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Welcome to the official Friends Schools League (FSL) website. Founded in 1981, the FSL is a united group of nine Philadelphia area independent schools that share a similar philosophy for interscholastic athletics. The nine institutions that form the FSL are drawn together by the common Quaker belief of the value of healthy competition in athletics in the context of strong community and shared values.  Our schools strive for excellence in each sport, and above all else we view athletics as a powerful setting for student-athletes’ learning, growth, and development. We encourage you to explore online all that the FSL has to offer for student-athletes and their families, and to continue your journey by connecting with any of our nine great schools.



Thu Sep 01FCS/SHPno team scoreFrank McAlpin Cross Country Invitational A4:15
Fri Sep 02AFS24Philmont Christian32H11:00
Fri Sep 02GFS2nd of 14 teams - JV - 11th of 16 teamsOakbourne RelaysA3:00
Wed Sep 07GEO15/15Lower Moreland/Collegiate Academy47/50A3:45
Thu Sep 08MFS26Pennington33A3:45
Sat Sep 10FCS/FSSFCS - 13th/ FSS 18th of 18 teams -varsity race
FCS - 7th of 7 teams JV race
4XCC InvitationalA11:00
Sat Sep 10GEO2nd of 4 teams - small schoolsMill Street RunA9:00
Sat Sep 10WTN2nd of 6 teams - small school raceBulldog InvitationalA9:00
Sat Sep 10MFS55th of 55 teamsCherokee ChallengeA9:00
Tue Sep 13GEO17STEM Civics46H4:00
Fri Sep 16MFS27Maple Shade28H4:00
Sat Sep 17AFS/FCS/GEO/GFS/WTN/FSSGFS - 1st/ GEO - 2nd/ WTN = 7th/ FCS - 9th/ AFS - 14th/ FSS - 17th of 18 teams - varsity race
GFS - 1st/ GEO - 5th/ FCS - 8th/ WTN - 10th/ AFS - 11th/ FSS - 12th of 12 teams - JV race
George School InvitationalA9:00
Tue Sep 20AFS33MFS224:00
Tue Sep 20AFS46Jenkintown154:00
Tue Sep 20MFS47Jenkintown @ AFS154:00
Tue Sep 20FCS38WTN @ GFS194:00
Tue Sep 20FSS40SHP @ GEO194:00
Tue Sep 20GEO15FSS504:00
Tue Sep 20GEO15SHP504:00
Tue Sep 20GFS19WTN424:00
Tue Sep 20GFS15FCS494:00
Sat Sep 24AFS4th of 13 teams - White raceLandon MD InvitationalATBD
Sat Sep 24GEO10th of 15 teams - 1st in the small schools divisionCouncil Rock InvitationalATBD
Tue Sep 27AFS44GFS @ FSS184:00
Tue Sep 27FCS15SHP474:00
Tue Sep 27FSS50GFS154:00
Tue Sep 27FSS44AFS174:00
Tue Sep 27GEO15MFS @ WTN464:00
Tue Sep 27WTN15MFS454:00
Tue Sep 27WTN17Church Farm46H4:00
Tue Sep 27GEO17Church Farm @ WTN46H4:00
Tue Sep 27MFS20Church Farm @ WTN 39H4:00
Sat Oct 01FCS/GFS/GEOGFS - 11th/ FCS - 40th of 42 teams - Brown race
Nick Dahl (GFS) - 1st place - 15:16
GEO - 16th of 46 teams - White race
Paul Short InvitationalA10:00
Sat Oct 01FSS/WTNVarsity - WTN - 4th/ FSS - 10th of 10 teams
Ryan O'Donnell (WTN) - 2nd place - 16:37.2
JV - WTN - 6th/ FSS - 8th of 8 teams
Westtown Invitational1:30
Sat Oct 01MFSVarsity - 14th of 19 teams - Race G
JV - 14th of 14 teams - Race E
Shore Coaches InvitationalA9:00
Wed Oct 05AFS48GEO @ FCS154:00
Wed Oct 05FCS17AFS354:00
Wed Oct 05FCS38GEO194:00
Wed Oct 05GFS15SHP454:00
Wed Oct 05GFS18MFS374:00
Wed Oct 05MFS15SHP @ GFS424:00
Wed Oct 05WTN15FSS484:00
Sat Oct 08FSS39/15PhilMont/VFMA20/504:00
Sat Oct 08WTN31GEO244:00
Sat Oct 08GFS21st of 33 teams - Eastern States raceManhattan InvitationalA
Sat Oct 08MFS10th of 16 teams - small school divisionSouth Jersey OpenA9:30
Sat Oct 08WTN/GEOGEO - 9th/ WTN - 15th of 19 teams
JV race - GEO 12th of 12 teams
William Tennet InvitationalATBD
Thu Oct 13AFS15SHP @ WTN484:00
Thu Oct 13FCS15FSS @ MFS504:00
Thu Oct 13GEO35GFS224:00
Thu Oct 13MFS15FSS504:00
Thu Oct 13MFS38FCS174:00
Thu Oct 13WTN15AFS454:00
Thu Oct 13WTN15SHP504:00
Tue Oct 18all teamsGFS - 22/ GEO - 62/ WTN - 65/ FCS - 99/ MFS - 135/ AFS - 164/ SHP - 175/ FSS - 250
JV - GFS -15/ FSS - 78/ GEO - 96/ FCS-115/ WTN - 116/ SHP - 116/ MFS - 174/ AFS - 231
FSL Championship2:30
Tue Oct 25GEO15Solebury44ATBD
Thu Oct 27MFSWestampton Tech./Medford Tech.H4:00
Sat Oct 29PA teamsPAISAA State Championship
Sat Nov 05MFSNJSIAA SectionalsA9:00
Sat Nov 12MFSNJSIAA Group Meet ChampionshipA10:30
Wed Nov 16GFSWarrior ClassicA
Sat Nov 26GFSFootlocker NE RegionalA
Sat Dec 10GFSFootlocker NationalsA
Thu Sep 01FCS/SHPno team scoreFrank McAlpin Cross Country Invitational A4:15
Fri Sep 02AFS15Philmont Christian50H11:00
Fri Sep 02GFS15th of 18 teamsOakbourne RelaysA3:00
Wed Sep 07GEO25/16Lower Moreland/Collegiate Academy31/46A3:45
Thu Sep 08MFS49Pennington15A3:45
Sat Sep 10MFSno team scoreCherokee ChallengeA9:00
Sat Sep 10GEO2nd of 4 teams - small schoolsMill Street RunA9:00
Sat Sep 10WTNno team scoreBulldog InvitationalA9:00
Sat Sep 10FCSFCS - 3rd of 17 teams4XCC InvitationalA11:00
Tue Sep 13GEO15STEM Civics50H4:00
Fri Sep 16MFS15Maple Shade50H4:00
Sat Sep 17AFS/FCS/GEO/GFS/WTN/FSSFCS - 3rd/ WTN - 12th/ GFS - 13th/ GEO 16th of 20 teams - varsity race/ AFS & FSS no team scores
FCS - 9th of 9 teams - JV race/ GFS/WTN/GEO - no JV team scores
George School InvitationalA9:00
Tue Sep 20FCS17WTN @ GFS424:00
Tue Sep 20FSS45SHP @ GEO174:00
Tue Sep 20GEO28SHP28 (wins with faster 6th runner)4:00
Tue Sep 20GFS43WTN184:00
Tue Sep 20GEO17FSS444:00
Tue Sep 20GFS48FCS154:00
Tue Sep 20AFS15MFS504:00
Tue Sep 20AFS47Jenkintown184:00
Tue Sep 20MFS50Jenkintown @ AFS154:00
Sat Sep 24AFS9th of 12 teams - white raceLandon MD InvitationalATBD
Sat Sep 24GEO14th of 15 teamsCouncil Rock InvitationalATBD
Tue Sep 27FSS50GFS154:00
Tue Sep 27FCS15SHP454:00
Tue Sep 27GEO18MFS @ WTN394:00
Tue Sep 27WTN15MFS504:00
Tue Sep 27FSS50AFS154:00
Tue Sep 27WTN23GEO344:00
Tue Sep 27AFS39GFS @ FSS204:00
Sat Oct 01MFSno team scoreShore Coaches InvitationalA9:00
Sat Oct 01FCS/GFSFCS - 16th/ GFS 41st of 44 teams - Brown racePaul Short InvitationalA10:00
Sat Oct 01FSS/WTNVarsity - WTN - 4th of 8 teams
JV - WTN - 7th/ FSS - 8th of 9 teams
Westtown Invitational1:30
Wed Oct 05AFS37GEO @ FCS224:00
Wed Oct 05WTN15FSS504:00
Wed Oct 05MFS50SHP @ GFS154:00
Wed Oct 05FCS17GEO444:00
Wed Oct 05GFS15MFS453:45
Wed Oct 05GFS26SHP293:45
Wed Oct 05FCS15AFS484:00
Sat Oct 08WTN/GEOWTN - 18th/ GEO 21st of 21 teamsWilliam Tennet InvitationalATBD
Sat Oct 08GFS15th of 27 teams - B raceManhattan InvitationalA
Sat Oct 08MFSno team scoreSouth Jersey OpenA9:30
Thu Oct 13MFS15FSS504:00
Thu Oct 13AFS40SHP @ WTN214:00
Thu Oct 13MFS50FCS154:00
Thu Oct 13WTN16SHP434:00
Thu Oct 13GEO35GFS244:00
Thu Oct 13FCS15FSS @ MFS504:00
Thu Oct 13WTN25Baldwin304:00
Thu Oct 13AFS41Baldwin @ WTN194:00
Thu Oct 13SHP36Baldwin @ WTN194:00
Thu Oct 13WTN19AFS414:00
Tue Oct 18all teamsFCS-19/ WTN - 53/ GFS - 75/ SHP - 118/ GEO - 136/ AFS - 149/ FSS - 203
JV - FCS - 15
FSL Championship2:30
Sat Oct 22WTNdid not runKillen's Pond InvitationalATBD
Thu Oct 27MFSWestampton Tech./Medford Tech.H4:00
Sat Oct 29PA teamsPAISAA State Championship
Sat Nov 05MFSNJSIAA SectionalsA9:00
Sat Nov 12MFSNJSIAA Group Meet ChampionshipA11:30
Wed Nov 16GFSWarrior ClassicA
Sat Nov 26GFSFootlocker NE RegionalA
Sat Dec 10GFSFootlocker NationalsA
Wed Aug 31FCS3Central HS1A3:45
Thu Sep 01ANC2SCHA3A3:45
Fri Sep 02FSScanceledPlumstead ChristianH3:30
Fri Sep 02GFS0Baldwin2A10:00
Fri Sep 02SHPscrimmageGermantown AcademyH 4:00
Tue Sep 06FSS5Franklin Towne Charter2H3:45
Tue Sep 06GFS2Archbishop Ryan HS0H3:45
Wed Sep 07ANC0Germantown Academy7A3:45
Thu Sep 08FSS6Baldwin1A3:45
Fri Sep 09ANC1Jenkintown HS2H3:45
Fri Sep 09FCS0Baldwin2H4:00
Fri Sep 09GEO4Conwell Egan0H4:00
Fri Sep 09MFS0Burlington Twp.3A3:45
Fri Sep 09SHPcanceledArchbishop PrendergastA 3:45
Sat Sep 10WTN0St. Andrews7A2:00
Mon Sep 12FSS2Academy Park1A3:45
Tue Sep 13GFS0Germantown Academy15H3:45
Tue Sep 13SHP0 (OT)SCHA1A 4:00
Tue Sep 13WTN3Baldwin1H4:00
Wed Sep 14ANC0Princeton Day7A4:00
Wed Sep 14MFS4Cherry Hill West1A3:45
Thu Sep 15FSS6Bristol0H3:45
Fri Sep 16ANC1Upper Moreland HS0A3:30
Fri Sep 16GEO0Princeton Day5H4:00
Fri Sep 16MFS1Sterling2A3:45
Fri Sep 16SHP1Penn Charter0H 3:45
Fri Sep 16WTN1SCHA2H3:45
Sat Sep 17WTN2Mercersberg1A1:00
Mon Sep 19FSScanceledJenkintownA3:45
Mon Sep 19MFScanceledMedford Tech.H4:00
Mon Sep 19SHP1Delaware County Christian0H 3:45
Tue Sep 20ANC2Penn Charter 0H3:45
Tue Sep 20GEO1Stuart Country Day0H4:00
Tue Sep 20GFS0SCHA7A3:45
Tue Sep 20SHP5Baldwin1A 3:45
Tue Sep 20WTN0Sanford2A4:00
Wed Sep 21FSS6Morrisville1H4:45
Fri Sep 23FCS1ANC73:45
Fri Sep 23GEOcanceledMorrisville HSH4:00
Fri Sep 23GFS0FSS23:45
Fri Sep 23MFS1Pennington2H4:00
Fri Sep 23WTNcanceledPlumstead Christian SchoolH4:00
Sat Sep 24GEO1Peddie School0A1:00
Sat Sep 24GFS1Bishop McDevitt HS3A7:00
Sat Sep 24SHP4Washington HS0H 2:00
Tue Sep 27ANC1MFS13:45
Tue Sep 27FCS0GFS14:00
Tue Sep 27GEO1FSS04:00
Tue Sep 27SHP2WTN0 4:00
Fri Sep 30FSS0WTN14:00
Fri Sep 30SHP2 (OT)MFS1 4:00
Tue Oct 04GFS0Little Flower0H3:45
Wed Oct 05ANC3GEO04:00
Wed Oct 05FSS1MFS44:00
Thu Oct 06FSS7Little Flower2H3:45
Fri Oct 07MFS2FCS04:00
Fri Oct 07SHP2 (OT)GEO3 4:00
Fri Oct 07WTN1 (OT)ANC14:00
Mon Oct 10FCS0SCHA4A3:45
Tue Oct 11ANC2Hun School4A4:00
Tue Oct 11MFS1N. Burlington2H4:00
Tue Oct 11WTN0Delaware County Christian2A4:00
Thu Oct 13ANC1Lower Moreland3H7:00
Fri Oct 14SHP3FSS04:00
Fri Oct 14GEO0WTN14:00
Fri Oct 14MFS6GFS04:00
Tue Oct 18FCS0SHP34:00
Tue Oct 18GFS2 (OT)WTN14:00
Tue Oct 18MFS5GEO04:00
Wed Oct 19ANC2FSS03:45
Fri Oct 21ANC4SHP04:00
Fri Oct 21FSS1FCS03:45
Fri Oct 21GEO4GFS04:00
Fri Oct 21WTN1MFS44:00
Sat Oct 22GFS1McDevitt34:00
Mon Oct 24ANC5Baldwin School0A4:30
Mon Oct 24FCScanceledPennington SchoolA4:00
Mon Oct 24MFS2Hun School3A4:00
Mon Oct 24FCS0GEO24:00
Tue Oct 25GEO6Lansdale Catholic1H4:00
Tue Oct 25WTN4FCS03:45
Tue Oct 25SHP7GFS0 4:00
Wed Oct 26ANCcanceledHill SchoolH3:45
Wed Oct 26GFS0ANC64:00
Wed Oct 26MFS0Maple Shade2A6:30
Fri Oct 28MFSPaul VI (NJSIAA 1st round)A4:00
Fri Oct 28WTNFCS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)3:15
Sat Oct 29ANCGEO (FSL Semifinal)11:00
Sat Oct 29MFSSHP (FSL Semifinal)11:00
Mon Oct 31FSSGFS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)4:00
Tue Nov 01FSL Championship2:15
Tue Nov 01Quaker Cup Final2:15
Fri Nov 04PAISAA 1st roundTBA
Fri Nov 04FSL Postseason Classic @ GEO3:15
Fri Nov 04PAISSA First RoundTBD
Tue Nov 08PAISAA 2nd roundTBA
Tue Nov 15PAISAA semiTBA
Thu Nov 17PAISAA finalsTBA
Wed Aug 31SHP5Barrack 0A 4:00
Thu Sep 01FCS1Pennington School4A4:00
Thu Sep 01GFS0SCHA0H4:30
Fri Sep 02AFS0Philmont Christian Academy0H10:30
Fri Sep 02SHP0Germantown Academy3A11:00
Tue Sep 06AFS1Bishop McDevitt2A3:45
Tue Sep 06ANC2Perkiomen1A3:45
Tue Sep 06GFS0Germantown Academy1H3:45
Tue Sep 06FCS2Malvern Prep1A4:15
Tue Sep 06FSS9Cristo Rey0H3:45
Wed Sep 07SHP3Haverford School3H 4:15
Thu Sep 08FSS6Morrisville0H3:45
Thu Sep 08GFS1Malvern Prep1A4:00
Thu Sep 08MFS1Palmyra2A4:00
Fri Sep 09FCS6Cardinal O'Hara 2H3:45
Fri Sep 09GEO1Cape Henlopen1A7:00
Fri Sep 09SHPcanceledLaSalle College HSA 4:15
Fri Sep 09WTN3Perkiomen0H4:00
Fri Sep 09MFS3King's Christian0H4:00
Sat Sep 10FCS2Marple Newtown1A7:30
Mon Sep 12FSS0Barrack3A3:45
Mon Sep 12MFS2New Egypt1A4:00
Tue Sep 13AFS1 (forfeit)Cristo Rey0H4:00
Tue Sep 13ANC2 (OT)Calvary Christian Academy1A3:45
Tue Sep 13FCS3Penn Charter2H3:45
Tue Sep 13SHP0Episcopal Academy3H 4:00
Wed Sep 14FSS8Girard College1H3:45
Wed Sep 14GEO3 (OT)Princeton Day School5H4:00
Wed Sep 14GFS0Episcopal Academy1H3:45
Wed Sep 14MFS1Woodstown0H4:00
Wed Sep 14WTN0Hill4A3:30
Thu Sep 15AFS2Solebury School1A4:00
Thu Sep 15ANC0Hun School1H4:15
Thu Sep 15SHP0Penn Charter0A 4:15
Fri Sep 16AFS0Perkiomen School1A4:00
Fri Sep 16FCS0Episcopal Academy2A3:45
Fri Sep 16FSS6Collegium2H3:45
Fri Sep 16MFS3N. Burlington2H4:00
Sat Sep 17GEO4Conwell Egan0A1:30
Sat Sep 17WTN0Mercersburg5A1:00
Sun Sep 18SHP0Holy Ghost Prep2TBA 9:00
Sun Sep 18FCS3St. Andrews0TBA 9:00
Mon Sep 19ANC1Lower Moreland2A3:45
Tue Sep 20FCS4ANC04:00
Tue Sep 20FSS0MFS44:00
Tue Sep 20GEO1SHP24:00
Tue Sep 20GFS2WTN04:00
Wed Sep 21AFS1New Foundations Charter School0H4:00
Wed Sep 21WTN0Malvern2H4:00
Fri Sep 23AFS0FCS34:00
Fri Sep 23ANC7FSS03:45
Fri Sep 23GEO0Hill School4H4:00
Fri Sep 23MFS1WTN24:00
Fri Sep 23SHP0GFS1 4:00
Sat Sep 24SHP0St. John's School2H 3:00
Tue Sep 27ANC0WTN14:00
Tue Sep 27FSS2FCS63:45
Tue Sep 27GEO1AFS04:00
Tue Sep 27SHP0MFS1 4:15
Wed Sep 28AFS1Conwell-Egan Catholic2H3:45
Thu Sep 29FCS3WTN03:45
Fri Sep 30ANC3SHP24:00
Fri Sep 30GEO0GFS24:00
Fri Sep 30MFS0Burlington Twp.2H4:00
Fri Sep 30WTNcanceledSt. AndrewsA4:00
Sat Oct 01GEO3Hun1A3:00
Tue Oct 04ANC1Phelps School1A3:45
Tue Oct 04MFS0GFS14:00
Wed Oct 05FSS0GEO64:00
Wed Oct 05SHP2FCS1 4:00
Wed Oct 05WTN3AFS14:00
Wed Oct 05ANC3Solebury School0H4:00
Thu Oct 06FSS2Solebury0A4:15
Fri Oct 07MFS0ANC14:00
Fri Oct 07SHP0AFS14:00
Fri Oct 07WTN2 (OT)GEO17:00
Sat Oct 08FCS2 (OT)Harriton HS1A6:00
Mon Oct 10GEO1Lower Moreland4A3:45
Tue Oct 11GEO0Pennington8A4:00
Tue Oct 11MFS6Pitman1H4:00
Wed Oct 12ANC1Devon Prep2A4:00
Thu Oct 13FSSscrimmage (due to broken goalpost)Comm. Academy of PhilaA3:45
Fri Oct 14AFS0GFS14:00
Fri Oct 14ANC2GEO13:45
Fri Oct 14FCS1MFS04:00
Fri Oct 14FSS1Palumbo0H3:45
Fri Oct 14WTN0 (OT)SHP04:00
Sat Oct 15FCScanceledVFMAH11:00
Sat Oct 15SHP1Upper Merion HS0H 3:00
Mon Oct 17WTN0Phelps1A3:45
Tue Oct 18FSS0SHP44:00
Tue Oct 18MFS3AFS14:00
Wed Oct 19FCS3GEO03:45
Wed Oct 19GFS0 (OT)ANC14:00
Thu Oct 20SHP1Harriton HS3A 4:15
Fri Oct 21AFS0ANC24:00
Fri Oct 21GEO1MFS24:00
Fri Oct 21GFS0 (OT)FCS03:45
Fri Oct 21WTN8FSS03:45
Sat Oct 22SHP3Archbishop Carroll0H 1:00
Sat Oct 22GFS1Central HS3H3:00
Mon Oct 24MFS2Paul VI0H4:00
Tue Oct 25ANCcanceledChurch Farm SchoolA4:00
Tue Oct 25FCS0Hill School5A4:30
Tue Oct 25GFS8FSS03:45
Wed Oct 26AFS4FSS33:45
Thu Oct 27WTNMFS (FSL Playoffs - 1st round) 2:45
Thu Oct 27SHPFSS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)1:00
Sat Oct 29FCSANC (FSL Semifinal)1:00
Sat Oct 29GFSMFS/WTN (FSL Semifinal)1:00
Sat Oct 29GEOAFS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)1:00
Tue Nov 01FSL Championship2:15
Tue Nov 01Quaker Cup Final2:15
Fri Nov 04PAISAA 1st roundTBA
Fri Nov 04PAISAA 1st roundTBA
Fri Nov 04PAISAA 1st roundTBA
Tue Nov 08PAISAA 2nd roundTBA
Tue Nov 08PAISAA 2nd roundTBA
Tue Nov 15PAISAA Semi FinalTBA
Tue Nov 15PAISAA Semi FinalTBA
Thu Nov 17PAISAA ChampionshipTBA
Thu Sep 01SHP0 (OT)Baldwin1A 3:00
Fri Sep 02AFScanceledPhilmont Christian AcademyA10:30
Fri Sep 02FCS1Cardinal O'Hara 1H10:00
Tue Sep 06AFS7Bishop McDevitt1H4:00
Wed Sep 07FCS1Notre Dame1A3:45
Wed Sep 07GFS0Baldwin3H4:00
Wed Sep 07WTN3Hill0H4:00
Thu Sep 08FSS4PhilMont Christian4H3:45
Fri Sep 09FCS0Baldwin1A4:00
Fri Sep 09GEO0Peddie School2A4:15
Fri Sep 09SHPcanceledArchbishop CarrollH 4:00
Sat Sep 10FCS2Marple Newtown0A6:00
Sat Sep 10GEOcanceledAgnes IrwinH3:00
Sat Sep 10WTN1Baldwin3H3:00
Mon Sep 12AFS0SCHA5H4:00
Mon Sep 12MFS4Medford Tech.0H4:00
Tue Sep 13FCS1Penn Charter3A3:45
Tue Sep 13FSS3Barrack3A3:45
Tue Sep 13GEO0Baldwin3H4:00
Tue Sep 13SHP1Peddie2A 4:15
Wed Sep 14AFS5Perkiomen School0A4:00
Wed Sep 14GFS3Hill School2A4:00
Thu Sep 15FCScanceledAgnes IrwinH4:00
Thu Sep 15GEO1Hill School2A4:15
Fri Sep 16AFS0Princeton Day School7H4:15
Fri Sep 16FSS8Cristo Rey0H3:45
Fri Sep 16GFS1Little Flower2H3:45
Fri Sep 16MFS5N. Burlington2A3:45
Fri Sep 16SHPscrimmageAcademy of Notre DameA 4:00
Fri Sep 16WTN1Episcopal Academy2H4:00
Sat Sep 17GEO1 (OT)Penn Charter2H1:00
Sat Sep 17WTN8Mercersburg0A1:00
Tue Sep 20AFS0GFS14:00
Tue Sep 20FSScanceledGirard CollegeH3:45
Tue Sep 20GEO0Princeton Day School4A4:15
Tue Sep 20MFS3Palmyra1A4:00
Tue Sep 20SHP0SCHA5H 4:00
Tue Sep 20WTN1Notre Dame0H4:00
Wed Sep 21FSS2MaSt Charter5H3:45
Fri Sep 23AFS2New Foundations Charter School0A4:00
Fri Sep 23FCS2MFS04:00
Fri Sep 23GFS1GEO24:00
Fri Sep 23WTN7FSS04:00
Sat Sep 24SHP2WC Bayard Rustin1H12:00
Sat Sep 24WTNcanceledPerkiomenH2:00
Mon Sep 26MFS3Riverside0A6:30
Tue Sep 27FCS2GFS04:00
Tue Sep 27FSS1MFS84:00
Tue Sep 27SHP6AFS0 4:00
Tue Sep 27WTN1GEO04:00
Wed Sep 28FCS0Episcopal Academy0A4:00
Wed Sep 28AFS5Calvary Christian3A4:00
Thu Sep 29WTN2SCHA3A3:45
Fri Sep 30GEO1AFS04:00
Sat Oct 01GEO0Hun School1H3:00
Tue Oct 04AFS8Solebury School1H4:00
Tue Oct 04GFS8Cristo Rey0H4:15
Wed Oct 05AFScanceledHallahan HSA3:45
Wed Oct 05FSS0FCS33:45
Wed Oct 05SHP5GEO1 4:00
Wed Oct 05WTN0MFS14:00
Fri Oct 07FCS1 (OT)SHP13:45
Fri Oct 07GEO0Conwell Egan1H4:00
Fri Oct 07MFS5AFS04:00
Sat Oct 08GEO0Pennington School5A1:00
Mon Oct 10FCS1SCHA3A3:45
Mon Oct 10MFS4Camden Catholic2H4:00
Tue Oct 11WTN7Delaware County Christian1H4:00
Thu Oct 13MFS1Burlington Twp.2A3:45
Fri Oct 14FCS1WTN03:45
Fri Oct 14FSS1AFS43:45
Fri Oct 14GEO1MFS04:00
Fri Oct 14GFS1SHP24:00
Sat Oct 15GEOcanceledLower Moreland HSH2:00
Sat Oct 15SHP5Columbia Grammar0H12:00
Sat Oct 15GFScanceledAbington HSH11:00
Mon Oct 17MFScanceledWesthammpton TechA3:45
Tue Oct 18AFS1FCS24:00
Tue Oct 18GEO5FSS04:00
Tue Oct 18MFS4GFS04:00
Tue Oct 18SHP1WTN4 4:00
Wed Oct 19FSS0SHP64:00
Wed Oct 19FCS4Delaware County Christian1A4:00
Fri Oct 21GEO0FCS24:00
Fri Oct 21GFS5FSS03:45
Fri Oct 21MFS2SHP14:00
Sat Oct 22AFS1WTN82:30
Sat Oct 22GFS1Notre Dame Academy1H2:30
Mon Oct 24WTN2Kings College (UK)0H4:00
Mon Oct 24MFS2Sterling3A4:00
Tue Oct 25FCS2Germantown Academy3H4:00
Tue Oct 25FSS6Phil-Mont Christian2H3:45
Tue Oct 25GEO3Lawrenceville School1H4:15
Tue Oct 25SHP2Hill0A 4:30
Wed Oct 26MFScanceledCollingswoodH4:00
Wed Oct 26GFS0WTN54:00
Wed Oct 26FSS8Girard College1H3:45
Thu Oct 27GFSSCHAH3:45
Thu Oct 27GEOFSS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)TBD
Sat Oct 29MFSWTN (FSL Semifinal)11:00
Sat Oct 29FCSSHP (FSL Semifinal)11:00
Sat Oct 29GFSAFS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)11:00
Tue Nov 01FSL Championship2:15
Tue Nov 01Quaker Cup Final2:15
Tue Nov 01MFSRanney (NJSIAA first round)H2:00
Wed Nov 02PAISSAA State Tournament Begins
Fri Nov 04PAISSA First Round
Mon Aug 29FCS5SCHA2A3:45
Tue Aug 30AFS6Jenkintown HS1H3:00
Tue Aug 30SHP0Germantown Academy5H10:00
Wed Aug 31FCS7Delaware County Christian0H4:00
Wed Aug 31GFS4Central HS1H10:00
Thu Sep 01AFScanceledLittle Flower Catholic HSH3:00
Thu Sep 01SHPcanceledBarrack A11:00
Fri Sep 02ANCscrimmageCalvary Christian AcademyA3:45
Wed Sep 07ANC5Jenkintown0A3:45
Wed Sep 07FCS3Notre Dame4H3:45
Wed Sep 07GFS0Baldwin7A3:45
Thu Sep 08FSS1Barrack4H3:45
Thu Sep 08MFS4Princeton Day1H4:00
Fri Sep 09ANC2Perkiomen3H3:45
Fri Sep 09FCS2Baldwin5H4:00
Fri Sep 09GEOcanceledLower Moreland A4:00
Fri Sep 09MFS2Haddonfield3A4:00
Fri Sep 09WTN5Delaware County Christian0H3:45
Sat Sep 10MFS1Cherry Hill East4ATBD
Sun Sep 11MFS4Vineland1ATBD
Sun Sep 11MFS4West Windsor1ATBD
Mon Sep 12AFS0Lower Moreland HS5H3:45
Mon Sep 12ANC2Bensalem Township HS3H3:45
Mon Sep 12FSS3Academy Park2H3:45
Tue Sep 13FCS2Agnes Irwin5H4:00
Tue Sep 13GFS2Notre Dame Academy3H3:45
Tue Sep 13MFS4Lenape1H3:45
Tue Sep 13SHP0Penn Charter6A 4:00
Tue Sep 13WTN0Baldwin5A4:00
Wed Sep 14AFS0SCHA5H4:00
Wed Sep 14FSS4Phil-Mont Chriatian1H3:45
Wed Sep 14GEO0Princeton Day School5A4:00
Wed Sep 14MFS5Seneca0H4:00
Wed Sep 14WTN0Hill5H4:00
Thu Sep 15MFS5Rancocas Valley0A4:00
Thu Sep 15SHP0Hill5A 4:15
Fri Sep 16AFS3Central HS2H4:00
Fri Sep 16ANC5Phil-Mont Christian0A3:45
Fri Sep 16GEO2Perkiomen School3H4:00
Fri Sep 16GFS3SCHA2H3:30
Sat Sep 17all teamsno team scoresFSL Invitational @ WTN10:00
Tue Sep 20ANC0SHP54:00
Tue Sep 20GFS4AFS14:00
Tue Sep 20MFS5FSS04:00
Wed Sep 21FCS2Episcopal5A3:45
Wed Sep 21ANC3Bensalem Township HS3A3:45
Wed Sep 21MFS5AFS04:00
Fri Sep 23AFS4Perkiomen School1H4:00
Fri Sep 23FCS4SHP13:45
Fri Sep 23MFS2nd of 15 teamsBurlington County OpenATBA
Fri Sep 23WTN4FSS13:45
Sat Sep 24GEO0Peddie School5A1:00
Sat Sep 24SHP9Archbishop Carroll0H12:00
Tue Sep 27AFS4WTN14:00
Tue Sep 27FCS5ANC04:00
Tue Sep 27GEO0GFS54:00
Tue Sep 27MFScanceledBishop EustaceH4:00
Tue Sep 27SHP5FSS0 4:00
Wed Sep 28ANCcanceledCalvary Christian AcademyH3:45
Wed Sep 28MFScanceledCollingswoodH4:00
Wed Sep 28WTNcanceledPenn CharterTBDTBD
Fri Sep 30SHP4AFS1 4:00
Fri Sep 30WTNcanceledPlumstead Christian SchoolA4:00
Mon Oct 03GEO2ANC34:00
Tue Oct 04FCS5GFS03:45
Tue Oct 04SHP1SCHA4A 4:00
Wed Oct 05ANC0AFS53:45
Wed Oct 05GEO4FSS14:00
Wed Oct 05WTN0MFS54:00
Thu Oct 06FSS2Jenkintown3A3:45
Thu Oct 06SHP1Academy of Notre Dame5H 3:45
Thu Oct 06MFScanceledHoly CrossH4:00
Fri Oct 07AFS4GEO14:00
Fri Oct 07ANC5Plumstead Christian0A3:45
Fri Oct 07MFS4FCS14:00
Fri Oct 07SHP4WTN1 4:00
Mon Oct 10FCS3Germantown Academy4A3:45
Mon Oct 10GFS0Agnes Irwin7A3:45
Mon Oct 10MFS4Trinity Hall (NJSIAA 2nd round)1H4:00
Wed Oct 12WTN5ANC03:45
Thu Oct 13FSScanceledPhil-Mont ChristianA3:45
Thu Oct 13MFScanceledHun SchoolA4:00
Fri Oct 14ANC3Calvary Christian Academy2H3:45
Fri Oct 14MFS5Holy Spirit (NJSIAA semifinal)0A3:45
Fri Oct 14FSS1AFS43:45
Fri Oct 14WTN0FCS54:00
Fri Oct 14GFS5SHP04:00
Sat Oct 15WTN0Mercersburg5A1:00
Tue Oct 18FSS0GFS53:45
Tue Oct 18WTN2GEO34:00
Tue Oct 18MFS3Ranney (NJSIAA Non-public B South championship)24:00
Wed Oct 19AFS0FCS54:00
Wed Oct 19ANC0GFS53:45
Thu Oct 20MFS2Newark Academy (NJSIAA Group B State Championship)3A1:00
Fri Oct 21FSS0FCS53:45
Fri Oct 21GFS5WTN03:45
Fri Oct 21MFS4ANC14:00
Fri Oct 21SHP5GEO0 4:00
Sat Oct 22WTNcanceledPerkiomenATBD
Mon Oct 24MFScanceledMoorestown HSH4:00
Mon Oct 24SHP4MFS1 4:00
Mon Oct 24FSS1ANC43:45
Mon Oct 24GEO0FCS54:00
Tue Oct 25ANC5Phil-Mont Christian0H3:45
Tue Oct 25FCS1Penn Charter6A4:00
Tue Oct 25MFS1GFS44:00
Wed Oct 26GEOcanceledStuart Country DayH4:00
Wed Oct 26MFScanceledLawrencevilleH4:00
Wed Oct 26GEO0MFS54:00
Sat Oct 29FCSMFS (FSL Semifinal)11:00
Sat Oct 29GFSSHP (FSL Semifinal)11:00
Tue Nov 01FSL Championship2:15