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Welcome to the official Friends Schools League (FSL) website. Founded in 1981, the FSL is a united group of nine Philadelphia area independent schools that share a similar philosophy for interscholastic athletics. The nine institutions that form the FSL are drawn together by the common Quaker belief of the value of healthy competition in athletics in the context of strong community and shared values.  Our schools strive for excellence in each sport, and above all else we view athletics as a powerful setting for student-athletes’ learning, growth, and development. We encourage you to explore online all that the FSL has to offer for student-athletes and their families, and to continue your journey by connecting with any of our nine great schools.



Fri Nov 17WTN93SPIRE65H8:00
Sat Nov 18WTN68Knox55HTBD
Sun Nov 19WTN59Orangeville (Can)60HTBD
Tue Nov 28GFS32Penn Charter58A3:30
Tue Nov 28AFS52Episcopal Academy50H4:00
Wed Nov 29WTN56Episcopal Academy52H4:00
Wed Nov 29FCS60Malvern Prep78A4:00
Wed Nov 29ANC29St Benedicts Prep59H5:00
Thu Nov 30SHP73Pine Forge23H5:00
Fri Dec 01GEO49Solebury School62A6:00
Fri Dec 01GFS41SCHA41H5:30
Fri Dec 01AFS58New Foundations Charter38H4:00
Fri Dec 01ANC49Penn Charter54H5:15
Sat Dec 02ANC55Peddie68A5:45
Sat Dec 02GFS39Episcopal Academy65H1:00
Sat Dec 02FCS60Haverford School90A2:30
Sat Dec 02GEO59Princeton Day76A6:00
Sat Dec 02WTN84Hun76A7:30
Sun Dec 03WTN66Our Savior Lutheran76A5:45
Tue Dec 05GFS55Princeton Day School65A4:30
Tue Dec 05AFS46Penn Charter60A3:45
Tue Dec 05GEO65Delaware Valley Friends21A4:00
Tue Dec 05FCS65Barrack Academy38H4:00
Tue Dec 05SHP62SCHA53H 5:30
Wed Dec 06ANC50SHP655:30
Wed Dec 06WTN68Capital Christian59H6:00
Fri Dec 08AFScanceledEsperanza AcademyA4:00
Fri Dec 08ANC45Haverford School71ATBA
Fri Dec 08GEO69PDS59A4:30
Fri Dec 08GFS48Bodine HS30H8:00
Fri Dec 08FCS41Pennington School53H4:00
Fri Dec 08FSS50Franklin Towne Charter27H5:00
Sat Dec 09ANC52St. Paul's42ATBA
Sat Dec 09WTN77Georgetown Prep79ATBD
Sat Dec 09GFS68Paul Robeson63HTBD
Sat Dec 09FCS58George Washington HS51H1:30
Sat Dec 09FSS32MaST Charter21HTBD
Sat Dec 09GEO65Cross Christian Academy45H3:00
Sat Dec 09SHP69Neuman Goretti64H12:30
Sun Dec 10WTN77Holy Spirit69ATBD
Mon Dec 11FCS53FSS344:00
Tue Dec 12GFS65AFS435:30
Tue Dec 12WTN63GEO445:30
Tue Dec 12SHP74 (OT)Penn Charter78H 5:30
Wed Dec 13ANC54Solebury School55A4:30
Thu Dec 14FSS46Morrisville50A5:30
Thu Dec 14AFS32ANC424:00
Fri Dec 15SHPcanceledArchbishop CarrollA8:15
Fri Dec 15WTN62Episcopal (VA)82ATBD
Fri Dec 15GFS42Dobbins Tech47H4:30
Fri Dec 15MFScanceledLeapH5:30
Sat Dec 16FCS54Solebury School48A2:45
Sat Dec 16MFS63Lindenwold59A11:30
Sat Dec 16WTN78Mercersburg57ATBD
Sat Dec 16SHP56Archbishop Wood57A
Sat Dec 16AFS87Freire Charter School51H1:00
Sat Dec 16GEO51South Hunterdon28H7:00
Sun Dec 17FCS76Princeton Day56A12:00
Sun Dec 17WTN67Bullis66ATBD
Mon Dec 18MFS46Delran57H4:00
Tue Dec 19FSS38Barrack42A4:00
Tue Dec 19GEO56STEM Civics41A4:00
Wed Dec 20FSS69Science Leadership Academy20H1:30
Wed Dec 20GFS49King School (CT)40A5:00
Wed Dec 20FCS52Episcopal Academy65A1:00
Wed Dec 20AFS63Edison HS47H3:45
Thu Dec 21GFS49Capital Prep (CT)45A1:30
Thu Dec 21WTN54Prolific Prep (CA)71ATBD
Thu Dec 21SHP39Archbishop Carroll71A6:00
Fri Dec 22SHP55Gratz45A4:45
Fri Dec 22FCS46Salesianum School44ATBD
Fri Dec 22WTN60 (OT)Cannon School (NC)62ATBD
Fri Dec 22AFS62 (OT)Overbrook HS (PA)61H3:45
Sat Dec 23WTN67Huntington Prep (WV)77ATBD
Wed Dec 27AFS57GAMP35H7:30
Thu Dec 28MFS21Holy Cross38A12:30
Thu Dec 28AFS66Engineering & Science45H7:30
Thu Dec 28WTN72Dillard (FL)68A5:30
Fri Dec 29GFS67Wilmington Charter54ATBD
Fri Dec 29AFS42Interboro HS57A8:00
Fri Dec 29ANC51Archbishop Ryan68ATBA
Fri Dec 29MFS35Audubon 51ATBD
Fri Dec 29SHP58Fels52A5:30
Fri Dec 29WTN74Sidwell Friends62A6:30
Fri Dec 29FCS46Penn Charter52H1:00
Sat Dec 30GFS31Wilmington Friends50A2:00
Sat Dec 30FCS49Lincoln HS72A10:00
Sat Dec 30SHPcanceledMalvern PrepA2:45
Tue Jan 02SHP71Episcopal Academy82
Wed Jan 03MFS45Pennington81A4:15
Wed Jan 03AFS67Princeton Day School56H5:15
Wed Jan 03FCS58SCHA53A8:15
Thu Jan 04ANCcanceledHun SchoolH5:30
Fri Jan 05AFS47WTN707:00
Fri Jan 05FCScanceledPhelps SchoolH7:30
Sat Jan 06GEO72Cristo Rey60A2:00
Sat Jan 06GFScanceledRoxborough HSH2:00
Sat Jan 06FSS64 (OT)Chester Charter HS73H1:30
Sat Jan 06WTN88Phelps76H7:30
Mon Jan 08ANCcanceledPerkiomenA3:30
Tue Jan 09FSS52GEO615:30
Tue Jan 09MFS55 (OT)GFS575:30
Tue Jan 09WTN51ANC494:00
Tue Jan 09SHP68FCS61 5:30
Thu Jan 11GEO40SHP645:30
Thu Jan 11MFS30ANC505:30
Fri Jan 12GFS34WTN584:00
Fri Jan 12ANC45Girard College51H5:15
Fri Jan 12MFS48FSS286:30
Sat Jan 13SHP66Phelps72A 2:00
Sat Jan 13GFS71GAMP26H2:00
Sat Jan 13AFS56Science Leadership Academy39H1:00
Sat Jan 13FCS50Germantown Academy65H2:30
Mon Jan 15ANC82Palumbo (@ Manor College)47A2:30
Mon Jan 15WTN71IMG (FL)75ATBD
Tue Jan 16GEO28FCS465:30
Tue Jan 16SHP81MFS36 5:30
Wed Jan 17ANC61Conwell Egan 78H5:15
Wed Jan 17MFS60Maple Shade36H5:30
Thu Jan 18FSS60Community Academy36H4:00
Thu Jan 18GFS58GEO554:00
Fri Jan 19AFS56GEO61 5:30
Fri Jan 19ANC37GFS325:30
Fri Jan 19FCS61MFS508:00
Fri Jan 19WTN92SHP677:30
Sat Jan 20WTN71 (OT)Camden HS74ATBD
Sat Jan 20SHP60Coatesville 81A 2:45
Sat Jan 20GFS63Palumbo37H2:00
Sat Jan 20FSS62GAMP30H1:30
Sun Jan 21WTN51Ranney58ATBD
Mon Jan 22FSS37New Foundations525:30
Tue Jan 23GEO53 (OT)Pennington54A4:15
Tue Jan 23FCS47GFS264:00
Tue Jan 23FSS36ANC465:30
Tue Jan 23WTN93MFS545:30
Tue Jan 23SHP72AFS515:30
Wed Jan 24GEO82 (OT)Malvern Prep87H5:30
Wed Jan 24ANC50Phelps School64A5:15
Thu Jan 25FSS44WTN644:00
Fri Jan 26FSS30GFS565:30
Fri Jan 26GEO32ANC395:30
Fri Jan 26MFS33AFS625:30
Fri Jan 26WTN76FCS397:00
Fri Jan 26SHP77Perkiomen86H8:00
Sat Jan 27GFS47Cristo Rey40A2:30
Sat Jan 27SHP59Frankford HS60A2:30
Sat Jan 27AFS53FCS382:00
Sun Jan 28WTN82 (OT)Massanutten Military Academy (VA)84A3:50
Mon Jan 29SHP80FSS65 5:30
Tue Jan 30WTN69 (2 OT)Peddie70A6:00
Tue Jan 30GFS58SHP535:30
Tue Jan 30FCS43ANC394:00
Tue Jan 30FSS47AFS555:30
Tue Jan 30GEO89MFS425:30
Wed Jan 31AFS66High School of the Future62H4:00
Thu Feb 01FSS64CHAD41A3:45
Thu Feb 01GEO74Morrisville25H5:30
Thu Feb 01SHP82Chester Charter45H5:30
Fri Feb 02FCS80Cristo Rey60H7:00
Fri Feb 02MFS45Riverside43A3:30
Fri Feb 02ANC35GFS (FSL 1st Round 4v5)324:00
Sat Feb 03SHP54Haddonfield HS60A10:00
Sat Feb 03WTN71Timber Creek54A10:00
Sat Feb 03FSS56Cristo Rey48H12:00
Mon Feb 05MFS48Princeton Day57H5:30
Tue Feb 06SHP55FCS (FSL Semifinal)424:00
Tue Feb 06WTN56ANC (FSL Semifinal)364:00
Wed Feb 07GEO55FSS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)364:00
Wed Feb 07AFS70MFS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)544:00
Fri Feb 09WTN75SHP (FSL Championship @ LaSalle University - Gola Arena)578:00
Fri Feb 09GEO54AFS (Quaker Cup Fiinal)714:00
Fri Feb 09MFS40Holy Cross45A5:30
Sat Feb 10FSS58Phil-Mont Christian65A12:00
Mon Feb 12FCS34Perkiomen School56A4:15
Mon Feb 12MFS43Baptist29H4:00
Tue Feb 13ANC65Barrack (PAISAA Play-In Round)22H4:00
Tue Feb 13MFS43Moorestown71A5:30
Tue Feb 13GFS46GEO (PAISAA Play-In Round)534:00
Wed Feb 14FCS55Penn Charter (PAISAA 1st round)63A5:30
Wed Feb 14SHP80Kiski (PAISAA 1st round) 64HTBD
Thu Feb 15ANC46Perkiomen (PAISAA 1st round) 58A4:15
Thu Feb 15WTN80GEO (PAISAA 1st round)6246TBD
Sat Feb 17WTN72SHP (PAISAA 2nd round) 552:00
Mon Feb 19MFS59Doane68A4:00
Tue Feb 20MFS82Camden Academy70A6:00
Thu Feb 22MFSHaddon Twp.H5:30
Fri Feb 23WTNHill (PAISAA Semifinal) @ Neumann CollegeA8:00
Fri Feb 23MFSHaddon Hts.A5:30
Sat Feb 24PAISAA ChampionshipA
Tue Feb 27MFSWildwood Catholic (NJSIAA 1st Round).A8:00
Tue Nov 28GFS27Hun School49A4:15
Tue Nov 28FCS40Penn Charter57A5:00
Wed Nov 29AFS36Pennington School59A4:15
Fri Dec 01GFS13SCHA39A5:30
Fri Dec 01AFS62 (OT)Germantown Academy69A4:00
Fri Dec 01FCS45Baldwin 41A4:00
Fri Dec 01WTN47Penn Charter38A5:30
Fri Dec 01GEO40ANC13H5:30
Fri Dec 01SHP68Episcopal Academy40H 7:00
Sat Dec 02GFS12Baldwin34A11:00
Sat Dec 02AFS40SCHA53A3:30
Sat Dec 02ANC26Solebury24A1:00
Sat Dec 02FCS43Germantown Academy81A12:30
Sat Dec 02WTN36Episcopal @ SHP43A2:00
Sat Dec 02GEO44Cristo Rey32HTBD
Sat Dec 02SHP47Penn Charter29H 5:00
Tue Dec 05GFS40Cristo Rey18A4:30
Tue Dec 05AFS44Penn Charter31H4:00
Tue Dec 05ANC47Villa Victoria Academy21H4:00
Wed Dec 06ANC34Barrack36A3:45
Thu Dec 07FCS48SCHA40H4:00
Fri Dec 08AFS44Lawrenceville42A
Fri Dec 08WTN39Nazareth Academy29ATBD
Fri Dec 08GFS34Parkway NW20H6:30
Fri Dec 08FSS51Franklin Towne Charter40H3:30
Fri Dec 08GEO45PDS39H5:30
Fri Dec 08SHP45Germantown Academy53A
Sat Dec 09AFS43Notre Dame35A
Sat Dec 09WTN46Penn Charter 52ATBD
Sat Dec 09SHP56Lawrenceville33A
Sat Dec 09GFS20Bodine24HTBD
Sat Dec 09FSS52Mercy Career Tech31HTBD
Mon Dec 11FSS35FCS394:00
Mon Dec 11ANC35MaST19H4:00
Tue Dec 12SHP60SCHA45A 5:30
Tue Dec 12GFS10AFS404:00
Tue Dec 12GEO23WTN405:30
Wed Dec 13AFS53 (OT)Episcopal Academy52H4:00
Wed Dec 13FCS33Bishop McDevitt43H5:00
Thu Dec 14ANC37SHP76 5:30
Thu Dec 14FSS50Morrisville38A4:00
Fri Dec 15SHPcanceledBaldwin
Fri Dec 15AFS55New Foundations Charter7H3:45
Fri Dec 15MFScanceledLeapH4:00
Sat Dec 16WTN60Hun44HTBD
Sat Dec 16AFS43Imhotep Charter 40H2:00
Sat Dec 16FCS49Mastery Charter School56H1:00
Sat Dec 16FSS51Science Leadership Academy26H12:00
Sat Dec 16GEO39South Hunterdon24H5:00
Sun Dec 17WTN56Agnes Irwin36HTBD
Mon Dec 18MFS63Seneca37H5:30
Tue Dec 19GFS32Sankofa Freedom Academy40H4:00
Tue Dec 19AFS73Olney HS42H3:30
Tue Dec 19FSS51Barrack42H4:00
Tue Dec 19GEO44Cristo Rey30H5:30
Wed Dec 20FSS53New Foundations45A4:00
Wed Dec 20GEOcanceledStem CivicH5:30
Thu Dec 21SHP62Agnes Irwin19
Tue Dec 26MFS58Overbrook (NJ)18A3:00
Wed Dec 27AFS59Prep Charter24H6:00
Wed Dec 27MFS56Pitman 27ATBD
Thu Dec 28SHP57Oxford HS49A6:30
Thu Dec 28AFS59Baldwin39H6:30
Fri Dec 29SHP60Conestoga HS17A6:30
Sat Dec 30FCS54St. Joseph's (NJ) 17A12:30
Wed Jan 03GFS37Conwell-Egan 29H5:30
Wed Jan 03AFS58ANC183:45
Wed Jan 03MFS38Pennington68H5:30
Wed Jan 03WTN52Hill45HTBD
Fri Jan 05WTNcanceledPerkiomenA5:15
Fri Jan 05FCScanceledOlney Charter HSH4:00
Sat Jan 06GEO41Morrisville20A1:00
Sat Jan 06FCS53Delco Christian19H2:00
Sat Jan 06FSS44Chester Charter HS17H12:00
Sat Jan 06WTN44AFS 464:00
Sun Jan 07SHP31National Christian44A2:45
Sun Jan 07WTN44Central Bucks West59A7:30
Tue Jan 09GFS18MFS444:00
Tue Jan 09GEO40FSS164:00
Tue Jan 09WTN53ANC284:00
Tue Jan 09SHP65FCS344:00
Wed Jan 10FCScanceledAgnes IrwinH4:00
Wed Jan 10MFScanceledPrinceton DayH4:00
Thu Jan 11FSS44Cristo Rey53H5:15
Thu Jan 11ANC22MFS564:00
Thu Jan 11SHP51GEO32 5:30
Fri Jan 12ANC30Perkiomen24H3:45
Fri Jan 12MFS59FSS285:30
Fri Jan 12WTN31GFS175:30
Sat Jan 13WTN63Dock Mennonite Academy31A2:30
Sun Jan 14FCS26Gwynedd Mercy58A8:30
Sun Jan 14SHP42Springfield64A7:00
Sun Jan 14AFS39Caravel54A8:30
Tue Jan 16GFS37Perkiomen School16A4:00
Tue Jan 16ANC31New Foundations Charter45H3:45
Tue Jan 16FCS42GEO204:00
Tue Jan 16MFS31SHP505:30
Tue Jan 16WTN75FSS364:00
Wed Jan 17ANC46 (OT)Conwell Egan 50A7:00
Wed Jan 17FCS41Lawrenceville71H4:00
Wed Jan 17GEO23GFS254:30
Thu Jan 18FSS52Community Academy12H5:30
Fri Jan 19ANC8GFS314:00
Fri Jan 19FCS32MFS546:30
Fri Jan 19GEO25AFS486:00
Fri Jan 19WTN58SHP425:30
Sat Jan 20GFScanceledPalumboH12:30
Sat Jan 20AFS50Bishop McDevitt42A10:00
Sat Jan 20WTN45West Catholic64A3:30
Sat Jan 20SHP52Life Center69A
Sat Jan 20FSS48GAMP23H12:00
Sun Jan 21FCS41Haverford HS35ATBD
Mon Jan 22FSS35SHP604:00
Mon Jan 22FCS60Olney Charter464:00
Tue Jan 23GFS25FCS474:00
Tue Jan 23AFS43SHP414:00
Tue Jan 23ANC39FSS414:00
Tue Jan 23MFS49WTN405:30
Wed Jan 24ANC25Doane Academy40H3:45
Thu Jan 25GEO43Calvary Christian18A5:30
Fri Jan 26GFS32FSS294:00
Fri Jan 26AFS39MFS545:30
Fri Jan 26SHP46Peddie324:00
Fri Jan 26ANC15GEO524:00
Fri Jan 26FCS44WTN574:00
Sat Jan 27FCScanceledHunH2:30
Mon Jan 29AFS64FCS404:00
Tue Jan 30WTN53Peddie48A4:30
Tue Jan 30GFS18SHP504:00
Tue Jan 30AFS55Mastery Charter-North43H5:00
Tue Jan 30FCS50ANC274:00
Tue Jan 30MFS53GEO275:30
Wed Jan 31FSS42AFS644:00
Thu Feb 01GEO42Solebury8A4:30
Thu Feb 01ANC17Christopher Dock26H3:45
Thu Feb 01FSS59Girard College15H3:45
Fri Feb 02SHP60FCS (FSL Playoff 1st Round 4v5)354:00
Sat Feb 03SHP57Hill33H5:30
Sat Feb 03FCS51Radnor HS57A1:00
Sat Feb 03FSS52Bristol HS35A11:00
Sat Feb 03AFS58Peddie School56H1:30
Mon Feb 05ANC40Villa Victoria28A3:45
Tue Feb 06MFS46SHP (FSL Semifinal)324:00
Tue Feb 06AFS51WTN (FSL Semifinal)384:00
Wed Feb 07GFS45ANC (Quaker Cup Semifinal)154:00
Wed Feb 07MFScanceledHoly CrossH5:30
Wed Feb 07GEO41FSS (Quaker Cup Semifinal)304:00
Thu Feb 08FSScanceledPhil-Mont ChristianA5:15
Fri Feb 09MFS24AFS (FSL Championship @ LaSalle University - Gola Arena)426:00
Fri Feb 09GFS25GEO (Quaker Cup Final)434:00
Sat Feb 10MFS41Shawnee48A3:30
Mon Feb 12MFS53Baptist16H5:30
Tue Feb 13WTN38GEO (PAISAA 1st round) 27
Tue Feb 13SHP62Agnes Irwin (PAISAA 1st round)29HTBD
Wed Feb 14MFS42Pemberton31A5:30
Wed Feb 14FCS41Penn Charter (PAISAA 1st round)54A4:00
Thu Feb 15MFS48Riverside25A5:15
Fri Feb 16WTN36SHP (PAISAA 2nd round) 516:00
Sat Feb 17AFS48SCHA (PAISAA 2nd round)31H
Sat Feb 17MFS26Haddonfield37A6:00
Mon Feb 19MFS69Doane30A2:00
Tue Feb 20Blue79White (Post-season Classic @ GFS)75A4:30
Thu Feb 22MFS37Haddon Twp.32H4:15
Fri Feb 23SHPGermantown Academy (PAISAA Semifinal) @ Neuman CollegeA6:30
Fri Feb 23AFSNotre Dame (PAISAA Semifinal) @ Neuman CollegeA3:30
Fri Feb 23MFSMoorestownH5:30
Fri Feb 23FSSChristian Academy (PIAA 1st Round)A
Tue. Feb 27MFSMater Dei (NJSIAA First Round)H4:00
Fri Dec 01WTN83Sanford 73H4:00
Tue Dec 05WTN81Perkiomen64H4:00
Wed Dec 06FCS61Hill75A4:00
Wed Dec 06GEO60Hun/Wilberforce33/11H4:00
Thu Dec 07MFS58W. Deptford111A4:00
Thu Dec 07FSS1 (forfeit)AFS04:00
Tue Dec 12MFS64St. Benedict's104A3:00
Tue Dec 12FSS26GEO1234:00
Wed Dec 13FCS67AFS434:00
Mon Dec 18FSS27Barrack73H4:00
Thu Jan 04WTNcanceledBarrack H4:00
Tue Jan 09SHP119AFS23 4:00
Tue Jan 09GEO71Episcopal Academy101A4:00
Tue Jan 09WTN1 (forfeit)FSS04:00
Thu Jan 11GEO93MFS494:00
Fri Jan 12WTN86MFS 624:00
Fri Jan 12FCS70SHP76 4:00
Tue Jan 16FSS26MFS984:00
Thu Jan 18SHP96MFS66 4:00
Fri Jan 19GEO86FCS644:00
Mon Jan 22FCS70MFS614:00
Tue Jan 23GEO99SHP714:00
Tue Jan 23FCS48FSS184:00
Tue Jan 23WTN68AFS 274:00
Fri Jan 26AFS22MFS @ Hun723:30
Fri Jan 26AFS25Hun69A3:30
Fri Jan 26MFS47Hun47A3:30
Fri Jan 26FCS89WTN654:00
Tue Jan 30MFS83Gateway85A3:15
Tue Jan 30AFSexhibition - no officialsPerkiomen SchoolA4:00
Tue Jan 30FSS16SHP974:00
Tue Jan 30GEO88WTN734:00
Thu Feb 01GEO85AFS264:00
Fri Fri 02WTN79SHP854:00
Mon Feb 05AFS24Barrack 98A3:45
Tue Feb 06MFS67Sterling 103A3:45
Sat Feb 10FCS - 82/ GEO - 74/ WTN - 60/ SHP - 54/ MFS - 30/ FSS - 6/ AFS - 0FSL Championship @ George 3:00
Fri Feb 16Easterns Swimming Championships 8:00
Sat Feb 17GEO - 15th/ FCS - 19th/ WTN - 20th/ SHP - 21st/ MFS - 28th of 28 teamsEasterns Swimming Championships 8:00
Fri Dec 01WTN42Sanford 119H4:00
Tue Dec 05WTN73Perkiomen83H4:00
Wed Dec 06FCS77Hill101A4:00
Wed Dec 06GEO60Hun/Wilberforce33/11H4:00
Thu Dec 07MFS58W. Deptford111A4:00
Thu Dec 07FSS85AFS354:00
Tue Dec 12FSS58GEO1094:00
Wed Dec 13FCS77AFS524:00
Mon Dec 18FSS88Barrack68H4:00
Thu Jan 04WTNcanceledBarrack H4:00
Tue Jan 09SHP93AFS55 4:00
Tue Jan 09GEO72Episcopal Academy100A4:00
Tue Jan 09WTN56FSS744:00
Thu Jan 11GEO99MFS694:00
Fri Jan 12WTN45MFS 904:00
Fri Jan 12FCS101SHP45 4:00
Tue Jan 16FSS86MFS774:00
Thu Jan 18SHP81MFS89 4:00
Fri Jan 19GEO67FCS1034:00
Mon Jan 22FCS96.5MFS67.54:00
Tue Jan 23GEO95SHP694:00
Tue Jan 23FCS85FSS694:00
Tue Jan 23WTN60AFS 704:00
Fri Jan 26AFS22MFS @ Hun723:30
Fri Jan 26AFS25Hun69A3:30
Fri Jan 26MFS47Hun47A3:30
Fri Jan 26FCS93WTN504:00
Tue Jan 30MFS83Gateway85A3:15
Tue Jan 30AFSexhibition - no officialsPerkiomen SchoolA4:00
Tue Jan 30FSS88SHP814:00
Tue Jan 30GEO96WTN474:00
Thu Feb 01GEO84AFS654:00
Fri Feb 02WTN47SHP1034:00
Mon Feb 05AFS78Barrack 76A3:45
Tue Feb 06MFS67Sterling103A3:45
Sat Feb 10FCS - 102/ MFS - 66/ GEO - 59/ AFS - 25/ FSS - 21/ WTN - 18/ SHP - 17FSL Championship @ George 3:00
Fri Feb 16Easterns Swimming Championships 8:00
Sat Feb 17FCS - 12th/ MFS - 18th/ GEO - 19th/ AFS - 24th/ WTN - 29th of 30 teamsEasterns Swimming Championships 8:00
Thu Nov 30ANC12Springside Chestnut Hill Academy63H4:00
Thu Nov 30WTN54Hill29H4:00
Thu Nov 30WTN75Westmont Christian6H4:00
Sat Dec 02all teamsWTN - 7th/ AFS - 11th/ ANC - 12th/ GFS - 13th/ FCS - 15th/ GEO - 16th of 16 teamsGermantown Academy TournamentA8:00
Tue Dec 05FCS24Episcopal Academy52H3:45
Wed Dec 06GEO12SCHA66H4:00
Wed Dec 06GEO12Lawrenceville66H4:00
Thu Dec 07AFS27New Foundations Charter33A3:45
Thu Dec 07ANC18Episcopal Academy45H4:00
Sat Dec 09AFS/ANC/GEO/WTN/GFSWTN - 2nd/ GFS - 4th/ ANC - 7th of 9 teamsSCHA TournamentA8:00
Tue Dec 12GEO21AFS304:00
Tue Dec 12GEO42Westmont Christian18H4:00
Tue Dec 12GFS42Conwell Egan36H4:00
Tue Dec 12AFS30Westmont Christian @ GEO18H4:00
Wed Dec 13ANC36/32Bristol/Church Farm33/51A3:30
Thu Dec 14ANC30Lower Moreland57A3:30
Thu Dec 14WTN33Episcopal39H3:45
Thu Dec 14FCS15SCHA54H3:45
Fri Dec 15GEOcanceledSoleburyA4:00
Sat Dec 16GFS6/36/48Archbishop Ryan ML King/PennCharter75/39/36TBD
Tue Dec 19GFS18SCHA54A4:00
Sat Dec 23FCS12th of 12 teams - 25 pointsRadnor HS TournamentA9:00
Fri Jan 05GEOcanceledConwell-EganH4:00
Sat Jan 06FCS16th of 17 teamsHill School InvitationalA8:00
Sat Jan 06ANC63/42/36/48/18West-Mont Christian/McDevitt/Cheltenham/L. Moreland/Penn Charter18/34/41/31/58H
Tue Jan 09AFS27GFS394:00
Tue Jan 09FCS30ANC484:00
Wed Jan 10ANC36Hill School48A4:00
Fri Jan 12AFScanceledSoleburyH4:00
Sat Jan 13WTN/GFS/FCS/AFSWTN - 4th/ FCS - 10th/ GFS - 11th/ AFS -14th of 14 teamsCFS InvitationalATBD
Tue Jan 16ANC30Haverford37A4:00
Tue Jan 16GFS51/43GEO/Cheltenham24/364:00
Tue Jan 16GEO28Cheltenham484:00
Wed Jan 17WTN57Church Farm18H4:00
Thu Jan 18GEO0WTN844:00
Fri Jan 19ANC30Lawrenceville51A4:15
Fri Jan 19GFS35Belmont Charter42H4:15
Sat Jan 20GEO18/6Conwell Egan/St. Joe's Prep48/78A9:00
Sat Jan 20AFS30/30/27Frankford/ New Foundations/ Edison42/35/6A9:00
Sat Jan 20WTN18/30/23/60/21Solanco/ Downingtown East/ Garden Spot/ Allentown Central Catholic/ Wyomissing58/49/51/24/48A8:00
Tue Jan 23GFS13WTN634:00
Tue Jan 23AFS39FCS334:00
Tue Jan 23AFS24WestMont Christian154:00
Tue Jan 23FCS40WestMont Christian304:00
Tue Jan 23ANC72GEO64:00
Tue Jan 23ANC60Archbishop Carroll244:00
Tue Jan 23GEO36Archbishop Carroll304:00
Thu Jan 25WTN51Archbishop Carroll304:00
Sat Jan 27GFS25/51/48/57Wilmington Friends/ GEO/ Howard Tech/ Georgetown Day49/18/21/6ATBD
Sat Jan 27GEO0/18/16/36Wilmington Friends/ GFS/ Howard Tech/ Georgetown Day77/51/48/18ATBD
Sat Jan 27WTN54FCS209:00
Sat Jan 27WTN54/39/54/30Greencastle, SCHA, Penn Wood, Conestoga, 27/33/27/40HTBD
Sat Jan 27FCS21/6/38Greencastle, Conestoga, Upper Merion52/75/20HTBD
Tue Jan 30GEO24FCS484:00
Tue Jan 30GFS40ANC364:00
Tue Jan 30GFS60Solebury244:00
Tue Jan 30ANC60Solebury244:00
Tue Jan 30WTN63AFS94:00
Tue Jan 30WTN78Phelps6H4:00
Tue Jan 30AFS42Phelps304:00
Wed Jan 31AFS18ANC574:00
Fri Feb 02ANC15WTN574:00
Fri Feb 02FCS41GFS343:45
Sat Feb 03WTN69/27/57/38Penn Charter/ Daniel Boone/ SCH/ Chichester9/42/18/34ATBD
Tue Feb 06FCS39Overbrook HS30A4:00
Tue Feb 06ANC15Germantown Academy62H6:00
Fri Feb 09WTN66AFS (FSL Semifinal)64:00
Fri Feb 09GFS37ANC (FSL Semifinal)424:00
Fri Feb 09WTN70ANC (FSL Championship)124:00
Fri Feb 09GFS42AFS (FSL Consolation)124:00
Wed Feb 14GEO21Peddie51H4:00
Wed Feb 14GEO31Solebury30H4:00
Fri Feb 16all teamsPAISAA TournamentA3:00
Sat Feb 17all teamsWTN - 9th/ AFS - 12th/ FCS - 13th/ GFS - T 15th/ ANC - T 15th/ GEO 20th of 20 teamsPAISAA TournamentA8:00
Fri Feb 23all teamsNationalsA9:00
Sat Feb 24all teamsNationalsA8:00