep 19MFS28GEO @ FSS274:00
Tue Sep 19FSSMFSwin by forfeit4:00
Tue Sep 19FSSGEOwin by forfeit4:00
Tue Sep 19FCS15AFS504:00
Sat Sep 23MFS5th of 5 teamsRancocas Valley ChallengeA9:00
Sat Sep 23GEOno team scoreCouncil Rock InviteATBD
Sat Sep 23AFSno team scoreChesapeake HS InvitationalA
Tue Sep 26SHP47FCS @ MFS16 4:00
Tue Sep 26MFS30SHP264:00
Tue Sep 26MFS47FCS164:00
Tue Sep 26GEO23WTN324:00
Tue Sep 26GEO15Stem Charter50H4:00
Tue Sep 26WTN15Stem Charter @ GEO504:00
Tue Sep 26FSSppd. to ??GFS @ AFS4:00
Tue Sep 26AFS44GFS194:00
Tue Sep 26AFSppd. to ??FSS4:00
Fri Sep 29FCS/GEO/GFSFCS - 20th of 33 teams - Brown Race
GFS - 22nd of 39 teams - White Race
Paul Short InvitationalA3:45
Sat Sep 30WTN/FSSWTN 4th of 6 teams
FSS - no team score
Westtown InvitationalTBD
Tue Oct 03WTNwin by forfeitFSS3:45
Tue Oct 03WTN38FCS183:45
Tue Oct 03FSSFCS @ WTNwin by forfeit4:00
Tue Oct 03GFS15MFS504:00
Tue Oct 03GEO26AFS294:00
Tue Oct 03GEO32SHP254:00
Tue Oct 03AFS34SHP @ GEO254:00
Sat Oct 07WTN/GEOWTN - 23rd/ GEO - 24th of 24 teamsWilliam Tennent InvitationalATBD
Sat Oct 07MFSno team score - 4 runnersShore Coaches InvitationalA9:00
Tue Oct 10FSSSHPwin by forfeit4:00
Tue Oct 10FSSno scoreChester CharterH4:00
Tue Oct 10SHPno scoreChester Charter @ FSS4:00
Tue Oct 10WTN20AFS434:00
Tue Oct 10AFS38MFS @ WTN214:00
Tue Oct 10WTN17MFS444:00
Fri Oct 13MFS8th of 8 teamsBurlington County OpenA3:45
Tue Oct 17all teamsFCS - 30/ GFS - 38/ WTN - 66/ GEO - 125/ SHP - 130/ MFS - 134/ AFS & FSS - no team score
JV race - GFS - 15/ SHP 45/ no other team scores
FSL Championship @ Belmont2:30
Thu Oct 26MFS20/23Westampton Tech./Medford Tech.43/38H4:00
Sat Oct 28al PA teamsFCS- 2nd/ GFS - 4th/ WTN - 7th/ SHP - 11th/ AFS - 12th of 12 teams
JV race - GFS 2nd of 3 scoring teams
PAISAA Championship MeetTBD
Sat Nov 11MFS10th of 10 teams - Non-public B raceNJSIAA Group ChampionshipATBD
Wed Nov 15GFSno team scoreWarrior InviteA6:00
Sat Nov 25GFS14th of 17 teams - Open raceNXN RegionalA9:30
Thu Aug 31ANC0SCHA1H3:45
Fri Sep 01SHP1Harriton HS3A10:00
Fri Sep 01GFS2Baldwin School6H10:00
Tue Sep 05GFS0Archbishop Ryan HS2A4:00
Tue Sep 05FSS5Franklin Towne Charter0H4:00
Fri Sep 08WTN0Hill School5H4:30
Fri Sep 08SHP2Penn Charter1A
Fri Sep 08GEO3Conwell Egan0A4:00
Fri Sep 08FCS0Baldwin School1A4:00
Mon Sep 11MFS1Pemberton0A3:45
Mon Sep 11FSS2Bristol0H 3:45
Tue Sep 12WTN3Baldwin1A4:00
Tue Sep 12SHP2SCHA6H 4:00
Tue Sep 12GFS2Bishop McDevitt HS5H3:45
Tue Sep 12GEO0Hill School 7A4:00
Tue Sep 12FCS0 (OT)St. Huberts1A3:45
Wed Sep 13MFS0Burlington Twp.2H4:00
Wed Sep 13GFS5Solebury School0H4:15
Wed Sep 13GEO8Morrisville HS0H4:00
Wed Sep 13FSS6Academy Park1H3:45
Fri Sep 15WTN4Delaware County Christian 0H3:45
Fri Sep 15SHPcanceledCentral HSH 4:00
Fri Sep 15GEO1Princeton Day School7A4:00
Fri Sep 15FSS0 (OT)Plumstead Christian0H4:00
Fri Sep 15ANC3FCS04:00
Sat Sep 16WTN1Mercersburg Academy0H1:00
Sat Sep 16GFS0George Washington HS0H11:00
Mon Sep 18MFS4Cherry Hill West2H4:00
Mon Sep 18GFS0Little Flower6H4:15
Mon Sep 18FSS0Baldwin1A4:30
Tue Sep 19SHP5Delaware County Christian
0H 4:00
Tue Sep 19MFS3Pennington1A4:00
Tue Sep 19GEO0Stuart Country Day1A4:00
Tue Sep 19FSS5Bishop McDevitt1A3:45
Tue Sep 19FCS0Hill School9A4:30
Wed Sep 20ANC4Conwell Egan 0A3:45
Thu Sep 21WTN3St. Andrews1H4:00
Fri Sep 22MFS4Sterling3H4:00
Fri Sep 22GEO6Bristol HS2H4:00
Fri Sep 22FSS9Morrisville1H4:45
Fri Sep 22ANC6GFS03:45
Sat Sep 23SHP0Agnes Irwin6H 2:00
Sat Sep 23GFS0SCHA9H11:00
Sat Sep 23GEO4Peddie School2H1:15
Tue Sep 26SHP3ANC2 4:00
Tue Sep 26MFS4FSS04:00
Tue Sep 26GFS0GEO34:00
Tue Sep 26FCS0WTN34:00
Thu Sep 28SHP0Germantown Academy
7A 4:00
Thu Sep 28ANC0Hill3A 4:00
Thu Sep 28GFS0FCS14:00
Thu Sep 28GEO1Lansdale Catholic2H4:00
Thu Sep 28FSS5Little Flower1H3:45
Fri Sep 29WTN5Conwell-Egan Catholic0H2:00
Fri Sep 29MFS5Riverside0H4:00
Mon Oct 02MFS5Lindenwold0H4:00
Tue Oct 03FSS4GFS14:15
Tue Oct 03FCS1MFS54:00
Tue Oct 03ANC1WTN04:00
Wed Oct 04GEO0SHP24:00
Thu Oct 05MFS1 (OT)ANC14:00
Thu Oct 05FSS2SHP84:00
Fri Oct 06WTN2 (OT)GEO14:00
Fri Oct 06ANC2 (OT)Jenkintown1A3:45
Tue Oct 10ANC2Lower Moreland HS4A3:45
Tue Oct 10WTN5FSS14:00
Tue Oct 10SHP4FCS0 4:00
Tue Oct 10GEO0MFS44:00
Wed Oct 11ANC2Hun School1H4:00
Fri Oct 13MFS2 (OT)WTN14:00
Fri Oct 13GFS0SHP64:00
Fri Oct 13GEO0ANC24:00
Fri Oct 13FCS1FSS63:45
Sat Oct 14WTN1SCHA4A11:00
Mon Oct 16FCS0Little Flower HS4A3:45
Tue Oct 17WTN5GFS04:00
Tue Oct 17MFS3 (OT)SHP24:00
Tue Oct 17GEO4FCS04:00
Wed Oct 18MFS0 (OT)Maple Shade0H4:00
Thu Oct 19ANC6FSS17:00
Fri Oct 20WTN2SHP34:00
Fri Oct 20GFS0MFS54:00
Fri Oct 20FSS2GEO84:00
Sat Oct 21GFS0Archbishop Wood Catholic HS7H2:00
Mon Oct 23MFS2Hun School1H4:00
Mon Oct 23FCS0SCHA2H4:00
Mon Oct 23FSS1Lower Moreland (PIAA 1st round)5A3:45
Mon Oct 23SHP4Northeast HS0A4:00
Tue Oct 24FSS7Solebury0A4:00
Tue Oct 24WTN2Archbishop Caroll9A4:00
Tue Oct 24GEO3 (OT)Pennington2A4:00
Fri Oct 27GEO8GFS (Quaker Cup first round)03:45
Fri Oct 27FSS2FCS (Quaker Cup first round)03:45
Sat Oct 28MFS5WTN (FSL Semifinal)03:00
Sat Oct 28SHP2 (2 OT)ANC (FSL Semifinal)13:00
Tue Oct 31GEO2FSS (Quaker Cup Final)32:45
Wed Nov 01MFS2Notre Dame (NJSIAA quarterfinal)1A4:00
Thu Nov 02MFS1 (2OT)SHP (FSL Championship)22:30
Fri Nov 03FSL Postseason Classic3:15
Fri Nov 03ANC2WTN (PAISAA 1st round)0
Fri Nov 03SHP3 (OT)Penn Charter (PAISAA 1st round)2
Sat Nov 04MFS0Bishop Eustace (NJSIAA 3rd Round)9A10:00
Tue Nov 07ANC0Notre Dame (PAISAA 2nd round)10TBA
Tue Nov 07SHP1Episcopal (PAISAA 2nd round)9TBA
Thu Aug 31WTN2Church Farm3A5:00
Thu Aug 31ANC2SCHA6A4:00
Fri Sep 01SHP1Germantown Academy
Fri Sep 01AFS0Philmont Christian1A11:30
Tue Sep 05FCS0Malvern Prep2H4:00
Wed Sep 06SHP0Haverford School
2A 6:00
Wed Sep 06ANC5Perkiomen0H4:00
Thu Sep 07GFS1Malvern Prep 2H4:00
Thu Sep 07AFS1New Foundations Charter3H3:45
Fri Sep 08MFS1 (2OT)Moorestown1H4:00
Fri Sep 08WTN0Perkiomen 1A4:00
Fri Sep 08SHP0LaSalle College HS1A 4:15
Fri Sep 08ANC0Germantown Academy3A4:00
Sat Sep 09FCS0Marple Newtown2A3:00
Mon Sep 11MFS0 (2OT)Burlington Twp.0A4:00
Tue Sep 12WTN0Malvern Prep3A4:00
Tue Sep 12SHP1Episcopal Academy
3A 4:00
Tue Sep 12FSS7Morrisville0A3:45
Tue Sep 12FCS0Penn Charter4A4:00
Tue Sep 12ANC3Plumstead Christian0A4:00
Wed Sep 13GEO2PDS6A4:15
Thu Sep 14MFS1Paul VI0A4:00
Thu Sep 14GFS1Episcopal Academy2A4:00
Thu Sep 14ANC4Hun School1A4:15
Thu Sep 14AFS2Bishop McDevitt2H3:45
Fri Sep 15WTN2Hill School8H4:30
Fri Sep 15MFS1W. Deptford2H4:00
Fri Sep 15GEO2Pingry3H4:00
Fri Sep 15FSS1Masterman3A4:00
Fri Sep 15FCS0Episcopal Academy1H4:00
Sat Sep 16WTN1Mercersburg Academy5H1:00
Sat Sep 16SHPcanceledKiski
Sat Sep 16GFS0SCHA1A11:00
Sat Sep 16GEO4Conwell Egan1H1:30
Sun Sep 17SHP0SCHA0A 9:00
Sun Sep 17FCS0Pingry School3A9:30
Tue Sep 19GEO5FSS04:00
Tue Sep 19FCS0GFS23:45
Tue Sep 19ANC2MFS14:00
Tue Sep 19AFS1WTN24:00
Fri Sep 22GEO4WTN04:00
Fri Sep 22FSS0GFS54:00
Fri Sep 22FCS0 (2OT)MFS04:00
Fri Sep 22AFS3Perkiomen School0H4:00
Sat Sep 23SHP2ANC0 3:00
Sat Sep 23AFS1Conwell-Egan Catholic HS4A12:00
Tue Sep 26WTN0GFS34:00
Tue Sep 26MFS6FSS04:00
Tue Sep 26GEO0Lower Moreland1H4:00
Tue Sep 26ANC0FCS14:00
Tue Sep 26AFS0SHP24:00
Thu Sep 28SHP0South Kent
Thu Sep 28MFS5Maple Shade0A4:00
Thu Sep 28GFS0Germantown Academy2A4:00
Thu Sep 28FSS3Girard College2H4:00
Thu Sep 28FCS0Radnor HS2A7:00
Thu Sep 28AFS0GEO24:00
Fri Sep 29WTN0Episcopal Academy3H4:00
Fri Sep 29MFS1Palmyra0H4:00
Fri Sep 29GEO1ANC04:00
Mon Oct 02AFS1Barrack Academy1A3:45
Tue Oct 03WTN2MFS04:00
Tue Oct 03FSS0ANC54:00
Tue Oct 03FCS0 (2OT)SHP06:00
Wed Oct 04GEO1Hun2H4:00
Thu Oct 05SHP3FSS0 4:00
Thu Oct 05GFS0 (2OT)MFS04:00
Fri Oct 06WTN3ANC04:00
Fri Oct 06GEO0Pennington6A4:00
Fri Oct 06FCS4AFS24:15
Sat Oct 07FCS0Harriton HS3A6:00
Tue Oct 10SHP6WTN1 4:00
Tue Oct 10MFS4King's Christian0A4:00
Tue Oct 10GEO0 (OT)FCS14:00
Tue Oct 10FSS2AFS14:00
Wed Oct 11ANC1Lower Moreland0H3:45
Thu Oct 12FCS1Devon Prep1H3:45
Fri Oct 13SHP4GEO0 4:15
Fri Oct 13FSS0WTN44:00
Fri Oct 13ANC1GFS24:00
Fri Oct 13AFS0MFS34:00
Sat Oct 14WTN4West Nottingham Academy3H2:00
Tue Oct 17WTN0FCS13:45
Tue Oct 17MFS3GEO04:00
Tue Oct 17GFS0 (2OT)SHP04:00
Tue Oct 17ANC3AFS04:00
Tue Oct 17FSS7Community Academy0H4:00
Wed Oct 18FSS2Phil-Mont Christian3H3:45
Thu Oct 19GEO0Hill8A4:15
Thu Oct 19FCScanceledLower Merion HSH3:45
Fri Oct 20MFS1SHP04:00
Fri Oct 20GFS7AFS33:45
Fri Oct 20FCS5FSS03:45
Fri Oct 20ANC9Calvary Christian Academy0H4:00
Sat Oct 21GFS8Phelps School0H2:00
Mon Oct 23MFS2Haddon Twp.0A5:00
Mon Oct 23SHP0Archbishop Carroll
1A 4:00
Tue Oct 24WTNcanceledAvon Grove Charter School A3:45
Tue Oct 24GFS2GEO14:00
Tue Oct 24FSS1 (OT)Cristo Rey0H4:00
Wed Oct 25AFS4Solebury School2H4:15
Thu Oct 26MFS0GEO (FSL 4/5 Playoff Game)13:00
Fri Oct 27ANC6FSS (Quaker Cup first round)04:00
Fri Oct 27WTN3AFS (Quaker Cup first round)03:15
Sat Oct 28GFS0 (loss on pk's 2-3)GEO (FSL Semifinal)03:00
Sat Oct 28FCS0SHP (FSL Semifinal)31:00
Mon Oct 30WTN2ANC (Quaker Cup Final)33:00
Tue Oct 31MFS5St. Joseph's (NJSIAA 1st Round)1H2:00
Tue Oct 31SHP4GEO (FSL Championship)12:15
Fri Nov 03GFS0 (OT)Haverford (PAISSA 1st round)1A
Fri Nov 03FCS1Malvern (PAISSA 1st round)2A
Fri Nov 03GEO0Mercersburg (PAISSA 1st round)10A
Fri Nov 03WTN0Episcopal (PAISSA 1st round)3A
Fri Nov 03SHP0Penn Charter (PAISSA 1st round)1
Fri Nov 03MFS1 (OT)Wildwood Catholic (NJSIAA 2nd Round)0ATBA
Tue Nov 07MFS4Gill St. Bernard's (NJSIAA 3rd Round)2A2:00
Thu Nov 09MFS1Immaculata (NJSIAA Sectionals)0TBATBA
Sun Nov 12MFS0Morris Catholic (NJSIAA Finals)2A3:00
Thu Aug 31SHP5Academy of Notre Dame
0H 2:30
Fri Sep 01SHP2Harriton
Fri Sep 01GFS0Agnes Irwin5H10:00
Fri Sep 01FCS1Cardinal O'Hara HS0A11:30
Fri Sep 01AFS4Philmont Christian1A10:00
Tue Sep 05WTN0Agnes Irwin 0H4:00
Tue Sep 05FCS0Strath Haven HS2H4:00
Wed Sep 06SHP0Baldwin
5A 3:45
Thu Sep 07WTN5Peddie 1A4:15
Thu Sep 07GFS0Little Flower2A3:45
Fri Sep 08MFS3Sterling3H4:00
Fri Sep 08GEO0Princeton Day School2H4:15
Fri Sep 08FCS1Baldwin School3H4:00
Fri Sep 08AFS0St. Hubert's Catholic HS2H3:45
Mon Sep 11MFS0Burlington Twp.1H4:00
Tue Sep 12WTN0Baldwin 1A4:00
Tue Sep 12GFS0SCHA8A3:45
Tue Sep 12GEO1Hun School3H4:15
Tue Sep 12FCS0Agnes Irwin School2A4:00
Tue Sep 12AFS3New Foundations Charter2H3:45
Wed Sep 13SHP0Peddie1H 4:00
Wed Sep 13MFS4Florence0A3:45
Wed Sep 13FSS7Girard College0A4:00
Wed Sep 13AFS0SCHA8A4:00
Thu Sep 14GFS1MFS34:00
Fri Sep 15SHP2Princeton Day
1H 4:15
Fri Sep 15GEO4Hill School 1H4:00
Fri Sep 15FSS5Phil-Mont Christian3A3:45
Fri Sep 15AFS8Bishop McDevitt2H4:00
Sat Sep 16WTN5Mercersburg Academy0H1:00
Sat Sep 16GFScanceledBaldwin SchoolA11:00
Sat Sep 16FCS0Notre Dame Prep (MD)2A1:00
Mon Sep 18WTN6Christian Academy 1H4:15
Mon Sep 18FSS9Academy Park1H4:00
Tue Sep 19MFS0Princeton Day2A4:15
Tue Sep 19GFS2Notre Dame Academy2A3:45
Tue Sep 19GEO0Peddie School1H4:15
Tue Sep 19FCS2Hill School3A4:30
Tue Sep 19AFS6Solebury School0A4:15
Fri Sep 22MFS2Camden Catholic1A3:45
Fri Sep 22GEO2Calvary Christian1A4:00
Fri Sep 22FSS3New Foundations6H4:00
Fri Sep 22FCS3Pennington School1H4:30
Fri Sep 22AFS5Perkiomen School1A4:00
Sat Sep 23SHP6Delaware County Christian0H12:00
Sat Sep 23GFScanceledMount Saint Joseph AcademyA11:00
Sat Sep 23GEO1Conwell Egan0H1:00
Mon Sep 25MFS2GEO14:15
Tue Sep 26WTN2SHP04:00
Tue Sep 26FSS0GFS84:00
Tue Sep 26FCS2AFS14:00
Wed Sep 27AFS3Hallahan Catholic HS2H3:45
Thu Sep 28SHP0SCHA2A 4:00
Thu Sep 28GFS1FCS34:00
Thu Sep 28GEO0Agnes Irwin2H4:15
Thu Sep 28FSS7Cristo Rey2H4:00
Fri Sep 29WTN1Downingtown West3H4:00
Fri Sep 29MFS1Palmyra0H4:00
Tue Oct 03WTN6GFS14:00
Tue Oct 03SHP2 (2 OT)FCS2 4:00
Tue Oct 03FSS0GEO64:00
Tue Oct 03AFS2MFS54:00
Thu Oct 05SHP2MFS1 4:00
Thu Oct 05GEO0WTN24:15
Thu Oct 05AFS5FSS14:00
Fri Oct 06WTN7Archbishop Caroll0H7:30
Fri Oct 06FCScanceledPrinceton Day SchoolA4:15
Sat Oct 07GEO0Pennington School6H4:00
Tue Oct 10WTN7AFS14:00
Tue Oct 10SHP9FSS1 4:00
Tue Oct 10FCS3GEO04:00
Fri Oct 13SHP4GFS1 4:00
Fri Oct 13MFS1FCS04:00
Fri Oct 13GEO2AFS04:00
Fri Oct 13FSS1WTN94:00
Sat Oct 14WTN1SCHA4A11:00
Mon Oct 16FCS3Notre Dame0H4:00
Tue Oct 17MFS0WTN14:00
Tue Oct 17GFS7AFS23:45
Tue Oct 17GEO0SHP24:00
Tue Oct 17FCS7FSS04:00
Thu Oct 19FSS11Community Academy0H4:00
Fri Oct 20WTN3FCS04:00
Fri Oct 20MFS9FSS04:00
Fri Oct 20GEO0GFS14:00
Fri Oct 20AFS0SHP34:00
Sat Oct 21SHPcanceledColumbia GrammarH 1:00
Mon Oct 23MFS1Haddon Twp.2A7:00
Tue Oct 24GEOcanceledLawrencevilleA4:15
Tue Oct 24FCScanceledPenn CharterH4:00
Wed Oct 25WTN3Hill School0A4:15
Wed Oct 25FSS5Solebury3A4:15
Thu Oct 26MFS5Audubon3A3:45
Thu Oct 26MFScanceledRiversideH4:00
Thu Oct 26GFS7FSS (Quaker Cup first round)04:00
Fri Oct 27GEO1 (win 4-1 on pk's)AFS (Quaker Cup first round)13:30
Sat Oct 28WTN1FCS (FSL Semifinal)03:00
Sat Oct 28SHP1 (OT)MFS (FSL Semifinal)03:00
Mon Oct 30MFS9Wildwood Catholic (NJSIAA 1st Round )0H2:00
Mon Oct 30FSS1Calvary Christian (PIAA 1st Round)8A3:30
Tue Oct 31WTN2SHP (FSL Championship)02:15
Tue Oct 31GFS2GEO (Quaker Cup Final)12:45
Thu Nov 02MFS4Holy Cross (NJSIAA 2nd Round)2H2:00
Thu Nov 02SHP0Hill (PAISAA 1st round)1HTBD
Fri Nov 03FCS1Agnes Irwin (PAISAA 1st round)3H
Fri Nov 03GEO0Germantown Academy (PAISAA 1st round)7ATBD
Mon Nov 06MFS3Gill St. Bernard (NJSIAA 3rd Round)0H2:00
Wed Nov 08WTN3Germantown Academy (PAISAA Quarter Final)2H2:00
Thu Nov 09MFS1Rutgers Prep (NJSIAA Sectionals)0TBATBA
Thu Nov 09WTN0SCHA (PAISAA Semi Final)4A2:30
Sun Nov 12MFS3Montclair Kimberly (NJSIAA Finals)3A5:30
Thu Aug 31ANC3Calvary Christian Academy2H3:45
Thu Aug 31AFSscrimmageLower Moreland HSA3:00
Fri Sep 01WTN0Peddie5H10:00
Tue Sep 05ANC4Bensalem Township HS1H3:45
Wed Sep 06FCScanceledNotre DameA4:00
Thu Sep 07SHP5Barrack Hebrew Academy0A 4:15
Thu Sep 07MFS2Princeton Day3A4:00
Thu Sep 07GFS3Agnes Irwin4A4:00
Fri Sep 08WTN0Baldwin 5H4:00
Fri Sep 08MFS2Haddonfield3H4:00
Fri Sep 08GEO2Stuart Country Day3H4:00
Fri Sep 08FCS1Episcopal Academy6H3:30
Fri Sep 08AFS1Central HS4H4:00
Sat Sep 09MFS2/2Westfield/Vineland3/3ATBD
Mon Sep 11WTN5Barrack Hebrew 0A4:00
Mon Sep 11SHP3Academy of Notre Dame2A 3:45
Mon Sep 11FSS4Academy Park1A3:45
Mon Sep 11FCS7SCHA0H4:00
Mon Sep 11GFS0Penn Charter7H4:00
Tue Sep 12FCS1Penn Charter6H4:00
Tue Sep 12MFS4Lenape1A3:45
Tue Sep 12GFS2Central HS5H3:45
Tue Sep 12ANC5Bensalem Township HS0A3:45
Tue Sep 12AFS5Philmont Christian0H3:45
Wed Sep 13WTN1Hill School4A4:15
Wed Sep 13SHPcanceledGermantown Academy
A 4:00
Wed Sep 13MFScanceledSenecaA4:00
Wed Sep 13GEOcanceledPrinceton DayH4:00
Wed Sep 13AFScanceledSCHAA3:45
Wed Sep 13GFScanceledBaldwin SchoolH3:45
Fri Sep 15MFS4Cherokee1A4:00
Fri Sep 15GEO4Perkiomen School1A4:00
Fri Sep 15FSS4Phil-Mont Christian1H3:45
Fri Sep 15ANC5Calvary Christian Academy2A3:45
Sat Sep 16all teamsFSL Invitational @ Westtown10:00
Mon Sep 18MFS5Rancocas Valley0H4:00
Mon Sep 18GFS3FCS24:00
Tue Sep 19SHP5WTN0 4:00
Tue Sep 19FSS2GEO34:00
Wed Sep 20ANC5Plumstead Christian0A4:00
Fri Sep 22GFS5FSS03:45
Fri Sep 22GEO1Hun School4H4:00
Fri Sep 22FCS3MFS24:00
Fri Sep 22ANC0WTN53:45
Fri Sep 22AFS0SHP54:00
Sat Sep 23SHP5SCHA0H12:00
Sat Sep 23GEO0Peddie School7H1:15
Mon Sep 25MFS0Moorestown5A3:45
Tue Sep 26SHP4ANC1 4:00
Tue Sep 26GEO1AFS44:00
Tue Sep 26FSS0MFS53:45
Tue Sep 26FCS5WTN03:45
Wed Sep 27FSS4Jenkintown1H3:45
Wed Sep 27ANC5PhilMont Christian0H3:45
Wed Sep 27GEO5Upper Moreland2H3:45
Thu Sep 28WTN3SCHA2H4:00
Thu Sep 28MFS5Holy Cross0H4:00
Thu Sep 28GFS1Notre Dame Academy6A3:45
Thu Sep 28FCS3Hill School4H4:00
Thu Sep 28ANC5Truman HS0H3:30
Thu Sep 28AFS3Perkiomen School2A4:00
Fri Sep 29SHPcanceledHill
H 4:00
Sat Sep 30WTN0Mercersburg 5H12:00
Mon Oct 02FCS4Central HS1A4:00
Tue Oct 03MFS2nd of 13 teamsBurlington County OpenATBA
Tue Oct 03GFS5GEO04:00
Tue Oct 03FSS2WTN34:00
Tue Oct 03AFS3ANC24:00
Wed Oct 04SHP3FCS2 4:00
Wed Oct 04MFS3Cherry Hill East2H4:00
Wed Oct 04GEO0Lower Moreland HS7H4:00
Thu Oct 05GFS0MFS54:00
Thu Oct 05FSS0SHP54:00
Thu Oct 05ANC4Jenkintown1H3:45
Fri Oct 06WTN5Perkiomen 0H4:00
Fri Oct 06FCS4AFS14:15
Fri Oct 06ANC2GEO34:00
Tue Oct 10MFS5Wardlaw-Hartridge (NJSIAA 2nd round)02:00
Tue Oct 10GFS4ANC13:45
Tue Oct 10FCS5GEO03:45
Tue Oct 10AFS4FSS14:00
Wed Oct 11MFS4SHP14:00
Thu Oct 12MFS4Hun School1H4:00
Thu Oct 12ANC4Phil-Mont Christian1H3:45
Fri Oct 13MFS2Ranney (NJSIAA semifinal)3A3:00
Fri Oct 13GEO1WTN44:00
Fri Oct 13FCS5FSS03:45
Fri Oct 13AFS2GFS34:00
Sat Oct 14GFScanceledSCHAA10:30
Mon Oct 16MFScanceledBishop EustaceH4:00
Mon Oct 16AFS1MFS44:00
Mon Oct 16FSS5Barrack0A3:45
Tue Oct 17WTN1GFS44:00
Tue Oct 17GEO2SHP34:00
Tue Oct 17ANC3FSS23:45
Wed Oct 18ANC0MFS53:45
Fri Oct 20WTN2AFS34:00
Fri Oct 20SHP4GFS1 4:00
Fri Oct 20MFS5GEO04:00
Fri Oct 20FSS2Calvary Christian3H3:45
Fri Oct 20ANC0FCS53:45
Mon Oct 23MFS5WTN04:00
Tue Oct 24FCScanceledAgnes Irwin SchoolA3:30
Tue Oct 24FSS4Phil-Mont Christian1A3:45
Wed Oct 25GFS2Germantown Academy5A3:30
Sat Oct 28MFS4FCS (FSL Semi-Final)13:00
Sat Oct 28SHP3GFS (FSL Semi-Final)23:00
Tue Oct 31MFS3(SHP) FSL Championship22:30